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There is a gay marvel couple?

Well there was a huge gay wedding for Northstar and his partner, so that’s probably what they’re talking about. The only other gay couple they have as far as I know are Wiccan and Hulkling. Other LGBT marvel characters include (but are not limited to);

((Note the an * indicates that the character is not the mainstream character associated with Earth-616))

  1. Victoria Hand
  2. Billy Kaplan (aka Wiccan)
  3. Teddy Altman (aka Dorrek VII, Hulkling)
  4. America Chavez (aka Miss America)
  5. Jean-Paul Beaubier (aka Northstar)
  6. Phyla-Vell (aka Martyr)
  7. Karolina Dean (aka LSD)
  8. Cullen Bloodstone (aka Bloodstone)
  9. Xi’an Coy Manh (aka Karma)
  10. Piotr Rasputin (aka Colossus)*
  11. Deidre Wentworth (aka Superia)
  12. Julio Richter (aka Rictor)
  13. Brian Falsworth (aka Union Jack)
  14. Arnie Roth
  15. Victor Borkowski (aka Anole)
  16. Mary Jane Watson (aka Spider-Woman)*
  17. Roxanne Washington (aka Bling!)
  18. Brandon Sharpe (aka Striker)
  19. James Howlett*
  20. Henry McCoy (aka Beast)*
  21. Roger Aubrey (aka Destroyer)
  22. Benjamin Deeds (aka Morph?)
  23. Felicia Hardy (aka Black Cat)*
  24. Kyle Jinadu Beaubier
  25. Christian Frost
  26. Raven Darkholme (aka Mystique)*
  27. Mariko Yashida (aka Sunfire)*
  28. Miguel Santos (aka Living Lightning)
  29. Arthur Centino (aka Longshot)*
  30. Katerina Van Horn (aka Amazon)
  31. Ren Kimura
  32. Annabelle Riggs
  33. Jazinda Kl’rt-Spawn
  34. Hercules*
  35. Val Ventura (aka Flatman)
  36. Curtis Doyle (aka Freedom Ring)
  37. Elektra*
  38. Jack Storm (aka Human Torch)*
  39. Alana Jobson (aka Jackpot)
  40. Edwin Jarvis*
  41. Marcus Roston (aka Claws Killer)
  42. Max Modell
  43. Simon Williams (aka Wonderman)*
  44. Reed Richards (aka Mister Fantastic)*
  45. Batwing*
  46. Chili Storm
  47. Jonathan Clay (aka Rawhide Kid)
  48. Tim Cababa
  49. Victoria Montesi
  50. Renata Da Lima
  51. Irene Adler (aka Destiny)*
  52. Jean-Paul Beaubier (aka Northstar)*
  53. Luna DePaula
  54. Frank Cortez (aka Captain Flame)
  55. Amy Chen
  56. Sinclair Abbot (aka Spymaster)
  57. Edith Freiberg (aka Inertia)*
  58. Mulholland Black
  59. Heidi Sladkin (aka Riot)
  60. Perry Webb (aka American Ace)
  61. William Robert Reilly (aka Phat)
  62. Hector
  63. Wally Layton
  64. Molly von Richthofen
  65. Nicolas Cavella*
  66. Peter Boyer*
  67. Josie Hart (aka Strange Josie)*
  68. Donald Meland
  69. Rococo
  70. Jumbo Carnation
  71. David Castiglione (aka Spectral)*
  72. Myles Alfred (aka Vivisector)
  73. Yvette Diamond (aka Martyr)
  74. Jonas Graymalkin (aka Graymalkin)*
  75. Mickey Tork (aka Bloke)
  76. Catastrophe Jen
  77. Hector Baez
  78. Mindmeld
  79. Ned Campbell 
Think of the Earth

Finally posting another meme prompt fill! I unfortunately don’t know enough about Apollo and Midnighter to do them justice, but luckily Ducttapefae sent me a backup prompt–BillyTeddy in an arranged marriage.

“My life is over.”

Thomas frowned. “It’s not over, brother. It’s just…changing.”

“Right, you say that.” William scowled darkly. “You’re not being used as a peace offering to a horde of murderous aliens.”

“True. But bright side, you are saving the Earth from conquest. And hey, green is sexy.”

“They’re going to parade me around like a trophy and then marry me off to some hulking monstrosity who’s going to want to…” the younger prince shuddered. “I don’t want to think about it.”

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