Can't Be Tamed// Chapter 1: Teddy/Billy

Name: Can’t Be Tamed


Pairing: Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman

Synopsis: AU// Dorrek didn’t know what he had pulled himself to his feet, but he could see the absolute hate in the human’s eyes as he looked up at him, lip twitching as he spat a mouthful of blood and saliva to the clean floor. He had no idea why, but it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. And the fact the young male had put up such a fight made Dorrek’s lips twitch, as smile creeping across his features. 

Notes: I’m enjoying myself immensely. I’ve already written chapter two for this and part way through chapter 3. I’m having too much fun. I’ve been talking about writing this for awhile, but Holly’s reaction when she edited this for me was great and I had to keep writing. Lemme know what you think!

Words: 2000

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This is for mother’s day. The big and not so perfect family. The first one, whose mother is Teddy , was named Dorrek II of the earth. The small one is called Vita and the first billy’s son is called Peter as Spiderman.
Weird, i know, but what can we do when our name are Wikked and loud :P
Sorry for my poor english.

Can't Be Tamed// Chapter 2: Teddy/Billy

Name: Chapter 2


Pairing: Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman

Synopsis: AU// He tried to calm himself down and think rationally. He had never been this worked up before; he had always kept a level head, no matter how frustrating the task. But the look in the human’s eyes, hooded and dark. His heart had started to beat faster as Dorrek pressed closer, but he didn’t smell of fear.

Words: 2200

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Anger meme - "You know we will come for Dorrek eventually. You may be protecting him now, but you cannot protect him forever. You will die eventually. And when you die, We will be there to bring him back to his rightful place. He is ours, Human. He always will be. And no amount of your so called 'magic' will be able to save him."

Insult someone my muse cares about  

 For a moment, he just stared, silent, still. His expression blank, lips pulled in a thin line, hands in fists at his sides. Seemingly calm, relaxed even, and yet, his eyes revealed a completely different story. The usually calm, warm brown was now turning ice-cold, hardening like tampered metal before suddenly lighting up in brilliant blue. And as he spoke, his voice trembled with power, wind picking up and catching in his hair and clothes, cracks of electricity swirling with blue rays around his body “… You dare come after Teddy and I will destroy your entire race. I am not someone you would want to fuck with, because I am not just a ‘human’. I am to become the Demiurge, and that means the death you talk will not come all that easy to me, but it will to you and everyone you love if you threaten me or Teddy again. He does not belong to you, he never will. Don’t ever dare speak to us again.”

The Young Avengers have been arrested by SHIELD in the wake of Superhuman Registration Act. And here’s Wiccan who’s been gagged (and shackled) compared to the others in shackles. 

- Civil War v1 #2