Io non possiedo il cervello, solo paglia.
Come fai a parlare se non hai il cervello? 
Non lo so.
Ma molta gente senza cervello ne fa tante di chiacchiere
—  Il mago di Oz
Hmmm...sure Jan

-Snow and charming know each other for like a couple of days. TRUE LOVE!🌈

-Aurora and philip, we dont know how long they know each other but apparently TRUE LOVE!🌈

-Zelena and Hades know each other for like 20 minutes. TRUE LOVE!🌈

-Ruby and Doroty know each other for what? 2,5 minutes?! But okay TRUE LOVE🌈🌈

-Regina and Emma years of supporting and saving each other, making strong magic together…..gals☺being☺pals☺ 🆗🆒