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11 with Ivar pleaSE

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Their Spotify playlist 

1. Horns (Bryce Fox)

2. Go To War (Nothing More)

3. Fire (Barns Courtney)

4. POWER (Kanye West)

5. Let’s Have a War (Fear)

6. Raise Hell (Dorothy)

7. Trouble Finds You (Juliet Simms)

8. Hail to the King (Avenged Sevenfold)

9. King For A Day (Pierce the Veil)

10. Let’s Go (Trick Daddy)

It was a joke, baby. I swear. Part 2

Here it is… The moment …. i guess some of you… have been waiting for. I hope it’s perfect. 

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Peter’s fingers gently sifted through your smooth faded blue hair, as you rested between his legs on his couch. You were both lazing around today, and having a Star Wars movie marathon, which you were having difficulty watching because Peter was nearly lulling you to sleep with his gentle strokes over your scalp.

Peter had practically forgot about the movie, at this point it was just static noise to his concentration on your soft locks. Your initial reaction to his hair dying prank made him feel a little guilty, but now he had no regrets, as you were both enjoying the change. His fingers weaved little braids scattered over your head. He found himself un-braiding and re-braiding all of them as they spilled over his chest. They had only just fallen there aimlessly, but some how they looked to be placed strategically to perfection. 

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for the makers of magic who find their home on the empty highway that cuts through billowing wheat fields. for those whose spirit stirs at the water’s edge on sticky summer nights. for the witches whose hearts live in the hollowed out oak dripping with spanish moss.

i. bottom of the river / delta rae ii. muddy waters / LP iii. down to the bottom / dorothy iv. heaven knows / the pretty reckless v. trouble in mind / larkin poe vi. raise hell / dorothy vii. where the devil don’t go / elle king viii. kill of the night / gin wigmore ix. at night / the eagle rock gospel singers x. (i’ll be glad when you’re dead) you rascal you / ingrid michaelson xi. muddy water / lucette xii. i will never die / delta rae.


Who decided to send Roan? Or did he have to volunteer to get Dorothy back?

Roan: So Glinda wants to kill me cause I still love Dorothy-

West: Ha! Here’s a spell get the trouble maker back.

Roan: Okay, I tried to kill her the last time we were together-

West: Even better! Go! I do not want to miss this upcoming train wreck!

Roan: I am so happy my torture amuse you.

West: Queen Tip! The Murder Nurse is coming back!

Tip: Awesome. I was getting bored.

kickin’ ass, taking’ names
“a man’s gotta have rules.”

🔫 mourning ritual - bad moon rising (cover) 🔫 pantera - cowboys from hell 🔫 dorothy - wicked ones 🔫 steppenwolf - born to be wild 🔫 juliet simms - trouble finds you 🔫 george thorogood - bad to the bone 🔫 mantra - i want 🔫 ram jam - black betty 🔫 kaleo - no good 🔫 ac/dc - back in black 🔫 black pistol fire - suffocation blues 🔫 judas priest - breaking the law 🔫 the white stripes - blue orchid 🔫 dorothy - raise hell 🔫 queen - another one bites the dust 🔫 bryce fox - horns 🔫 iron maiden - run to the hills 🔫 goodbye june - oh no 🔫 ac/dc - thunderstruck 🔫 year long disaster - the fool and you 🔫 ozzy osbourne - bark at the moon 🔫 bleeker - highway 🔫 bon jovi - wanted dead or alive 🔫 isobel campbell & mark lanegan - snake song 🔫

a playlist for blackwatch!mccree

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playlist for all the badass girls

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  1. Biscuit - Ivy Levan
  2. Hit Me Like a Man - The Pretty Reckless
  3. Seashore - The Regrettes
  4. A Little Wicked - Valerie Broussard
  5. One Time - Marian Hill
  6. Shutter Island - Jessie Reyez
  7. The Dame Says - Ivy Levan
  8. Vroom Vroom - Charli XCX
  9. Raise Hell - Dorothy
  10. Trouble - Valerie Broussard
  11. Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

Dorothy Dandridge seemingly at peace.

“It makes me ill to think of what happened. She [Dorothy Dandridge] didn’t deserve to have those things happen to her. She was too nice, too sweet, too naive. She was probably very proud. You didn’t think of her as anything but a lovely, sweet, beautiful woman who has a tragic life. It became tragic because of the failure of her career, which never should have happened. She let people step over her. In this business you have to be tough. No one was around to help. I think what ruined her was Jack.” - Maria Cole, wife of Nat King Cole

Return to Oz Review

Okay let me start off by saying how I ended up watching this movie in the first place. A few months ago I got this book from Seven Seas publishing which included both the original Wizard of Oz and it’s sequel the Marvelous Land of Oz with brand new manga style illustrations. I strongly recommend picking it up as the illustrations included are adorable and full of charm (and don’t worry the story is kept entirely intact). While I had read the original Wizard of Oz book a couple of times before this, I had never read any of the books after that for some reason I just never thought of looking at the rest of the series, but since Marvelous Land was included in this book I decided to give it a read and surprisingly I think I enjoy it more than the original Wizard of Oz book. I still love the first book but Marvelous Land just has so much more in it, there’s more characters, more humor, more of Oz is explored, and we get to see what happened after Dorothy went back home. This then brought up my curiosity about the Disney film Return to Oz. This movie has earned quite the reputation as being one of the most horrifying children’s movies of all time, which is particularly why I avoided seeing it for most of my life considering I was a complete fraidy cat. However after reading Marvelous Land I remembered reading that this movie took elements from both Marvelous Land and the third book Ozma of Oz to create the story, and being the one of the biggest Disney nuts on the planet I was curious to see how Disney would adapt Marvelous Land to the screen, though before seeing the film I did read Ozma of Oz so that I see how elements of that book were done as well.

Before I go into detail about the film one thing I want to make perfectly clear is that despite what several reviews and websites might tell you this is NOT a sequel to the 1939 MGM movie musical. Actually while I’m on the subject of the MGM adaptation I still love that movie. While it isn’t completely faithful to the original books it still does it’s job well as an adaption, and manages to stand on it’s own. It’s a fun, uplifting, and charming movie and definitely a classic. However there’s a bit of a problem with that. Nowadays when people mention Wizard of Oz the first thing to come to mind isn’t the book but actually the MGM musical, because of that there seems to be some unwritten law in Hollywood that states all adaptations of Oz must be as close to the MGM musical as possible, leading to some pretty mediocre Oz films. Fans of the books don’t enjoy them because they aren’t faithful to the books, and fans of the MGM musical don’t like them because they all feel like cheap imitations of the movie, and to fans of both they’re bad for both of those reasons. There is so much more to the land of Oz that a lot of people aren’t aware of today and it sucks that most movie companies are like “Nope, it has to be like the MGM one.”

This movie on the other hand does not follow that trend. Okay a few elements are lifted from the MGM musical such as Dorothy’s braids and darker hair and the red ruby slippers (Which Disney had to pay MGM big bucks for because originally they were sliver in the book), but that’s pretty much it. Instead of being a sequel to the MGM musical its a sequel to the original book (well mostly anyway), this causes a few problems in case you haven’t read the original book but I’ll get to that later.

The story begins with Dorothy being depressed and having trouble sleeping because she can’t stop thinking about Oz. This worries Uncle Henry and Auntie Em, who end up taking her to a Doctor that can help her sleep and “get rid of those pesky dreams” through a brand new process known as electric shock therapy… Yes. That is mentioned, and actually almost happens to Dorothy while being in the most unsettling hospital in family film history. Luckily the power goes out before they can start the process and another girl helps Dorothy escape, only for Dorothy to fall into a river during a terrible storm almost immediately afterwords (jeeze, Kanas sure has a lot of bad weather in these stories). Later she wakes up in the land of Oz with a talking chicken named Billina, however when Dorothy gets to the Emerald City she finds it in ruins with everyone being turned to stone and the Scarecrow nowhere to be found, the land said to be ruled by an evil character known as the Nome King. Throughout the movie Dorothy meets up with more unusual characters such as Tik Tok the mechanical man, Jack Pumpkinhead, and a flying couch with a Gump’s head on it (Why are you giving me that weird look), and with her new friends they go on a journey to find the Nome King, rescue the Scarecrow and restore Oz back to it’s former glory.

The story is very well written, it’s not completely accurate to the books it was based on, but out of all of the big screen Oz adaptations I’ve seen this honestly feels the most loyal to the original books. A lot of the new dialogue feels very much like something L. Frank Baum would write. I especially like how the movie handles all of the characters, once again staying true to their original book versions. I absolutely love the characters of this movie, Tik Tock, Jack Pumpkinhead, Billina, the Gump and pretty much every single character that was included. It makes me wish that budget cuts didn’t limit the appearance of other characters in the film as I would have loved to see more of this movie’s versions of the Lion, Tinman, and Scarecrow.

While I’m on the subject of the characters lets talk about the visuals of this movie… I am in love with them. This being before the age where CGI was used for everything (the good old days as it where), every effect here is practical, from the claymation used to bring the Nome King and his minions to life, to the puppetry that brings Jack, Billina, Tik Tok, and the Gump to life. As a puppetry nut I love how the puppets were done here. Their designs look like they walked straight out of the book, heck they even move like how you think they would based on the books descriptions (well okay the Tin Man looks like he could collapse at any second with those skinny legs, but that’s the only issue I have visually). For instance Jack Pumpkinhead was put together with various sticks and ropes, as a result his movements are very off balance. Oh and there’s also this cool effect with Jack where his head can squash and stretch like a cartoon character, I love touches like that! I’ve also gotta give praise to the claymation here. They got special effects master Will Vinton to head the animation on the Nomes it it looks fantastic, there’s this one character who’s just a face on a wall and he’s super expressive, his face morphs with every movement he makes, it just looks so cool!

That being said the movie still has a few issues. Getting the main one out of the way first, I think this movie starts off way too dark and depressing. Not only is Kanas shown as being more boring and colorless, but anytime Dorothy mentions the smallest thing about Oz everybody tells her to stop talking about Oz because they think it’s imaginary. Okay I know adults were more strict with kids back in the time this film takes place, but honestly what’s wrong with a kid having an imagination? Now I don’t mind the dark and spooky stuff that comes later on, but most family films start off a bit more light hearted to ease you into the scary stuff that comes later on (Disney’s Pinocchio is a good example of this). I was actually surprised at how lighter the tone got when Dorothy and Billina finally got to Oz complete with comedic piano music, I was like “well that was a tone shift.” That tone would have been a bit more appropriate to begin the film with Dorothy in Kanas (or at least have her get to Oz sooner).
 This causes another problem which is with most of the Oz stories you want Dorothy to be able to get back home. One thing the MGM musical did was give Dorothy more friends with the farm hands back in Kanas, which not only made Kanas feel more welcoming but gave Dorothy more of a reason to go back home. Here, I think there’s honestly not much reason for Dorothy going back home except for Toto. Kanas just looks so unfriendly in this movie, even with all the scary stuff that happens in there Oz still seems like the more appealing place and she has a lot more friends there, so… Why go back to the family that sent her to electro shock therapy? However that’s probably my only problem with the story that I can think of off the top of my head. 

There’s also the fact that since this is a sequel to the book a few things were referenced in this movie that people wouldn’t nessicarly know about unless they did read it. These elements are given brief explanations so it isn’t too out of left field though. However there’s also the fact that the book and the MGM musical have different tones to the story, thus if people going in expecting something similar to the musical they’re gonna be disappointed and caught off guard. It seems like a lot of studios try to make their own sequels to the original Wizard of Oz while still giving it a new twist or changing elements, but it’s hard for people to get into a sequel story when they haven’t seen the first story and it’s even harder when that universe’s first story doesn’t exist as it’s own movie. Personally I think Disney should have tried to adapt the first Wizard of Oz story before making Return to Oz, but then again I can understand why they went with Return to Oz first as people might just be comparing it to the original MGM musical.

Some people might say, “what about all of the scary stuff that happens in the movie?” and while yes there is a lot of scary stuff I didn’t think it was too horrifying per say. It never went gory or bloody, I felt like a good amount of scary for a family film. I think the reason why Return to Oz flopped back in it’s day was because it just came out before it’s time. Nowadays we have family films like Coraline and ParaNorman, which were much more successful films and featured stuff that was just as scary as what happens in this movie. Now I’m not saying all kids can handle this movie (I would strongly suggest not showing it to little kids), but I think this is the kind of family movie to show to pre-teen crowd nowadays.

Honestly I kind of like when this film gets scary, and I still consider myself a scaredy cat. I particularly like the climax, which is probably the most intense climax I have seen in any Disney movie. While I was watching it I kept on thinking “Come on go quickly” or “Quick around that corner-wait don’t go there!”, its full of suspense even on my second viewing.

Overall I think Return to Oz is a fantasitic movie and I absolutely love it now. It really is a shame that it bombed because I would have loved to see Disney try to adapt more of the Oz books (and I don’t mean new prequels to Oz I mean adaptations of the original stories). I’m honestly surprised that not many studios have tried making more Oz movies in the style of the books. The Oz stories are practically begging to given their own cinematic universe, all of the original books are public domain now so it’s practically gift wrapped for the studios and they do nothing with them except adapting the first book over and over again! -sigh- Maybe someday we’ll get an Oz movie series that gives the Oz books the proper treatment and respect they deserve, until then we’ll always have Return to Oz to return to. If you’re an Oz fan or love family films with a scary edge to them this is certainly the film for you.

okay but Soul Eater Wizard of Oz AU where Marie is Glinda and Stein is Oz and Maka, as Dorothy, shows up after all that trouble with her gaggle of friends and the great Oz isn’t answering so she rips down the curtain and it’s just Stein and Marie making out and Maka throws her hands in the air like “You could have just brought me here in the beginning and saved me so much trouble!” to Marie and Marie just laughs nervously


Forty years ago, artist Alex Carver (Morgan Freeman) bought a run-down apartment in a sketchy part of Brooklyn with his wife, schoolteacher Ruth (Diane Keaton). Today, their neighborhood is now very hip and their apartment worth a small fortune. The now- retired Ruth and Alex haven’t changed – they are still as much in love as ever. But they have let Ruth’s niece Lily (Cynthia Nixon), a real estate agent, list their property to see what the market might bear.
On the eve of their open house, the Brooklyn Bridge is rumoured to be under a terrorist attack, sending the media into a frenzy and people’s attitudes about living in New York. Closer to home, Dorothy, the Carver’s beloved dog, is suddenly having trouble walking.
While Dorothy is having expensive treatment at the vet, Ruth convinces Alex to go apartment hunting in Manhattan, where they miraculously come across an ideal place they might actually be able to afford. As the world around them seems to mirror their own chaos and confusion, Ruth and Alex realize the same bond of love that has kept them together all these years will allow them to see their way through this crazy weekend as well.

5 Flights Up, 2015.

Trouble Sleeping?By: Dorothy

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, new year get together’s, & just lots of fun things to do! Sometimes our brains can just be in a whirlwind of emotions and excitement, struggling to settle down in the eager anticipation for happy times. My brain gets like this sometimes, just a little high strung on enthusiasm and even stress from planning, family, and so on. 

When something like this happens, I often find myself tossing and turning in my bed, not able to fall asleep. It’s important to get enough of it, because even an hour more can make the difference between a beaming smile and just a slight up of the lips. Here are some creative ways I use when I find myself eyes wide open in the middle of the night.

Curl up with a warm, soft blanket 

There’s something about the soft texture that is just able to calm down the nervous system. A warm sweater can also be a suitable alternative. 

Read before bed

A lot of people, myself included, fall asleep after being on the computer, watching TV, or using our phones. The light from the screen can actually be part of the reason why we can’t fall asleep. Maybe just 30 minutes before you go to sleep, curl up with a good book and it’ll ease your eyes and mind a bit.


My last post was about why starting a journal is a good idea, and I guess I should add this to the list! Sometimes the reason we can’t fall asleep is because of all the thoughts whizzing through our heads. I’ve found it useful to keep a small little journal next to the bed to jot down some things when this happens. It releases some of those thoughts and eases the mind.

Bedtime yoga

Sometimes all we need is just to stretch out all the sillies before going to bed. It’ll release any tensions in our bodies so that we can get comfortable before bed. If you Google some poses and routines, I’m sure a bunch will come up. Some of my favorite poses for before bed are: knee hug, happy baby, upside down relaxation. Find what works for you.

Relaxing sounds

There are so many sleep playlists out there. Through some trial and error, I’m sure you’ll be able to find what kind of music will help the best to put you to rest. Some people like listening to instrumental music, sounds of rain or just some white noise. Look through our music tag and you might just find a lovely playlist that works for you. 

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(I hate/love you for this) It was one of the few times they were out at a normal time just the two of them. Randy was up at the bar getting them another rounds of drinks while Dorothy waited. She glanced over to see a busty blonde talking to her boyfriend. Talking and giggling and pushing her busty blonde boobs in his face. That's okay, she's not going to over react. But when the busty blonde bimbo held his hand and whispered in his ear she was done. She jumped up from the bench and walked over.

Randy was a very good many drink in when he went to get another round for him and Dorothy. Swaying as he stood at the bar, he was approached by a very attractive blonde, who struk up a conversation while he waited for his drinks. She was trying to tell him something, but he was having trouble hearing, thanks alcohol he thought as she whispered things into his ear. He still couldn’t hear her because her boobs were incredibly distracting, he didn’t even notice when Dorothy walked over.