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Dorothy Forstein from Philadelphia, was a well-liked mother to three children and wife to city magistrate, Jules Forstein. In 1944, Dorothy dropped her children to a friend’s house and made her way back home. As she entered the empty and dark house, she was beaten unconscious by an unknown assailant hiding in her house. The assailant fled as Dorothy lay bleeding on the floor. The random attack was baffling - nothing was stolen from the house. 

Her husband was cleared as a suspect and the family could not think of anybody that would have a grudge on a housewife. Dorothy recovered and life went back to normal. However, on 18 October, 1949, Jules was away from the house for the evening and their eldest daughter, 19-year-old Myrna, was also away from the house. When Jules returned home that night at approximately 11:30PM, he discovered his children cowering in their bedroom and Dorothy was nowhere to be found. 

Their youngest daughter, 9-year-old Marcy, told police that she had been awakened by somebody entering the house. She got up out of bed and walked into the hall and saw a man carrying a seemingly unconscious Dorothy down the stairs. The man looked towards her and whispered “Go back to sleep, little one, your mother is alright.” Dorothy was never seen again.

To an Old Friend, With All My Love

Request: “To you, with regret just made me cry ugly tears, your writing is so beautiful. It makes me feel all kinds of emotions. A part 3, please?”

Word Count: 3,214

Pairing: None

Part 1   |   Part 2

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The knock on the door is loud, strong, assured. Sighing, you push yourself to your feet, leaving the comfy ruby couch behind you.

A tiny body zooms past you as soon as you pull open the door.

“Dorothy, stop!” Exasperation rests comfortably on the pretty face in front of you. Shaking her head, Evelyn meets your amused smile. “Don’t laugh. She’s yours this weekend.”

“I think I can handle an eight-year-old.” You step out of the way so your old friend can lug in a suitcase.

“I said the same thing when her birthday rolled around last weekend but,” she sets the suitcase on an armchair and sighs, “you’d be surprised.”

A shriek of laughter sounds from upstairs. You lift your eyebrows. “She must have found the dolls I bought her.”

Evelyn laughs once. “You didn’t have to buy her any toys. She has plenty.”

Shrugging, you step around her and return to the couch, falling onto it and patting the empty cushion next to you. “I didn’t know if she’d bring any of them. Besides, if I’m going to be the cool, unrelated aunt, I have to spoil her.”

Evelyn sits next to you, crossing her legs. “You know she already thinks you’re better than me. You have no clue how many times she’s asked if you could be her mother instead.”

You smile. “I’m sorry for stealing your child’s affections.”

“Oh please.” She waves her hand. “I know you don’t want them too badly. You’d have to be married to Charles.”

“Is he still spending late nights out?”

She nods twice, somber. “He comes back so late, sometimes I wonder…” she trails off, then looks up at you. “But this weekend trip should do some good, I hope.”

“I hope it does.” You nudge her foot with yours. “I’m always here to talk if you need me.”

She gives you a sad smile. “I know.” The room falls silent save for muffled shouts from Dorothy upstairs. “Hey,” Evelyn perks up, “how’s the marriage front looking for you? Meet any cute men in Bulgaria?”

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EC FF: The Warmth Despite the Chill (Dorothy x Lucas)

A/N: Missing scene between the kiss at the end of episode 1x04 and the arrival of Eamonn & Ojo. Happiest of birthdays to @fairytalesandtimetravel, just one day late! A few soft moments before shit gets real next week.

Words: 1550 | Rating: M | ao3


He can hear the notes of the music playing. They’re crisp and clear, despite the sullenness of their tone. Between them and the wisps of snow falling and getting caught in the ends of Dorothy’s hair, he can almost let himself imagine that it’s just them in these woods, with the girl curled up with Toto across the fire.

Lucas watches her watch him listen. He tries to hold onto the words, but they fade and slip from his mind as the sound of the strings rise and her hand cups his elbow. Her fingers scratch at the fabric of his jacket as she whispers, “That man, he didn’t know you.”

He tries to stay focused on her eyes, on what it is she’s saying between those words, but his attention flickers to her mouth and the way her tongue rests behind her lower lip before she bites down. He means to nod his head, but instead inches closer.

“He knew who I was.”

The hand she has at his elbow travels up his arm and rests on his bicep. It takes all he has not to pull her towards him and cover her mouth with his before he can finish his thought.

“The man I am today?” he continues, twisting his fingers in the ends of her hair as she creeps forward. Her forehead is nearly pressed to his and Lucas can feel the puff of her breath against his lips. “He’s who I want to be.”

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Lucas w/blood and gore on his face shuffling behind Dorothy: “Knock knock.”

Dorothy: OMG!  He just bashed a woman’s face in and NOW he wants to try his hand at knock knock jokes?! Don’t turn around, don’t turn around…

Lucas /more menacing voice: “Knock KNOCK!”

Dorothy: *walking faster*  Don’t turn around!  Don’t look him in the eye…


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Steph’s Golden Girls 1.5k Challenge

Okay everyone! Challenge time it is! I’ve hit 1.5k and then some today!

Now, you know that I keep you guys informed about the craziness that is my life as a teacher and grad student. Until we reach June 29th the amount and intensity of my work is pretty insane!

That being said, this challenge is for ANY and ALL writers who need something a little different to work with! How about some Golden Girls quotes/one-liners?

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 If you can dig it too, continue below the cut for details:

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I followed Dorothy down the yellow brick road, and to See the great wonderful wizard
But it was not a brain I was lacking, for I was plenty smart
Nor was it for bravery, for I had faced down many demons in my day.
but I went for getting a need heart, because you had stolen mine
Things I want to see in A4O season 2:

•Dornie exploring each other and learning about each other in new ways

•Dorothy always willing to protect her girl and her friends, and seeing Connie calming Dorothy down and helping her stop making rash decisions.

•Portiana building themselves up as individuals and as friends before a relationship reforms. Watching Ariana try to be better for Portia and helping her keep her confidence up, and Portia keeping her out of trouble and helping her discover she’s more than just a hacker.

•Alex relearning who she is and who she isn’t. Finding the balance between Mom and Crazy Party Girl. The others helping her do that

•Treville becoming a part of the core group. Having friends who stand by her side thick and thin. Becoming more comfortable without compromising her character (and her flawless self omg queen).

•Treville and Portia being super supportive friends even though they’re running against each other. The group supporting both of them without causing conflict and divides.

thealphapenguin  asked:

So, uh, someone might've just gotten murdered on DoA?

This is the most interested I’ve been in DoA for a long time.

I like the subtle detail that Dorothy’s calmed down in panel 3. It kind of implies that Amber beat up Ryan, the fight ended, and then she knifed him, which an important distinction for if it’s justifiable self-defense or not. 

Of course, the reaction in panel 5 indicates something happened even past the slash, but the next strip cuts away to ukelele jokes, so I guess it’ll be a mystery. I didn’t like the strips leading up to this (and I’m surprised Willis isn’t catching more shit for his clunky handling of Amber’s mental issues), but this one strip is actually pretty effective, so good job, Willis.

We Are Family

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Pairing: Sam x Reader, Ava (OC), Liam (OC)
Word count: 1,994

Part 16 of Chocolate Cupcakes

In the following months, you and Sam accomplished quite a bit. The wedding plans were going beautifully, you had Mary and Dorothy’s help there. Sam had finally gotten sole custody of the kids, and Jess was actually being civil with you now. The supervised visits were usually carried out at Family Services and you were the one who took the kids. Jess seemed truly happy now with Benny, at the last visit she had told you that they were expecting and you wished them all the happiness in the world.

You were waiting on Sam, he had promised to be here on time. Today was a special day, the two of you had been waiting since Christmas for this. You were tapping your foot nervously, checking your phone every couple of seconds then you would double check the bag at your feet. All of you were going to Mary and John’s house for dinner that night.

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The Monster (An Emerald City Fanfic)

A quick fanfic about the aftermath of the apothocary, fear of attachment and what a reflection means.

Blood. It was still splashed across his face. As it was her own.

Dorothy sighed as Lucas slid down under the tree, body exhausted after the long walk and his continued question of knock, knock. She hadn’t answered. Not once over the span of the several hours they’d trekked away from the Apothecary’s village. Because she had been terrified. Lucas was a man she didn’t understand, not that he understood himself either. Who knew if that reaction at the Apothecary had been some relic of a lost past or a genuine desire to protect her, or just anger at his current situation? One of those options scared her more than the others and it wasn’t Lucas’s forgotten past or potentially quick temper.

No, it was something she’d avoided her entire life, born from a fear of permanence and abandonment caused by a mother who left her and moved down the damn road as if she were nothing.

It was something that involved someone protecting her from the evils in the world.

Toto moved around her legs as Dorothy crossed the grassy clearing she’d chosen for the night’s camp while the sun sunk low in the sky. They could have crossed more terrain, potentially found a little village to stay in before the moon was high, but Dorothy knew to go any farther would be cruel to her travelling companion. As much as she’d avoided Lucas, she’d heard his laboured breathing, all too cognizant of how little time had past since he’d been septic. Hell, the day before he’d been unable to use his arms.

Not that he had, had any trouble with that sword. Or jug.

Dorothy slipped to her knees in front of a small, slowly rolling brook, part of the reason she’d chosen that specific clearing. If she was going to look at Lucas, and she knew she’d have to eventually, she was going to need to get that blood off his face. Really, get him clean in general as she’d only really been able to pull off the majority of the dirt with a shirt sleeve back in Nimbo. That scarecrow-like straw detritus still clung to him in places and ran the risk of increasing the potential for another infection of his battered body.

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Rules: okay so you gotta put your music library on shuffle for 10 songs and tell everyone what songs you have

1. Unconditionally - Katy Perry

2. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

3. Thunderstruck - AC/DC

4. Me Too - Meghan Trainor 

5. Dark Nights - Dorothy

6. Follow Me Down - The Pretty Reckless

7. Glitter & Gold - Barns Courtney

8. Too Loud - Icon for Hire

9. Too Many Faces - Cherry Bomb

10. Raise Hell - Dorothy

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Klaine one-shot - “Safe Haven” (Rated T)

Kurt rescues a stray black kitten he finds hiding in a dumpster on Halloween night. He figures he’ll keep it for the evening, just so it’ll be safe, and then bring it to a shelter the following morning. The only problem he foresees having is trying to find a way to keep Blaine, who wants a cat badly, from falling in love with the thing before that happens. (1482 words)


Inspired by this prompt.

Read on AO3.

Kurt doesn’t need a cat. He doesn’t even necessarily want a cat. He’s not opposed to cats in general, he just doesn’t want one in his apartment, clawing at his flea market furniture or shredding his vintage scarves. Besides, he’s never been fully convinced that an animal that does its business in a box of sand should be kept indoors. Santana and Brittany have a Siamese that has a horrible habit of climbing in bed with them while they’re having sex. Santana claims it’s the yowling and high-pitched moaning that lures it up there, makes it feel comfortable.

No thank you.

But when Kurt sees the shivering creature cowering behind a dumpster in an alley near home, he knows immediately that he has to rescue the poor thing.

Because it’s a black cat, and today is Halloween.

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