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Dorothy Forstein from Philadelphia, was a well-liked mother to three children and wife to city magistrate, Jules Forstein. In 1944, Dorothy dropped her children to a friend’s house and made her way back home. As she entered the empty and dark house, she was beaten unconscious by an unknown assailant hiding in her house. The assailant fled as Dorothy lay bleeding on the floor. The random attack was baffling - nothing was stolen from the house. 

Her husband was cleared as a suspect and the family could not think of anybody that would have a grudge on a housewife. Dorothy recovered and life went back to normal. However, on 18 October, 1949, Jules was away from the house for the evening and their eldest daughter, 19-year-old Myrna, was also away from the house. When Jules returned home that night at approximately 11:30PM, he discovered his children cowering in their bedroom and Dorothy was nowhere to be found. 

Their youngest daughter, 9-year-old Marcy, told police that she had been awakened by somebody entering the house. She got up out of bed and walked into the hall and saw a man carrying a seemingly unconscious Dorothy down the stairs. The man looked towards her and whispered “Go back to sleep, little one, your mother is alright.” Dorothy was never seen again.

To an Old Friend, With All My Love

Request: “To you, with regret just made me cry ugly tears, your writing is so beautiful. It makes me feel all kinds of emotions. A part 3, please?”

Word Count: 3,214

Pairing: None

Part 1   |   Part 2

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The knock on the door is loud, strong, assured. Sighing, you push yourself to your feet, leaving the comfy ruby couch behind you.

A tiny body zooms past you as soon as you pull open the door.

“Dorothy, stop!” Exasperation rests comfortably on the pretty face in front of you. Shaking her head, Evelyn meets your amused smile. “Don’t laugh. She’s yours this weekend.”

“I think I can handle an eight-year-old.” You step out of the way so your old friend can lug in a suitcase.

“I said the same thing when her birthday rolled around last weekend but,” she sets the suitcase on an armchair and sighs, “you’d be surprised.”

A shriek of laughter sounds from upstairs. You lift your eyebrows. “She must have found the dolls I bought her.”

Evelyn laughs once. “You didn’t have to buy her any toys. She has plenty.”

Shrugging, you step around her and return to the couch, falling onto it and patting the empty cushion next to you. “I didn’t know if she’d bring any of them. Besides, if I’m going to be the cool, unrelated aunt, I have to spoil her.”

Evelyn sits next to you, crossing her legs. “You know she already thinks you’re better than me. You have no clue how many times she’s asked if you could be her mother instead.”

You smile. “I’m sorry for stealing your child’s affections.”

“Oh please.” She waves her hand. “I know you don’t want them too badly. You’d have to be married to Charles.”

“Is he still spending late nights out?”

She nods twice, somber. “He comes back so late, sometimes I wonder…” she trails off, then looks up at you. “But this weekend trip should do some good, I hope.”

“I hope it does.” You nudge her foot with yours. “I’m always here to talk if you need me.”

She gives you a sad smile. “I know.” The room falls silent save for muffled shouts from Dorothy upstairs. “Hey,” Evelyn perks up, “how’s the marriage front looking for you? Meet any cute men in Bulgaria?”

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This Step is Hard Too Part 3

Winchesters Brothers x Sister Reader, reader is 15 years old

Warnings: swearing

Summary: The reader is going through some rough challenges with her sexuality and Charlie is there to help. But before they can fix the problem. a hunt gets in the way.

This is canon as much as I can get it. I’m using lines from the episode Slumber Party Season 9 Episode 4. I do not claim any of the words that are italized in this part. The plot of the hunt is not mine either. Again, I do not claim the words and plot of the hunt from supernatural episode Slumber Party. 

Word Count: 2,864

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you’re out on the bottomless sea

Summary: All Jessica wanted was some pizza rolls, but first she had to peel a drug-addled teen idol off the floor. (or: everything good Trish ever learned, she learned from Jessica.)

Read at AO3. 

Jessica trudged through the door, boots dragging and bookbag crashing against the marble floor of the foyer. Dorothy would’ve scolded her about making scuff marks, but sadly, what she didn’t see wouldn’t hurt her. It was Friday and time to toss off the week’s bullshit, so she made a beeline for the kitchen with a hankering for some inexplicably delicious cardboard flavored junk food. At least that was the plan. But of course, bullshit was inescapable in the Walker home, and as she passed by the sitting room, she saw something that forced to stop in her tracks.

She sighed dramatically. Maybe next time, Totino’s. As much as pizza rolls of questionable nutritional value called to her, she figured she should probably do something about the busted up, glassy eyed child star slumped by the couch.


It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence lately, and it pissed Jessica off each and every time. Not so much at Trish. They had reached something of a truce, a friendship even. They weren’t some twee secret sharing bosom buddies kind of shit or whatever, but what they had was still… nice. It was good to have a friend. Jessica had always hung out with a small group of other social outcasts, but they were never tight, and they got all weird when she came back to school after the accident. She and Trish hadn’t known each other before that and had only gone to the same school in the barest sense of the word. Trish was usually away filming or doing publicity, and they ran in entirely different social circles when she was actually there. Jessica had assumed she was some stuck up, empty-headed, spoiled rich kid with an oversized ego and probably a cocaine habit to match.

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Thinkie Thoughting on Jean

I have so many Thinkie Thoughts about the telemovie, that I need to break them up.  

In a season of Jean Growth and Blooming (like begonias?), that plot arc felt interestingly resolved to me in the telemovie.  She’d made her choice in 5.8 and was standing by it.  While Lucien spends the movie talking about his anxieties and concerns, ranting about them, and flashing back scenes of family dysfunction, the New and Improved Jean’s internal struggle is seen rather than told to us with a shift of her gaze, a lift of her chin.  When confronted with something that would have put her on the defensive in the past, she heeds the advice she’s given others, and gets over it.  

It starts right off, with her dragging Lucien to the wedding of the man who wanted Lucien arrested for assault just a few months ago.  Jean and Susan have had a complex relationship based in class through the seasons.  When Jean says that she’s surprised they were invited, Susan is clear that it wasn’t her idea, that Edward insisted. (Surely for his own little game.)  Despite being seated by the kitchen–a definite snub–Jean squares her shoulders and takes it.  She’s prepping for the role of Mrs Lucien Blake.  There’s going to be plenty of uncomfortable social occasions in her future; might as well get used to it.   

When Aunt Dorothy comes to visit, Jean announces Dorothy as though she’s still the housekeeper and Dorothy sweeps by without even a glance, as one would treat the hired help.  Jean may be comfortable with her position, but now it’s a matter of how others look at her.  

A skilled seamstress who’s made a number of wedding dresses for other women decides to buy her wedding suit, which means having to navigate a prissy Melbourne shop.  She’s determined to play the role, even if the outcome is: “It’s very nice and it fits beautifully.”

The most interesting scene was with Matthew and Lucien, where we see a flash of old insecure Jean when she’s talking about Milton Dunne and his aggression with Lucien: “Maybe he doesn’t like being reminded that he comes from more modest beginnings than some people.”

Lucien senses danger.  "Yes, perhaps,“ he says very carefully.

She has brought over Dorothy’s present. (And what’s that about?  Was it intended as passing on a family heirloom to a Blake bride?  If so, that was in the least classy way possible. No card, not wrapped, and not delivered in person as would be proper.)  Matthew wants them to open and keep it, since it’s surely expensive. “I hope not,” says Jean, looking concerned.  Is she worried of looking like a gold digger?  

Then there’s the visit to the bereaved mother, Susan.  Jean is wearing her old plaid housekeeper coat, not one of her lovely new pieces, and brings of all things, a casserole.  Which fluxmoxes Susan until she finally passes it off on the maid.  Class differences can’t be presented any more starkly.  Susan is drinking like a fish, Jean looks terribly uncomfortable, then sets herself up to be left alone with Susan when Lucien goes to talk to Patrick.  One can only imagine what the women talked about.  

Just as she’s free of one drunk society woman, she decides to go with Lucien to scrape Auntie Dot off a chair at the club.  Lucien has them quickly check Dorothy’s gift first–clever him, thinking she may mention it when they see her–and it’s a string of pearls that neither he nor Jean seem to want.  


If not nice, it seems normal.  Dying woman hands off family jewels to the newest Mrs Blake.  So why doesn’t Jean seem too enthusiastic?  

They find Dorothy giving Cec about a year’s salary as a tip.  

When Jean says, “You’re not hungry?”  it sounds like something she’d say to Lucien.  And I swear that’s the plate of food Mrs Tooney tried to give Charlie and Mattie when Jean stormed off to Adelaide.  No wonder Dot doesn’t want it.  She’s drinking her dinner anyway.  

Once again, she perches on her chair, uncomfortable in her lumpy housekeeper coat as Dot and Lucien rail at each other, surely thinking, this is so not the sort of scene I want to be part of.

Her face when he rants: “You barely spoke after he married my mother.  You shunned him.”

“He was choosing that girl over his entire family.”  At least Dorothy doesn’t stare down her long nose at Jean while she says it.  

“Not one of you could look beyond the betrayal of him marrying the woman he loved.” Yep, just as well Dorothy’s dying to spare Jean having to host her at the next Christmas dinner.  

As though this exchange wouldn’t put her in her place, Auntie asks “Mrs Beazley” to take her home, as you’d ask a servant.

Actually, the movie is generally a series of uncomfortable encounters for Jean with upper crust women, the sort of woman that Jean isn’t, nor aspires to be.  So what will be her role?   

But at least on the day, she had the wedding she wanted and needed.  An 11th hour swap of dresses; who cares what anyone thinks; she’ll wear white.  An attendant nimble-fingered enough to fasten up all those buttons, and fit enough to get up the stairs as fast as Jean dashes, rather than some doubting old friend.

I’ve checked with my Catholic friend old enough to have lived in these days, and yes, when she refused to be married in the Catholic Church, despite both she and the groom being baptized Catholic, her to be in-laws didn’t attend the ceremony at the city hall; they did not see their own son being married. I can imagine that a good number of Jean’s friends would not feel comfortable participating in, let alone attending, a wedding not sanctioned in front of God and officiated by a priest.  

And Jean seems fine with that.  While Lucien’s voice quavers on his vows, and he’s near tears, her voice rings out clear and strong.  "Yes!“ she’s ready.  For their kiss, she leans in to make sure it’s deep and intimate.   No more reservations for Jean.

EC FF: The Warmth Despite the Chill (Dorothy x Lucas)

A/N: Missing scene between the kiss at the end of episode 1x04 and the arrival of Eamonn & Ojo. Happiest of birthdays to @fairytalesandtimetravel, just one day late! A few soft moments before shit gets real next week.

Words: 1550 | Rating: M | ao3


He can hear the notes of the music playing. They’re crisp and clear, despite the sullenness of their tone. Between them and the wisps of snow falling and getting caught in the ends of Dorothy’s hair, he can almost let himself imagine that it’s just them in these woods, with the girl curled up with Toto across the fire.

Lucas watches her watch him listen. He tries to hold onto the words, but they fade and slip from his mind as the sound of the strings rise and her hand cups his elbow. Her fingers scratch at the fabric of his jacket as she whispers, “That man, he didn’t know you.”

He tries to stay focused on her eyes, on what it is she’s saying between those words, but his attention flickers to her mouth and the way her tongue rests behind her lower lip before she bites down. He means to nod his head, but instead inches closer.

“He knew who I was.”

The hand she has at his elbow travels up his arm and rests on his bicep. It takes all he has not to pull her towards him and cover her mouth with his before he can finish his thought.

“The man I am today?” he continues, twisting his fingers in the ends of her hair as she creeps forward. Her forehead is nearly pressed to his and Lucas can feel the puff of her breath against his lips. “He’s who I want to be.”

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Meet the Parents

You couldn’t get your mind off of Sam no matter how much you tried. You spent your time helping your grandmother, and looking through everything you’d put in storage for kids. This way, you could put some in the trunk to bring over now and then. The kids had given you a pretty good idea of what they both liked, so it was really easy.

Before you knew it, you were getting ready for the cookout at Sam’s. You were nervous to say the least. Jess clearly didn’t like you, and you were worried that no one else would. Your grandmother was excited to meet Dean, and wouldn’t stop asking about him. Finally, you told her that if she didn’t stop, you’d keep him to yourself.

You’d chosen a light blue sundress and tan wedges for that day, as the sky was blue, and the sun was bright. You were hoping that the nice weather helped ease your nerves. If things got too bad with Jess, you would politely excuse yourself. It would be rude, and disrespectful to make his family uncomfortable.

Wanting to stop and get something to bring, you left a bit earlier. Sunday traffic was usually pretty bad, and you didn’t want to have to call and tell him you were stuck in traffic! You stopped at the bakery, picking up the order that you had called in on Friday, you already knew that three of the Winchesters liked chocolate cupcakes. You just hoped that the rest of the family did, too.

Pulling in front of Sam’s house, you noticed Sam’s SUV, a pickup truck, and a nice old school Impala in the drive. You looked over at your grandmother. “Grandma, I need to ask you for a favor.”

“Of course, darlin’, what do you need?” she asked.

“Please behave, today. Please?” you all but begged.

“Pish posh! I’m always good, darlin’,” she winked at you. Inwardly you sighed and resigned yourself to the fact that whatever happened, happened.

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The Perfect Storm Chapter 2 (Jensen x Reader)

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Summary: Jensen Ackles just wanted his ex wife to sign the divorce papers before he married Danneel. He didn’t want roped back into the storm chaser life. But once a storm chaser, always a storm chaser. Based off the movie Twister (RIP Bill Paxton)

Title Chapter: Meet Dorothy

AN: The lyrics in this chapter are “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum

Edited because I didn’t realize that (y/n) was changing to my name lol

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Lucas w/blood and gore on his face shuffling behind Dorothy: “Knock knock.”

Dorothy: OMG!  He just bashed a woman’s face in and NOW he wants to try his hand at knock knock jokes?! Don’t turn around, don’t turn around…

Lucas /more menacing voice: “Knock KNOCK!”

Dorothy: *walking faster*  Don’t turn around!  Don’t look him in the eye…


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Things I want to see in A4O season 2:

•Dornie exploring each other and learning about each other in new ways

•Dorothy always willing to protect her girl and her friends, and seeing Connie calming Dorothy down and helping her stop making rash decisions.

•Portiana building themselves up as individuals and as friends before a relationship reforms. Watching Ariana try to be better for Portia and helping her keep her confidence up, and Portia keeping her out of trouble and helping her discover she’s more than just a hacker.

•Alex relearning who she is and who she isn’t. Finding the balance between Mom and Crazy Party Girl. The others helping her do that

•Treville becoming a part of the core group. Having friends who stand by her side thick and thin. Becoming more comfortable without compromising her character (and her flawless self omg queen).

•Treville and Portia being super supportive friends even though they’re running against each other. The group supporting both of them without causing conflict and divides.