dorothy downing

Lucas w/blood and gore on his face shuffling behind Dorothy: “Knock knock.”

Dorothy: OMG!  He just bashed a woman’s face in and NOW he wants to try his hand at knock knock jokes?! Don’t turn around, don’t turn around…

Lucas /more menacing voice: “Knock KNOCK!”

Dorothy: *walking faster*  Don’t turn around!  Don’t look him in the eye…


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Father Brown Wardrobe Appreciation

↳“The Maddest of All”  (Series 2, Episode 2)

Things I want to see in A4O season 2:

•Dornie exploring each other and learning about each other in new ways

•Dorothy always willing to protect her girl and her friends, and seeing Connie calming Dorothy down and helping her stop making rash decisions.

•Portiana building themselves up as individuals and as friends before a relationship reforms. Watching Ariana try to be better for Portia and helping her keep her confidence up, and Portia keeping her out of trouble and helping her discover she’s more than just a hacker.

•Alex relearning who she is and who she isn’t. Finding the balance between Mom and Crazy Party Girl. The others helping her do that

•Treville becoming a part of the core group. Having friends who stand by her side thick and thin. Becoming more comfortable without compromising her character (and her flawless self omg queen).

•Treville and Portia being super supportive friends even though they’re running against each other. The group supporting both of them without causing conflict and divides.

intro.         rebirth      |      leno.

01.   mangú   |   becky g.
02.   come first   |   terror jr.
03.   crystals  |   m o o n.
04.   mala   |   saak.
05.   raise hell   |   dorothy.
06.   the take down  |  dabin &. koda.
07.   never gonna catch me    |   skan &. el Speaker .
08.   sombra     snerk.

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notquitestellar replied to your post “accidentally put ellen in range of an axe fighter and had to have…”

Well, I mean, it’s pretty hard to dodge while you’re literally carrying someone and protecting her from all harm.

yeah, but she’d dropped her by then. it was kinda more like uhh

Ellen, after Dorothy puts her down: Thank you for helping me, Dorothy. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t been there.

Dorothy, suddenly having a very vivid daydream of herself carrying Ellen over the threshold of their new home on the day of their wedding: uuh um thanks– i mmean no pro blem


“DOROTHY HAZE COME ON DOWN TO THE PRICE IS RIGHT!” She yells as she enters the bar.

Though as she walked in, she noticed that Jill was not here, only Gil. Sure it wasn’t too bad but she preferred Jill over John.

“Hey John. Is Honey on her break?” She asked the bartender that was currently working.
David Alan Grier to Play Cowardly Lion in NBC's 'The Wiz Live!'
David Alan Grier has the courage to explore live TV. The comedian and three-time Tony Award nominee has joined NBC's production of "The Wiz Live!." He'll play the Cowardly Lion, the famously timid ...
By Whitney Friedlander

David Alan Grier has the courage to explore live TV.

The comedian and three-time Tony Award nominee has joined NBC’s production of “The Wiz Live!.” He’ll play the Cowardly Lion, the famously timid friend of the lost Dorothy who accompanies her down the Yellow Brick Road in the hopes that their journey will lead him to find some courage.