When Land of Oz first opened, it was very popular and one of the top attractions in the area. 

Apparently Debbie Reynolds was there.

But it was tied to another investment that fell flat, and one of the owners passed away, so eventually the doors were closed for good.

Thirteen years later, the doors were opened for a weekend festival in the autumn, and it’s been a tradition ever since. The park is mostly in disrepair, but gets spruced up a little for the festival.

Thousands of people attend the annual festival to get a glimpse of what the park might have been like when it was open.



For an invitation to a spring gala at a private school in Virgnia, themed after the Wizard of Oz. The whole map was meant to be the school and its values / various programs as represented by the world of Oz, which is so cute..

i got to sneak in lots of my favorite stuff from the books and redesign the characters, too! The finished lineup of chars is here at the ol’ site!

thank you to AD Jamin Hoyle for the fun project!


So I was actually gonna make an angry post about how “Ruby Slippers” was not real representation and how A&E are such scumbags… but then… I went to the official facebook to check and I saw this.

I… I have no words. To be honest all my rage towards the show is gone. Just look at this, look at the amount of people leaving angry messages. I see now why A&E took so long for an LGBT couple, and I see now why they’re so afraid of it… to be honest I have new found respect for them now. They knew this was going to happen, they knew that this meant losing ratings they can’t afford losing, yet they still did it. And they didn’t chicken out! They showed a full frontal gay kiss on screen and called it True Love. I can see how brave that is now. And I have to say that I take back what I said about this episode, this was SO dangerous I’m really shocked they actually did it.

Please, before attacking Adam on Twitter about how this wasn’t enough representation, please take a moment to read these comments, and actually think about what this means for the show.

This is the first time I can say I respect Adam and Eddy.