In order to financially support her beloved darling, a high schooler named Marshmallow Holly must clear away the dust and solve the mystery behind the haunted apartment complex of Fairewell Heights to collect her paycheck as a part time maid. There are rooms where love is covered in dust. Places where ghosts and monsters shop. Marshmallow must solve the mystery behind each of these rooms! A comedy game packed with minigames and a touching story! It is a cleaning adventure game that will sweep you away!

This game is made by Nora using RPG Tkool 2000 and it was released on November 22nd, 2007. The American fan translation group, “Memories of Fear,” translated this game and released it on July 23rd, 2015.

Go Nagai manga masterpost

It’s a list of every Go Nagai (and Go Nagai related) manga that has been translated in english

If you know another Go Nagai manga that has been translated but is not on this list please let me know

The manga are listed in parution order with a link to find the scans.

I try to put a link that directly leads you to a site where you can read scans online and not having to download them. If you want to find the scanlation groups you can search on Baka Updates.

For the manga that have not been translated completely you can click on the cross next to the “[status]" to go directly to the current scanlating group and check for updates yourself.

If you are looking for Getter Robo scans, I made another masterpost here.

Useful scanlation groups links (the bolded ones are the active groups) :

Neptise Scans (inactive)
GuroTaku (inactive)
Nexgear (inactive)
Dynamic Pro Scanlations
Shin-Getter (inactive)
Project Bite Me! Scanlations (inactive)
Square Ocean (inactive)
Hokuto no Gun
Izumo no Ryuu (inactive)
wonderprojectj (inactive)
Kaizoku Scanz (inactive)
Oppai-Missile (inactive)
Pearse Hillock
Manga at the End of Time (inactive)
Hikari Beats