What if Dorneget was in the building during the explosion

And he died

And somehow people found out he was gay

and there are protestors during the funeral

and the team has to keep them back

then Abby would just freak out


sspaz1000 replied to your post :

So as almost everyone knows, I am hugely in favour…

My fear is Dorny is a goner too. But I think I’m getting more annoyed with the fact they just like killing main characters parents and other people for fun. Doesn’t drive the plot anymore when its overused.

Yes, I totally agree - it only has shock value/plot value if it’s out of the blue and infrequent (Kate’s death, for example). I also think that there are so many great shows on TV now that keep major things under wraps really well and really do shock you that NCIS needs to be a bit better at trusting the viewers to tune in and be willing to take the risk without spoiling. In saying that, perhaps we’re way off and about to get the surprise of our lives! The season 9 finale certainly surprised me!


Boy have I been busy this past month! Between coursework deadlines and three big adventures, I’ve barely had a moment to spare to keep this blog updated. However, as this is the last week of class for the semester (!!!!) I will have the time to dedicate to remembering all of my fantastic journeys. Until then, enjoy this preview of my travels to the Highlands, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Skye. Onwards! 

adesantini asked:

Holitas, Mich dice que quiere liberar a Will y reservar al Dornie de nuevo XD

Señorita, ¿cuanto le pagan por ser vocera oficial? jaja. Entendido entonces, Gabriel Match liberado y reservo a… ¿Jamie Dornan? (creo que es Dornie jaja) por 48 hrs.