“There is no enemy. The foe on the battlefield is merely a manifestation of that which we must overcome. He is doubt, and fear, and despair. Every battle is fought within. Conquer the battlefield that lies inside you, and the enemy disappears like the illusion he is.” - Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists. I just had to do a Dorn thing. He’s my favorite Primarch, and I love this quote.

Melissa stayed quiet, her eyes glued to the gun. “W-Wha-What are you… Why?” She managed to form a sentence, feeling a large sense of dread. Was this part of some twisted plan? Become friends, become romantically involved, take her to her room and shoot her?

“I bought it a while ago. I’ve made a lot of enemies in my time, which is rather understandable, so I bought it because I wanted protection, or at least the façade of protection.” Putting the gun back into her purse, she then smirked slightly. “You don’t need to look so freaked out. It’s as good as empty.”


Known Ruling Princesses of Dorne

*  the names of Nymeria’s daughter, the two members of the Red Princes and the latest Princess of Dorne are made up, since they are mentioned in canon, but not given a name. (Thank you to @drbobbimorse for the suggestions)

Dorne would NEVER be okay with Rhaegar’s actions

I just wanted to address this notion that is spread around that Elia/the Martells/Dorne would be okay with Rhaegar’s actions because of Dornish culture. I disagree completely.

One of the biggest flaws is this argument relies on a huge exaggeration of a stereotype and the idea that the Dornish are a monolithic group. 

This is wildly inaccurate. If you compare Dornish characters you will see that they are in fact very distinct. I will use Doran and Oberyn Martell, even though there are many other characters ( like Arthur and Ashara Dayne) that can be used, to exemplify my point. 

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