So why is Dorne really important? Here’s the thing: Dorne is the only Kingdom in Seven Kingdoms who never bowed to a Targaryen. Aegon the Conqueror could never conquer Dorne. Daeron the Young Dragon tried to take Dorne once, and he became the youngest King ever died. Dorne retain their sovereignty through-out the history. Elia was a Princess not because she married into the Targaryen family, no. She’s a Princess in her own right. Oberyn and Doran were Princes in their own right. Not even the Starks were able to maintain their independence. The only way that the Targaryens succeeded in bringing Dorne to their fold is through marriage. That’s right. You read that right. Dorne is Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken. 

Dorne is not just a bunch of scantily clad sexy brown people that can be used as a plot device. Dorne is an independent Kingdom. Dorne deserves better. 

At my funeral, I want David Benioff and D.B Weiss to lower me down into the ground so they can let me the fuck down one last time.

The real tragedy of the book to show conversion is that the sand snakes actually wanted to crown Myrcella, not kill her.

See, Dorne is the only kingdom that treats women as if they’re equals. Women inherit lands and titles there. In fact, Doran actually has a daughter, Arienne, who leads the sand snakes in this plot. Oh, and she’s the crown princess of Dorne. Trystane is such a minor character.

They want to crown Myrcella, because according to Dornish law, she should have rightfully become the next ruler of Westeros instead of Tommen. Their revenge on Kings Landing isn’t to kill another Lannister, it’s literally to create a civil war against patriarchy. To make the Lannisters chose a side.

So by erasing Arienne, and making the sand snakes entire plot revolve around wanting to kill an innocent girl, the show really destroyed one of the best plot lines and kingdoms in the books.


All of Prince Oberyn’s daughters have his viper eyes. The color does not matter.

the older sand snakes + taking after their father

how game of thrones failed dorne:

  • arianne martell who? (but seriously, google her)
  • reducing every woman in dorne into vengeful murderous bitch, while in the book they are cautious, politically savvy women
  • no one’s killing little girl. arianne and myrcella are friends, arianne was scheming for myrcella to be queen, pitting her against tommen, making her an ally to dorne and reclaiming a matriarchal system of power in westeros (which sadly didn’t happen, but still it’s better than myrcella being the damsel in distress scenario)
  • reducing ellaria and the sand snakes into one dimensional femme fatales (can’t tell them apart without the dagger, whip or spear). their line breakdown in Season 6 is the very definition of sparse. ellaria had eight, nymeria five, obara five, and for tyene, nonexistent
  • utilizing women to fit into the male narrative as the whole dorne and the dornish women’s plotlines were reduced into jaime’s arc in s5
  • reducing the most socially progressive place in westeros into a stereotypical “exotic”, mediterranean paradise
  • seriously, we only got to see the sand snakes’ fighting skills 2.5 seconds before they got brutally murdered?
  • can we talk about how yara and ellaria could be the lesbian power couple we deserve before they got cockblocked?
  • “they probably don’t have the time for dorne’s storyline” bitch they have time for ed sheeran humming tunes and eating squirrel

Yeah, very peaceful years indeed.


Euron: *is batshit insane*

Cersei: You will all bow down to me! 

Daenerys: You will all bow down to me!

Dorne: *is pointless*

Tyrells: *error 404*

Davos: We have Gendry, I guess.


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If you love Game of Thrones but you haven’t read the books, you’re missing the badass Arianne Martell. She’s princess of Dorne, doughter of Doran Martell and one of the best female characters in Westeros.