Top 15 Men's Programs (2000+)

A list of my favourite programs for merylsdavis (and anyone else who’s interested)

you keep asking for recommendations. so maybe this will be helpful + i enjoy doing the lists of my favourite things when i’m bored =D i know that’s too many but to choose less is a real stuggle! you won’t watch everything at once anyway.

So. Men first. Mostly 2010-14 programs, as I got into fs in 2010.
In chronological order, one favourite program per each of my favourite skaters (those who competed in 2000s).

Alexei Yagudin Winter
Brian Joubert Nothing Else Matters
Nobunari Oda Charlie Chaplin
Stephane Lambiel La Traviata (ignore the mistakes, this program is amazing!)
Johnny Weir Fallen Angel
Richard Dornbush Sherlock Holmes
Michal Brezina Japanese Kodo Drums
Yuzuru Hanyu Romeo and Juliet
Daisuke Takahashi Blues for Klook
Takahiko Kozuka Exodus
Denis Ten The Artist
Javier Fernandez Charlie Chaplin
Kevin Reynolds Back in Black/Thunderstruck (he’s never performed a clean one. so here’s a footage from practice. i hope he keeps it for the next season and finally nails it!)
Tatsuki Machida East of Eden
Jeremy Abbot Exogenesis

(hope i didn’t scare you off!)

I should’ve probably included Chan too. I like his 2013/14 SP.
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Rick and Michonne, ‘The Walking Dead’ (Season 6, Episode 10)

Although the women in Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) life have a nasty habit of ending up dead, it was still exciting to see Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) kiss in “The Next World.” (And at least thanks to Michonne’s skill with the katana, there’s less concern about her longevity.) The show had been setting up their friendship for seasons, with the two staying in the same house in Alexandria. And with the weeks of relative quiet the group faced — and which the show skipped over — in season 6, there was plenty of time for that friendship to grow into something more. — Jonathon Dornbush


And just so we can remember how good he is and no his short program from this Nationals Ricky “Sherlock” Dornbush


Best Actor: Grant Gustin, The Flash
I never thought I’d cry because of The Flash, but then Grant Gustin brought me to tears in the season 1 finale, “Fast Enough.” Gustin was turning in great performances weekly since the series premiere, though, crafting a heroic persona who is as much a figure to look up to as he is a best friend you want to have. Coupled with an ensemble cast that only elevated his performance, Gustin quickly became the heart and soul of the show, making it difficult to imagine someone else in the scarlet speedster’s shoes. —Jonathon Dornbush