I wanted to do a full illustration with the boys- with composition and shading and everything. 

So here is a 1Derland AU. 

This ate my life so much I have a whole other page of their full outfit designs available upon request x_x

It’s postcard dimensions :D because I am contemplating sending out Halloween postcards. 

The signs as Alice in Wonderland characters

Aries: Caterpillar

Taurus: Cheshire Cat

Gemini: Dormouse

Cancer: Alice

Leo: The Mad Hatter

Virgo: King of Hearts

Libra: Duchess

Scorpio: Queen of Hearts

Sagittarius: White Rabbit

Capricorn: Tweedle Dum

Aquarius: March Hare

Pisces: Tweedle Dee


Today the Department of Spectacular Shoes invites you to join us down the rabbit hole as we check out these awesome new Alice in Wonderland-inspired shoes from UK-based shoe designer Irregular Choice (previously featured here)

Just like the Star Wars shoe collection we featured last year, the ornate Alice in Wonderland collection is based on specific characters and scenes from Disney’s 1951 animated Alice in Wonderland film. On one pair Alice herself serves as the sculpted heel while the shoe is decorated with beautifully embroidered talking flowers. There’s also a pair of Cheshire Cat flats:

Irregular Choice officially launches their new Alice in Wonderland collection on February 26, 2016. The fanciful shoes will be available directly via their website and at select stores for between $184 and $381 per pair depending on the style.

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[via Geekologie and Neatorama]