dormagus strange


Spun off from this post/conversation with dorksidefiker:

It serves as a wonderful reminder that Reilly is, beneath it all, still a rather young man (certainly much younger than he looks!).  And it’s a good way for him to vent some steam.  Dormagus takes it all in stride.

Excuse me while I just circle that ^^^ and draw a million arrows pointing to it, with THIS written over and over in caps and occasionally emphatically underlined.

Because. Well. THIS. This is why I like the idea of Darkdevil and Doc Magus in whatever combination, although obviously my favorite option is them as a couple. Because I think he’d able to see right through Reilly’s grim and gritty tough guy act.

Like. I picture him going on Mission: Become Buds With Darkdevil after the Venom thing. Because it is painfully obvious to him that Darkdevil could use someone to talk to. And we know that Dormagus has kind of a habit of helping strangers. We’re talking about the dude who spent ages (possibly months) helping a near-stranger like J2 reunite with his Dad. And we’ve yet to see him turn down a call from Spider-Girl or the Avengers. 

Plus it doesn’t hurt that DD Junior is such a mystery — you know a total superhero fanboy like Dormagus would have SO MANY QUESTIONS about what he spotted in Reilly’s mind. So, yeah. Befriending Darkdevil is going to happen, okay, whether Spider-Son wants it to or not.

In fact, I see the friendship happening pretty fast. At least as fast as it can with a guy as guarded as Reilly Tyne. And I’m sure that Dormagus has his own issues and insecurities (definitely insecurities) he’s hiding under his I’M SO AWESOME AREN’T I THE COOLEST schtick. But before either of them knows it, they’re dropping by each other’s place to hang out and are on each other’s list of people to call for team ups/emergencies/both. Watching late night shows after long, draining patrols becomes a thing. Dormagus dragging Reilly out of his apartment because DUDE YOU CANNOT JUST WORK ALL THE TIME is a regular fight. I mean, a regular occurrence! And, of course, there is so much venting about their mutual problems with Dads and Legacies and all of that.

A relationship, I think, would take a lot more time. There’s the age thing, for starters — even though I personally headcanon the difference between them only being a few years, I think it’d be hard for Dormagus to shake that initial impression of the scared kid lurking in Reilly’s own mind. But more importantly neither one would want to ruin the friendship. Especially for Reilly. Can you imagine how terrifying that would be for him? Not only would he be risking losing a friend but quite possibly the only friend he has.

And to be honest? I don’t think Dormagus has that many friends other than Deacon. Maybe Zane after everything they’d been through — hopefully! But I get the impression that a lot of his relationships with other heroes are on a pretty surface level. So he’s scared too.

(Not to mention that it’s totally possible Dormagus has been spending this entire time assuming Darkdevil has feelings for Spider-Girl. Because that’s a pretty reasonable guess! Asssuming he hasn’t already connected the dots or has magic secret identity revealing powers.)

But eventually I’d like to think those dweebs could work it out.