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tastylays  asked:

Hi! Can you list down different themes for a bedroom? Im not really into indie/boho and i just cant decide what theme i should do with my room. Thanks! ♡

Hi :) Other than indie/boho there are literally hundreds of themes! It depends on the person. I’ll give you the main ones or else this post will be extremely long:

1. Scandinavian (Minimal, White, Simplistic) 

2. Girly (Pink,Chic, White, Floral etc)

3. Vintage/Rustic

4. Grunge

5. Monochrome

6. One Colour

7. Colourful

8. Travel/City Themed

9. Nature/Fresh 

There’s a lot more themes but these are the main ones I can think of. Hope that helped! xo 

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any NYC themed rooms? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Hi :)

There are a few things you can get for an NYC themed room:

1. Learn to do a DIY masking tape skyline like below from here.

2. Get a large NYC artwork/wallpaper to be a main focus in your room. Find some here and here.

3. Add NYC bedding/pillows. Buy some here.

4. You can buy NYC street-name decor with your name printed on it from here.

5. If you have a bookshelf fill it with some NYC themed books e.g. the Humans of New York book which you can buy here.

6. Lastly some industrial lighting is a must! It reminds me of NYC studio apartments and would look really cool in a bedroom. Buy here 30% off.

Hope that helped! xo

okay so things are still bad with the main guy BUT theres this dude in my math class i think is really hot–he’s kinda short, blonde, surfer-type. anyway last night he turned up to the co-op crawl (and specifically my dorm, the literal queer-theme house) which is a good sign because the co-op people are typically the best! AND THEN tonight he turned up to my house’s happy hour, which is specifically for queer people!!!! so im already like, damn

and then it turns out that he’s my good friend’s cousin’s ex-boyfriend (and that cousin is a guy!!!!!! but he goes here too) so she’s all like “dont hit it!” but like…im gonna hit it


My college does this party called Around the World where the every room in the senior dorm has a different theme and you go visit them all. One of the rooms last night was avatar themed so I got this Korra outfit together in a couple of hours? It was really fun and I got very trashed

“I’m really upset that there isn’t much Tangled merchandise out there. Rapunzel is my FAVORITE princess and I wanted to decorate my dorm room with her theme. But the only thing I found was a little canvas photo and that was it! Everything else was either dolls or things with ALL the princesses and not just her. I get that Frozen is big, but give the other princesses some love too!”


We have quite a few theme dorms on-campus. Every year, Res Life asks current students to propose the theme dorms they’d like to see on campus next year. One of our most popular theme dorms is Tir na nOg, our sci-fi/fantasy theme dorm. The buildings in which Tir na nOg is placed every year have beautiful windows that students decorate with glass paint. Here is a sampling of some of those windows, ranging widely in fandoms!


「ダイヤのA」青心寮へようこそ!〜生ってこーぜ〜 テーマソング 5 soul MATE”S”
Ace of Diamond “Welcome to Seishin dorm! ~Namatte ikouse~” theme song [5 soul MATE”S”] preview video

Seriously, I still can’t believe they actually released this song….
The single will be released on December, 24th though.