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I’m hoping to get into a new routine this week. The lounges on my floor are finally open, so I can start making my protein shakes again for breakfast. I haven’t bought any groceries or anything since I didn’t know when the lounge would open, so my shake this morning was just shakeology, water, and ice. I’m really excited to get into a routine. My stress levels are maxing out and getting a solid routine, and some friends, will definitely help.

BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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anonymous asked:

im starting uni soon too (T▽T) im really bad at interacting and getting to know people in general so at my orientation camp i didnt talk to anyone and was by myself the whole time ally do you have any tips for approaching people easily

hmmm….i’m quite a sociable/noisy person irl but i used to be really introverted and awkward too, and what really helped me break out of it was just, the simple belief that everyone is just like me? everyone at orientation camp is confused, new, probably scared and excited! everyone appreciates a new, friendly face, confessing that they’re just as confused and tired as i am! (i practically made friends with everyone in my group over mutual complaining lmfao)

another thinking that helped is repeatedly telling yourself that you’re not someone in the spotlight. you’re just a new random person in someone else’s eyes and have the power to shape a brand new image of yourself right then and there. and how would you like a new friend to approach you? using a very casual approach worked all the time for me at camp!

seeing everyone as potential future friends and thinking up of simple questions like “hey, yknow what the facilitator is saying? didn’t catch it..” (even if you DID hear it) could be the very first step towards making new wonderful ties!

Agent AF7 (Jungkook, You) Scenario

Request found here.

The world seemed to be in slow motion as Jungkook took deep breaths, surveying his surroundings.

There were eight—no ten (there were two snipers on opposites sides of the second floor mezzanine) armed men currently facing him. He stood still, feeling his lover’s presence behind him, which makes it even harder to make a decision whether to engage, or not.

“Y/N… baby, don’t move.” He whispered when he felt her shallow breathing and the slight tremble from her body. He knew she was scared, she had every right to be, and it kills Jungkook on every aspect. But he couldn’t risk one of those snipers going off at her.

“Sorry.” She whispered, which sounded more like a choked sob and Jungkook wanted to turn around and kiss her; to assure her that it was going to be alright and that she shouldn’t be sorry.

It was his fault she was in this mess, after all.

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houses + acting like my friends

Gryffindor: “guys I think im ready for sex” “babe, you’ve never even kissed a boy” // *has two lockers but can’t keep either of them clean* // “I cried three times last night” // “do you guys want to get chips after this?” // “does anyone have any food they dont want?”

Ravenclaw: feels threatened when someone gets a better score on a test in their favourite subject // *walks into classroom* “fuck this” // pretends to listen to music so they dont have to talk to other people during class // “I bought a coffee machine its in my locker”

Slytherin: “im not lending you my homework if you didn’t do it” // “can I be excused?” “you need to go to the restroom?” “no I just really fucking hate this” // has a black market for bubble gum going out of their dorm // *visibly eating chips in the lab*

Hufflepuff: has paint on their uniform 24/7 // “Im only here for the exam im going home after this” // “do we have to go outside? I went outside yesterday!” // “guess who got an A+ on an essay they didn’t know about!” // “everything here is so expensive” *accidentally breaks lamp* “I hope that wasn’t”

bambams in Thailand, youngjae is in nyc, jjp are working on their comeback so…….what is markgyeom up to? 🤔

Seokjin and Yoongi Reaction to You Giving Him a Handjob While With the Guys

Part of Handjob while with the guys

Part I, Part II, Part III

Pretty self explanatory on the warning


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Best Friend confesses Series: Mingyu

This is part five of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

Mingyu is an idiot sometimes, of course, and having him as a best friend can be a real pain as much as it can be a joy. When he drops your brand new phone (the one you saved up months to get) down a flight of stairs and it’s screen shatters at the bottom, you definitely count it as one of those moments when he’s an annoyance. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N!” Mingyu yells, racing down at stairs ahead of you to pick it up off the concrete, his long coat flying out behind him and somehow making him look model-like despite the fact that he’s sprinting two stairs at a time and almost trips over at the bottom.

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Anon requested: Monsta X reaction to their crush cuddling with them

Remember: English is not my first language and this is only my opinion <3 And sorry that my reactions always turn out so long heh- I hope you like it!!


You knew that Shownu was unaffected by scary movies…so you decided to sit next to him. The movie wasn´t that bad but it had a lot of jump scares so you, Jooheon and also Wonho jumped in some of those moments where someone appeared on the screen. You held onto his arm and cuddled up against him to `protect´ yourself. He felt that you were sitting very close to him and how you cuddled with him and his heart was beating SO fast. He would watch you how you watch the movie and would smile and think how adorable you are. He would also move a bit closer to you so you can hold onto him even more.

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In his head, he went through all situations where you both could cuddle and where he can just hold you because you are a couple, but you just held on to him because you hated crowds and didn´t want to lose him. He couldn´t help it but watch you holding his arm. When you looked up to him you flashed one of your prettiest smiles and believe me, Wonho nearly got a heart attack. He would use the chance he had and would pull you closer to him to “protect” you and wouldn´t let you go. Whispering how adorable you are and that you can always hold onto him or cuddle him.

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I.M and Kihyun were sitting in the front while the rest of you were sitting in the back. Yout met the guys in their dorm to play some video games and it was their turn. But you had a long day and started feeling tired and couldn´t do anything against it. You were watching Minhyuk, how he was a bit too hyped while they played, but leaned back against him and the sofa you were sitting at. You moved a bit to make yourself more comfortable and wrapped your arms around his arm so you can cuddle with him. “That´s perfect.” You say and smile. In this moment Minhyuk would realize what´s happening and you could hear his dolphin sound ya you know one lol. A big smile would appear and bye bye watching the game. His eyes are on you now. Smiling, giggling and asking you if everything’s alright.

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You were a bit tipsy so you were looking around the room just to find Kihyun. You have a crush on him since forever and thought that this would be the best opportunity. Slowly walking towards him you tried to look as good as possible and held onto his arm. “Heeyy Kihyun, are you feeling good?” you smile and he would laugh. “How much did you drink?” You just shrugged and leaned your head against him. Even though he liked it that you were close to him, he could only laugh at you and feel bad because he really wants you to cuddle him… sober. “Y/N, please. Can I escort you home..?” you nodded and he brought you to your home and bed. “Sorry, Kihyun… I just really like you and didn´t know how to tell you..” His eyes widen a bit “you.. like me?” He smiles and sits down next to you. You cuddled with him but the moment he wanted to say something you fell asleep with your hand in his. He would caress your cheek and look at you thinking how beautiful you are even in those moments and kiss your forehead not letting you go.

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All of you were sitting in the kitchen to eat something when Jooheon and Kihyun left the room. You didn´t think of anything but they appeared with your teddy bear in their hands and laughed. “You are evil!!” You screamed and run after them. Later that day you wanted to watch a movie but you were still pissed that they made fun of you. “You know what you can sleep without it you are old enough.” One of the guys said and you glared at them. “Fine. Then I will cuddle with you.” You said cuddling up against Hyungwon who fell silent and said nothing while staring at you. The guys smiled and said “Finally.” “Don´t let go y/n he has a crush on you since forever,” Minhyuk said. Now you and Hyungwon looked at each other with red faces. You then hugged him tightly and said: “me too” and you felt his arms wrapping around you and pressing you against himself.

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You have the biggest crush ever on Jooheon and that one day when he fell asleep next to you, his head slightly leaning against you is still on your mind. Your heart racing every time you think about him. The guys invited you over to their dorm to eat something and then watch some movies and you couldn´t help it and observe Jooheon. Everyone, of course, noticed.. except him. When you were about to watch the movie nobody sat next to you so Jooheon had to be next to you. You couldn´t concentrate at all and realized soon that he was looking at you as well. Getting shy you couldn´t dare to look at him again and just leaned against him. You could feel his eyes on you and the moment you wanted to get up he wrapped his arms around you and held you tight in his arms. He said, “don´t go, I want to hold you for so long.” So you two ended up cuddling on the couch and watching the movie like that until you fell asleep in each other arms.

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He would get super flustered and his cheeks would turn red because he is shy. The moment you wrapped your arms around him he would just stare at you and wouldn´t dare to move. That guy would try to tease you like “You can´t resist me huh?” or “I know I´m super cuddly.” and then wink at you, but you just giggle because you can see how nervous he is and this is the cutest thing ever. You lean your head against him and whisper “I like you too, Changkyun-ah, don´t be so nervous.” After he realizes what you just said he would put his arms around you, put his head on yours and hold you closer. Still a bit embarrassed, but enjoying the moment.

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Woozi Soulmate!AU

I took so long to make this fkjgkndfkjgnd i ‘ m  s o  s o r r y ,,,,,, ;; But here it is! I hope it’s good enough so that the wait was worth it! I’m glad I could finally finish this and I ended up liking the result!! I think it’s very cute. I really like this AU and I wish I get more ideas to write more about it with the other members!

Soulmate!AU where you can only see Black and White and can’t see any other color until you meet your soulmate

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  • Jihoon looked up at the sky. Since he was busy working, he rarely had time to go out and appreciate certain things
  • Such as the warm feeling of the sun hitting his exposed skin in such a sunny day
  • And also the soft breeze that made the hot weather perfectly bearable
  • But the thing he appreciated the most, was colors
  • Most of his memories were in black and white, just as the entire world used to be
  • It wasn’t that bad. Black and white was his world, and after growing up surrounded by said colors, he was used to it
  • He almost didn’t feel the need of changing that. He could live just seeing those two colors
  • But he did feel curiosity
  • For the person that Fate knew would make his heart beat faster, and would make everything shine around him
  • Even though he had somewhere to go, he was early, so he took the liberty of sitting on the bench that was closest to him and reminiscing the moment he met you,
  • as he looked at the world that, after meeting you and being fully colored, looked like a different world from the one he had been living in
  • but was much more beautiful
  • “Hey, Jihoon, can you do me a favor?”
  • The voice of his friend Joshua distracted him while he was playing a game on his phone at the dining hall
  • He looked away from his phone screen to look at his friend, raising his eyebrows as if waiting for him to continue and tell him what favor would he have to do
  • “Wonwoo has been sick for a week, and I promised him I would give him my notes so he could copy them, but I can’t do it today. Could you go to his dorm and give it to him?”
  • He looked back at his phone for a second. The game was getting boring, so why not. 
  • He didn’t have classes for the next two hours, so he had more than enough free time to go to the college’s dorms, give wonwoo Joshua’s notes, and go back to the dining hall and keep playing that game while drinking another coffee
  • “Sure” After saying that, he took the notebook from Joshua’s hands
  • “Thank you” The older one responded with a kind smile before leaving for his next class. Jihoon just waved his hand at him as a goodbye before he left to go Wonwoo’s dorm
  • As he walked out of the dining hall, he took his headphones out of his bag and plugged them in his phone before playing one of his favorite playlists
  • The music blocked the noise of the cars passing by, and the voices of the people in the streets, and he found that relaxing
  • He was kind of thankful that, in the world, the things lacking until you met the person you were supposed to be with for the rest of your life were colors
  • Because if he had to live without, for example, not being able to listen to music, he just wouldn’t be able to live, or at least not happily
  • Music was of the most important things in his life
  • Which made him want to pursue a career that could let him become a professional producer in the future
  • Or who knows, maybe even an artist himself, he wasn’t again that idea
  • As he arrived to the dorms, he stopped in front of the crystal door and looked at his reflection for a second
  • His clothes, his hair, his eyes. He could just guess the tone of it
  • He was sure his hair was a dark color, maybe just black
  • He had hear of people who dyed their hair in different colors when they met their soulmate, just because they were curious to see how the change would look
  • And he must admit that, even if he didn’t dislike black, white and other shades of gray, someday he’d like to dye his hair in a different color
  • Maybe blonde? Pink? Brown?
  • He walked into the building, thinking that he’d have more time to think about that later
  • He took the elevator to the third floor, where his friend’s dorm was, and once he was in front of the door he knocked on it
  • Wonwoo opened half a minute later, but Woozi understood that he was probably still sick, and felt too weak to get up from the bed quickly and open the door
  • “Oh, hello Jihoon” the boy said, and gave him a small smile
  • “Hi, Joshua gave me this” He handed him the notebook, and Wonwoo took a look at the first few pages leaving it inside his house
  • “Thank you, do you want to come in?”
  • It wasn’t a bad idea, but probably it wasn’t the best idea either, what if he got sick too?
  • he had never missed a class, and he wanted it to stay like that
  • but probably wonwoo was a little lonely
  • he liked to read books in his free time, but not going to class for a week was enough free time 
  • and also being sick didn’t probably make the free time very enjoyable
  • so he was probably tired of it
  • Maybe instead of going back to the dining hall and playing a game on his phone by himself, if Wonwoo didn’t feel too bad, they could play videogames together
  • So he nodded his head and entered his friend’s house, taking a seat next to him on the couch
  • As if he had read his mind, Wonwoo asked Jihoon if he wanted to play any of the videogames he had
  • And when they had been playing for just 15 minutes, they were already having a lot of fun
  • Jihoon was even worried that Wonwoo would get a headache from laughing so much, since it happened to him when he laughed too much at his friends’ jokes
  • and after 15 minutes more, their laughters were interrupted and silenced by the doorbell of wonwoo’s door ringing
  • could it be another student that wanted to complain about the noise they were making?
  • they weren’t really screaming (maybe a little, but they were too much into the game to realize that)
  • but maybe if someone next door was trying to study, it could be bothersome
  • Wonwoo was going to get up, but Jihoon got up first
  • “Stay here, I’ll open”
  • “Ah, it might be (Y/N)!!” As he walked to the door, he asked Wonwoo who (Y/N) was
  • “She lives next door. She’s studying the same career as Seungcheol”
  • Jihoon nodded and once he was finally at the door, since Wonwoo seemed sure that the person ringing the doorbell was that girl, he didn’t even look through the peephole on the door before opening
  • But when he did
  • He found himself facing the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Before even saying anything, he took a look at her (hair color) hair, and her pretty (eye color) eyes. She had the prettiest eyes he had ever seen
  • He was mesmerized, and she was mesmerized while looking at him too
  • And then realization hit him
  • Behind her, he could see the pale brown color of the walls
  • the entire hallway being illuminated with a yellowish light, even though it was early, the lights were on
  • and he knew why when he looked at one of the windows at the end of the hallway, letting him see the sky fully covered in gray clouds, and the green leaves of the trees outside shaking from the wind
  • After he had admired everything around him, he looked back at her
  • The person who allowed him to see all that for the first time
  • She was also looking around, and after a few seconds, she looked back at him and their eyes met
  • And then, she smiled 
  • “Hi, I’m (Y/N). You must be one of Wonwoo’s friends?”
  • Again mesmerised by her and her smile, he took a few seconds to answer
  • “Mm- yeah, I’m Lee Jihoon. I’m- um- yeah, I’m Wonwoo’s friend” he was getting nervous, and he was also blushing
  • He could guess that much, because he felt his face getting hot
  • He wondered if his cheeks looked slightly pink, as it happened to the characters in the romance scenes of some novels he had read
  • And she would probably notice it, now that she could see colors too
  • But she didn’t say anything about it, and her pretty smile was still there
  • “I came to tell him that I’ve made warm soup and he can come to my dorm to eat it. Yesterday he said his throat hurts so I made it.”
  • ‘She’s a caring person’ it’s what he thought after hearing that, and it gave him a warm feeling on his chest
  • Even though he was already feeling warm, even in the cold weather
  • He was about to tell her that he would call Wonwoo and tell him to come and greet her, and maybe eat that soup at her dorm
  • But the boy had already walked towards the door, wondering what was taking his friend so long at the door and why he didn’t even say anything
  • “Ah, (Y/N)!”
  • “Hi! I’ve made you some soup, since you said that your throat hurts.”
  • Wonwoo thanked her with a smile, but then mentioned how happy she looked
  • “You look very happy, did something happen?”
  • Then, he looked at Jihoon, who was looking away from her, and seemed a little embarrassed, maybe even nervous
  • I met my soulmate” She said
  • “Is that so? I’m happy for you!” He said, and Jihoon could tell that he was genuinely happy for her, and that they probably were good friends since she was also inviting him over to her dorm to eat some soup
  • Then, Wonwoo looked at him and saw him looking away from her, looking slightly embarrassed, and maybe even nervous
  • “Jihoon? Are you okay?”
  • “A-Ah, yeah”
  • Then, he put two and two together
  • (Y/N) was a happy girl, but she looked even happier than usual because she had met his soulmate that day
  • And Jihoon looked shy and couldn’t even look at her
  • “Jihoon? Did something happen?” He asked him, with the same words he used to ask (Y/N)
  • “I…..
  • I met my soulmate” He said
  • He chuckled a little as he remembered how he felt after meeting her
  • He didn’t have many girl friends,
  • actually, he had no girl friends,
  • but now, he had one, he was more than a friend, and even more than a girlfriend
  • She was his soulmate
  • Suddenly, his phone started ringing
  • His favorite song started playing and the screen of his mobile phone lightened showing a picture of (Y/N) wearing a blue and white outfit that he really liked, and him next to her, both smiling to the camera for the picture
  • He answered the call, and heard her voice ask him where he was, and that she was waiting for him at her house
  • “Ah, I’m sorry, I got a little distracted” He said, smiling, and the fact that he was smiling and happy was evident in his voice, so it was natural that she’d notice
  • “You sound happy! Did something happen?” She asked, catching a little of his enthusiasm
  • I met my soulmate

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How To Eat Healthy While Living The Dorm Life

nahnah-loses-her-tahtahs asks… 

We’ve all heard about that dreaded “Freshmen 15,” and there’s nothing mythological about it. The biggest culprit of the first year weight gain is being forced to live in a dorm with relatively poor access to a kitchen, cooking supplies, pantry space or adequate funding. You typically can’t work full time (since, you know, you’re taking on 6 classes of gen-ed requirements and reliving high school all over again), so you’re stuck on whatever stipend the school or your parents can provide. 

Fear not! It is actually possible to come out of your freshmen year looking fit and fabulous and feeling like a million bucks. Impossibility is the champion of innovation.

Here’s a list of healthy food staples and preparation ideas for the microwave chef:


Unfortunately, most of the affordable stuff needs to be cooked on a grill, oven or stove, but there are some ways around it if you can stretch your dollars around.

  • Tuna - Canned tuna lasts forever, doesn’t require fridge space, and is packed with lean protein. You make a poor-man’s Salad Nicoise, mix it with hummus or olive oil and vinegar for a tuna wrap, or just eat it plain if you dig the taste.
  • Salmon - Did you know salmon comes canned too? A little pricer than it’s tuna cousin, but perfect for laying on a beg of spinach leaves with some balsamic vinegar.
  • Beans - You’ve got plenty of choices here. Black beans, garbanzo beans, white beans… they all go great in a salad, or you can microwave them together with some minute-rice for a  quick and filling Rice & Beans dinner.
  • Eggs - If you can’t afford the chicken, you can at least buy his eggs. Eggs are amazing. Did you know that you cook them in a microwave, too? Seriously, Buzzfeed lists 12 different ways to nuke them, so can have an omelet for breakfast every single day. 
  • Greek Yogurt - Opt for the plain yogurt or the kind that’s only sweetened with honey. Read the ingredients. A lot of the popular varieties are packed with sugar and high fructose corn syrup that you want to avoid.
  • Chicken Breast - You can buy it pre-grilled for a quick meal that just needs to be reheated, or even hit the deli and get some sliced chicken breast meat for your wrap or sammy. Deli meat is quick, 
  • Peanut Butter - PB is amazing on everything. On toast, on celery, on carrots, on a spoon. Just opt for the natural variety without all the added sugar. Read the ingredients. They should be: peanuts, salt. That’s all.


Veggies make great snacks and side dishes alike. 

  • Steam Bags - Pick up a box and you can steam anything in a microwave to go alongside your protein. 
  • Spinach leaves - Spinach is perfect for a salad, to fill out a wrap, or even steamed!
  • Fresh Celery, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Sweet Peppers, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cauliflower - There are so many things you can do with these veggies! Chop them up raw and make yourself a bunch of to-go snack bags for class. Add them to a salad or a wrap. Steam carrots, peppers or broccoli to accompany a hot dish. Also, celery and carrots are amazing when dipped in PB. These things obviously don’t keep forever, so make sure you only buy what you’ll use in the next few days.
  • Salsa - It’s so perfect, it works for everything. You can add it to chicken and make a taco, you can add it to scrambled eggs and have a breakfast burrito, you can use it as dressing for a salad, or you can spice up a veggie wrap.
  • Sweet Potatoes - It might take a good 15 minutes, but you can microwave a sweet potato and pretend it’s baked. Just make sure you poke holes in it first. Please.
  • Canned Veggies - I’m only a fan of corn or peas in the canned veggie department, but if you fancy any others then go ahead and grab them up. Just make sure you check the ingredients list and make sure nothing shady is hiding in the can.


  • Fresh Fruit - Go nuts. You like apples? Bananas? Oranges? Grapes? Strawberries? Fruit is awesome and you should eat it all. Opt for whatever is on sale and in season when you go shopping to save a few bucks. Off-season fruit can get a bit pricey.
  • Canned Fruit - Please, please, please read the ingredients. Do not get any fruit that its packaged in sugar syrups. Only purchase canned fruit that is packaged in water.
  • Raisins - They are practically the only dried fruit that hasn’t been rolled around in sugar. Raisins are great as a snack, in a salad, or eveb in your morning oatmeal.
  • Avocado - The king of healthy fats! Adding avocado to anything will make you 100% more full and keep you satisfied for hours.


  • Rice - You can cook minute-rice in a microwave, and its a great carb boost after an intense workout session.
  • Oatmeal - The breakfast of champions. Get yourself a box of plain, rolled or steel-cut oats. Read the ingredients! If there is anything more than “oats” listed, you should find a better brand. Oats can be microwaved with water, and you can add a sweetener like maple syrup, honey or fresh chopped fruit & raisins. My favorite way to prepare oatmeal is mixed with PB and maple syrup. You’ll be full forever.
  • Granola - Again, look at the ingredients. Granola can often come with a big price tag, but if you find it when it’s on sale, score! Try to opt for a brand that doesn’t list “sugar” as the second ingredient. I opt for the brands that sweeten granola naturally with maple syrup or honey.
  • Wraps - Sometimes a salad just is not convenient enough. Pick up some whole-wheat, whole-grain tortillas to wrap that up salad and make it to-go.


  • Water. Unsweetened iced or hot tea. 
  • Listen, I know you’re a college student and you need a lot of caffeine in your life. If you’re going to buy energy drinks, at least opt for the sugar-free, no-carb varieties. Just remember, they’re terrible for you. Coffee and tea can be your friend.

Other Stuff

  • Become a Slow-Cooker Maestro - I don’t know if you’re particular school will actually allow a crockpot on campus, but if they do, you’ve just opened up a world of possibilities.
  • Approach the Cafeteria with Caution - If you’ve got a loaded meal card, then you’re going to need to be extra careful when prowling the school cafeteria. Stay away from anything fried. Ask the chef how the grilled foods are prepared (so often they are bathed in butter beforehand). Stick with a protein + veggie formula and you’ll be golden. Don’t even look at the greasy hamburgers, hot dogs and fries.
  • Don’t Forget The Condiments and Spices - Spices make food taste good. Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon and Garlic are a good start. Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are perfect dressings for wraps and salads.

Good luck on your first college food shopping adventure!  Send me pics of your healthy carts and baskets, and I’ll share them on the blog.

Don’t Be This Guy:

Definitely Be That Guy:

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Yuta
  • heyyyyyyy
  • i really enjoy doing this series, lol
  • i’m so hungry right now~~
  • lmao, let’s start right away
  • soooo,,,, 
  • it was probably a weekend and it was early in the morning
  • you woke up because yuta was spamming your phone non stop with texts and calls
  • “tf do you want yuta”
  • “aw, i missed you a lot too baby”
  • this idiot istg, you were angry already and decided to ignore him and keep sleeping
  • “i’m outside your house, can you open the door for me”
  • “plz y/n it’s getting cold and i don’t have my jacket”
  • “i brought food for your lazy ass so don’t be rude to your boyfriend”
  • you finally woke up from bed and opened the door for him
  • you seem adorable because of your bed hair and your sleepy and angry face
  • his heart melted because of your cuteness dfghjklñ
  • and the next second you had him over you hugging you and leaving kisses all over your face
  • lmao
  • long short story after a while you calmed down and both of you spent the whole morning cuddling and eating breakfast together in bed<33
  • and y’all were so comfy and warm that even once both of you finished eating yall didn’t move from bed
  • yall keep cuddling and hugging each other for hours and startted to watch youtube videos bc why not
  • and suddenly he was like
  • “what?”
  • “that video, click that one”
  • and guess what
  • yes, it was a my boyfriend does my makeup challenge video
  • “oh no”
  • but it was too late now, yuta already saw it and he would do the impossible for doing your make up
  • “y/nnnnn~~~”
  • “pretty please!!~”
  • “i’ll do whatever you want for like 7 hours if you let me do this”
  • “i’ll take you out for lunch if you want to but pleaSE”
  • and of couse you ended up accepting, lol
  • he almost regret it when he saw all your products and shit
  • but no, we’re talking about manly yuta here. mountain man nakamoto yuta and he’s not going to fuck this up
  • the whole time, most than anything he guide himself by obvious things
  • like reading every single product and grabbing anything that was of the color of your skintone first
  • he would also flirt a lot w you in the process
  • “you’re so lucky, look at you having a really handsome expert doing your make up”
  • “your eyes are so pretty, wow”
  • “you look even more beautiful without make up, please know that”
  • and if in any moment you would start feeling flustered he would get really confident and start making kissing faces and smiling at you
  • “okay so now i just need to do your eyes and then put blush and then lipstick, right?”
  • “no shit, sherlock”
  • and he spent a lot of fucking time deciding the color of your eyeshadow
  • believe me and you were so nervous bc what if he chooses something crazy omg no
  • and, tbh i’m at least a 23% sure that he would choose pink, in any shade but pink
  • and if it wasn’t for you he would only choose one color but you were like vRO NO
  • and since you had your eyes closed he stole like a hundred of pecks from you
  • “yuta! stop doing that!”
  • “but you like it! look! your cheeks are so red that we don’t even need blush anymore”
  • and in that moment you were so close to slap him in the face, lmao
  • and then he actually guide himself for your naturally blushed cheeks to apply the blush on your face, lol
  • and, oh my god, when he did your lips, oh god
  • he would make you puck your lips and steal kisses from you the whole time
  • even once he aplied the lipstick, he kissed you and fucked everything up and had to appy more lipstick
  • and in the end the pink lipstick was more noticeable in his lips han in yours lmao
  • “i guess we finished baby”
  • “i’ll let you choose my outfit tomorrow and hopefully you’ll look just as good as me”
  • jfc this boi
  • and that day he took you everywhere to show you up asdfjvbn
  • to eat, to 127′s practice, to the dorms, to eat again, he spent the whole day looking at your face and making sure everyone knew about how pretty u are
  • he was really proud of how well his makeup turned up lmao
  • even if the eyeshadow was a bit messy and he amy applied a bit too much of blush and the lipstick was gone now
  • he still thought that you looked really beautiful
  • well, after all, you’re always looking perfect in his eyes <3
  • okay, and the end lol
  • sorry if it was bad??? lol
Bed Buddies

AU’s: -You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies

Summary: Reader comes over to yo boi’s home

Word Count: 2500+

Trigger warnings: swears, badly translated French, Fem!reader, was briefly read over so could be horrible we wouldn’t know, shitty title

A/N: made by both @foundingfukbois and @mermaidsareforrealzies. we hope you like it! <3 Also this is technically my(@mermaidsareforrealizes) first good fic so feedback would be really nice, if you have any.

Laf was looking forward to this night for the past two weeks. Tonight was the night his best friend since cringey high school days came to visit, drink a couple beers, and ultimately catch up.

 You and Laf were sophomores at the same college, but living on the other side of campus was like living worlds away. Whenever you did see each other, it was only when the whole squad would assemble for a night “studying” at the library. In reality, Alex would be the only one attempting to study, and John, Herc, and Laf would be laughing at some joke or sneaking in a box of beer for them to chug. You would always watch the beer-chugging, but only joined in when one of the boys smuggled in shots. Mostly you would watch the festivities with your notes spread out across your lap. Whenever Laf turned to look at you, you were watching him. He would smile and wave and you would blush scarlet and turn back to ask Alex a question about your notes. Laf didn’t think much of it.

The squad aren’t allowed in that library anymore for ‘improper behavior’.

But in any case, these wild one-on-one nights became a monthly tradition. Laf and Y/N never seemed to get some alone time to talk or just chill. They were best friends, after all.

Laf was so excited for this reunion. He hadn’t seen you in a grand total of two weeks, and hadn’t had alone time with you since last month. This was the first hang out being held at Laf’s dorm. He wanted to cook some stereotypical French food, partly because he enjoyed showing off his Frenchness and partly because he wanted to impress you with his stellar cooking.

He threw some freshly-made crepes onto a plate and garnished it with a couple of leaves in an attempt to make it look fancy. Laf gently hummed a French tune while he poured some crepe batter onto a hot pan. He got some more plates from the cabinet above the sink and laid them out on the dining table, all with a smile gracing his face. He continued to set up the table and prepare the food with the utmost care. Then there was a knock on the door. He wiped his hands on his apron and went to answer the door.

He opened the door and you stood in the doorway with a backpack on your shoulders and a bag in your hands, an amused look on your face. “Wow, Laf, you clean up nicely,” you chimed in, looking him up and down.

Laf had a white tank top showing off his massive arms, and you desperately tried not to let your eyes linger on his build for too long. On top of that he had a cliche ‘Kiss The Cook’ apron. ‘What a dork.’

“Y/N!” Laf chuckled nervously and gave you a hug. He let go a little too quickly out of embarrassment and went to check on his crepes. “You’re early…I wasn’t expecting you until nine.”

You dumped your backpack on his couch like you owned the place and pushed the plastic bag into his hands with a smirk. He looked at it questioningly while you looked around.

“Nice place,” you added, pulling out a chair at the dining table and unlacing you boots. “What’s for dinner, Frenchie?” Lafayette snorted and took some of the beer bottles out of the bag you had given him.

“When did you get so cocky?” Laf reached for the plate of crepes in the kitchen and pushed it in front of you, knowing that they will shut you up. Your eyes widened at the French food, and looked up at Lafayette in awe.

“Did you make these? These look amazing!” You immediately began to shovel them in your mouth when the frenchman placed a fork in front of you. “And they taste amazing, too,” you mumbled, your hand covering your mouth in an attempt to block your lips while you praised his cooking with a full mouth.

“It’s a family recipe,” he grinned, satisfied with your response.  

While you inhaled the crepes, Laf slid you a beer, left one for himself, and went to place the rest in the fridge. He turned around and you were finishing up the last of the crepes out of the entire stack that he had placed in front of you a minute ago.

“Don’t they feed you back in the girl’s dorm? Jesus, you eat fast.”

You shrugged and popped the lid off of the beer bottle. You took a swig and widened your eyes in realization. You put the bottle down on the table with a little clink.

“Oh shit, did I just eat your food? Did you eat already? I should’ve saved some for you… Jesus, I’m horrible,” you mused nervously, standing up from your chair and briskly padding into the kitchen with Lafayette trailing behind you.

“Hey it’s fine! I’m not hungry,” he said as he grasped your wrist abruptly and twirled you around.

Suddenly, his strong arms caught you off guard and you got twirled closer towards him so that your eyes were level with his lips and your faces were inches apart. You quickly glanced to his eyes and he looked flustered, which was unnatural for his normal  confident mien.

He took a step back and ran his hand through his hair, clearly uncomfortable. You felt a blush creep onto your cheeks and you looked to your feet. ‘What the hell was that?’

“So, uh, do you wanna watch a movie or something?” Lafayette spoke without looking at you, as he took steps back out of the kitchen.

“Sure,” you murmured, eager to escape this tense feeling. You hated being like this around Laf, he was your best friend. You flopped on the couch and wrapped yourself with a blanket and hugged a pillow into your stomach.

“Quit hogging the blanket, Y/N!” Laf joked. You snuggled further into the couch and stuck your tongue out at him. He poked you in the side and you giggled, giving up a portion of the blanket.

Laf grabbed the remote off of the coffee table in front of you and opened Netflix. After debating what to watch for a solid five minutes, you two decided on Mrs. Doubtfire.  Robin Williams was your favorite actor and comedian since you were a kid and when Laf said he never watched the movie, you gave him a look of disbelief and snatched the remote out of his hands.

“Really? You haven’t seen the greatest Robin Williams movie of all time?”

Laf shrugged. “My parents are cut-throat French aristocrats . We didn’t watch American movies at home unless they were educational. We played French songs, movies, plays, you name it. My parents took pride in their nationality, as do I. Maybe I should show you one of my favorite French movies?” He gave up once he saw the hesitant look on your face.

“Fine, I’ll give Mrs. Doubtfire a try. But you’ll have to make some popcorn for us.” He shot you his sweetest smile and sighed, getting up.

“Hey King Louis, where do you keep your popcorn?” You called over your shoulder when you reached the kitchen.

“Ha-ha,” he replied sarcastically over his shoulder while setting up his couch nest. “Third cabinet to the right of the fridge.”

You made the popcorn as fast you could and fell onto the couch and very close to his legs with the bowl of the popcorn. You quickly sat up blushing. You didn’t mean to fall so close to him. He didn’t seem to notice you being flustered.

“I got the popcorn,” you said, stating the obvious. Laf smiled slightly and pressed play. The movie started and the Frenchman wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him. Have the French always been this intimate, even with their friends? You tried not to think much about it and snuggled into him, ready to watch a movie with your best friend.

The movie was over, beers were empty, and you and Laf stretched out across the couch. You would say the movie was great, like always, but you were… distracted. Laf’s arm was around you and his face was so close to yours. You didn’t usually feel like this when you were around him. Does he do this around all of his friends? Has he always been this hot?

“Its getting late, I should probably leave. We should do this again sometime, though.” You said, getting up from the couch. Laf groaned and pulled you back down.

“Can’t you stay a little more… s'il vous plaît?” he pleaded.

You sighed. “Laf, it’s 1:05 and I haven’t started any of my homework for Monday.”

“It’s fucking Friday, Y/N, you have the whole weekend.”

“Well, now it’s technically Saturday–”

“You know what I mean, idiot,” your friend replied rolling his eyes. “Besides, I don’t want you going home alone at night like this, mon amour. Our campus isn’t exactly, how you say, the safest. Je ne pense pas que c'est une bonne idée. Je ne veux pas vous faire de mal.”(I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want you to get hurt.)

You didn’t really understand the last half of that sentence, but you got the gist.

“Laf, that’s really sweet, but I can’t-”

“Sure you can,” he said, smiling sweetly and putting his arm around you again. You blushed a little but rolled your eyes.

“Here, I’ll sleep on the couch, you can take my bed, belle.”

You knew what that one meant. Was he flirting with you?

“No, no, no, I can’t just stay the night and take your bed away from you.” You curled a strand of your hair nervously. He pushed your hair behind your ear and took your hand. ‘Calm your fucking tits, Y/N. Just a friend, just a friend-”

Laf looked at you with pleading eyes.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll take the couch. Let me be the gentleman here.” He laughed. But you didn’t want to inconvenience him anymore than you already had.

“I’d rather go home than have you sleep on the couch. I don’t want to have you be uncomfortable all night because of me.” You said, slightly raising your voice at him.

“Fine, wanna just- merde, we could both just-, since you’re so stubborn, we could both sleep in my bed– If you’re comfortable with it of course…” He sputtered, trying to make up his mind, and trailing off. Your eyes widened and you looked down.

“I guess,” you mumbled, trying to not seem flustered or desperate.

Laf gave you a small grin while glancing down at your intertwined fingers. “So, if we’re done arguing, I’m ready to go to bed.” he gently remarked with a smile.

After the both of you prepared for bed in the bathroom, you lifted up the striped covers and got in, immediately immersed with his scent. Laf could only stare at you.

“Are you gonna sleep in that?” You were wearing a tshirt and jeans. It was the only thing you had, so you assumed it was what you were going to be wearing for bed.

“Well, yeah…”

Laf paused for a second before speaking, “I could lend you a shirt of mine to wear, if you wanted…” He looked up at you to see your reaction. “Unless you don’t want to, of course,” he added quickly.

You smiled slightly, “Thanks, Laf, that would be nice…” you trailed off.

He nodded and turned to his dresser and pulled out sweatpants and a black tshirt while you stood up out of his bed. He handed the things to you and momentarily left the room so you could get changed in peace.

What the fuck was happening tonight? Not only did you feel ten times more flustered, but he seemed to be ten times more affectionate. Was it the beers you had? You weren’t even close to drunk, and Laf didn’t get drunk easily…

You pulled on his shirt and slid into his sweatpants with ease, considering they were massive on you, yet attainable. Your hair on the other hand was anything but attainable.

“Laf, you can come in now if you want!” You called through the door, while you yanked your hair tie out of your hair.

Laf walks in hesitantly, and upon seeing you, he grins to himself. However, you catch his smile while gazing into the mirror while you put your hair up in a messy ponytail.

“What was that smile for?” you say, turning on your heel to look at him with an amused look on your face.

“Rien, ma chérie,”he said.

You cock your head and raise an eyebrow, your hands finding a place on your hips.

“I-I mean, those clothes are huge on you, it’s quite funny to see you drowning in mes vêtements,” He now replies, fluffing his pillows while getting into bed, avoiding your gaze with a smirk on his face.

You quickly turn off the light of his room and follow him into bed, letting your hands guide you on the way to the bed, considering you are temporarily blinded.

“Are you good? You sure you don’t want me to sleep on the couch?” Laf inquires.

“If you don’t want to share a bed with me, Laf, just say something,” you say as sarcastically as you can muster.

“Ah no! I mean… Merde Y/N, you make this so difficult.”

You both giggled into the pillows and adjusted more, becoming comfortable in the bed. You could get used to this bed…

“Good night ma cher,” he mutters before turning from lying on his back to his side.

“Sweet dreams, Laffy Taffy.”

You slowly woke up, from one of those calming dreams that only occur in the mornings. As you drifted into consciousness, you lifted your hands to wipe at your eyes, but then you realized where you were. More specifically, who you were with.

Your eyes widened when you found yourself with an arm wrapped around your waist.

At first it was shocking and uncomfortable. But you soon felt more at ease, knowing whose arms those were. Your back was to him, while he spooned your small form. You gently smiled to yourself, not turning to him, not wanting to disturb him.

Little did you know, Laf was awake, and very, very happy.

Cupcakes-Sirius Black Imagine

Hi everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day! My inbox is always open, so please send in any requests that you may have, or feel free to send me a message! Hope you all enjoy xo

Y/N finished piping the frosting onto the last chocolate cupcake with a content sigh, stepping back to admire her work. After two hours and twenty-four cupcakes, she found herself covered in flour and buttercream frosting (not that she was complaining). Looking down at the house-elves who had kindly let her work in the kitchens, she laughed as she saw them gaping up at her, absolutely awed by something as mundane as chocolate cupcakes.

“What do you think?” Y/N asked, putting down her piping bag.

“They’re absolutely wonderful, miss,” a kind house-elf with bright blue eyes, Daisy, squeaked.

“Thank you! They’re for someone special,” she replied happily, stacking the cupcakes on a tray.

“Don’t worry about the mess, miss. We can clean up,” another house-elf said.

“Are you sure?” Y/N asked, and Daisy nodded eagerly. “Thank you for everything!” She took off her apron and picked up her tray, rushing out of the kitchens.

Y/N jogged into the Gryffindor common room, eager to clean herself up. She didn’t want to take the cupcakes to her dorm because if she left them for even a moment, her dorm mates would surely eat them all. She was just contemplating taking them back down to the kitchens, when she saw Remus sitting in a corner, reading. 

“Remus, could you just watch these cupcakes for me, please? I need to go wash up, but I’ll be right back,” she said quickly, setting the tray down on the table beside him. He hummed in response, and she took off upstairs. 

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College Cooking Necessities

I’m quickly approaching my last few days of dorm living, so I thought I would go through some of the most vital tools that I use to cook in my dorm room.  I rarely buy food at the dining hall because the food is typically disgusting and unhealthy.  By cooking food myself, I am able to have a more customized diet and I also save a lot of money on my dining account!

You can find plenty of lists online that will tell you that a microwave or a tea kettle are important for college, and I agree! These appliances have really helped me out.  But I also think that I have some unique tools that have really impacted my ability to easily cook meals in my room.

1. Electric Skillet

By far what I use most to cook dinner each night is my electric skillet.  These babies are so versatile.  You can bake casseroles, “grill” steaks, and scramble eggs! Pretty much anything you can make in a pan (and more) is possible in an electric skillet.  They’re pretty easy to clean in the sink, and can easily be stored in your closet or a cabinet.

This skillet costs less that $20 on amazon, and there are plenty on the market between $20 and $40.  

2. Spices

College cooking tends to be pretty bland at times.  The best way to liven up your meals is by having a few important spices on hand.  I recommend checking out the bulk section of your local grocery store, you may even have one on campus.  The spices I used most often are paprika, oregano, cumin and garlic salt.  It really depends on what flavor profiles you prefer, but having just a few can go a long way.

If you’re looking for a simple way to grab a few spices that won’t take up a ton of space, this multi-spice pack is a great option.  It is around $8 on amazon, but you can also find them at several stores such as target or Walmart. 

3. Mason Jars

Mason jars aren’t just trendy, they’re SUPER versatile.  Mason jars can be used to store ingredients, make mason jar salads, mix ingredients together (shake it up!) and so much more.  If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out pinterest.

You can obviously pick these up at any grocery store, but you can also get these colored ones on Amazon for about $11.

4. Measuring Cup

Sometimes easier to just throw in a little and hope for the best than measure out everything exactly.  This has actually been a lifesaver.  Its really simple to measure a bunch of things, takes up minimal space, and is super easy to clean.  It is also microwave safe!  If you’re on any sort of diet, measuring your food is important! In addition, it’ll help you stay closer to the taste of the original recipe.

You can buy Pyrex in tons of different stores, but you can also find this measuring cup for a pretty great price on Amazon for about $8.  If you’re buying a non-pyrex cup, make sure to check if it is microwave safe or not!

5. Large Microwave safe Bowls

Last, but definitely not least are these bowls that are super essential for cooking.  Being able to cook things in the microwave is very important.  I throw some cauliflower and water in, and it steams in 5 minutes.  You can also heat up soups, and even scramble eggs.

These bowls are especially college-friendly.  They are collapsable! When you’re not using them to microwave your delicious meals, you can store them in your small dorm room drawers.  You can find this set of 3 for under $15 on amazon.

I hope that this list was helpful!  Cooking in a dorm room is not impossible, and can be healthy, quick, and delicious.  Do you cook in your dorm room? What do you use to make the process simpler?