dorm bathrooms and showers

  • me, wearing a cute outfit with a nice hairstyle and makeup: dorm is deserted, I see no-one
  • me, in sweatpants, having just had a four hour exam, with oily unbrushed hair and pimples: everyone in the university is on my floor, can't go to the bathroom without running into 30 really hot guys, all the girls dressed up perfectly to go out, everyone looks at me

He had opened the door to his dorm room to quickly grab his jacket before heading out on a run.  He’d forgotten that he’d let you take a shower in the bathroom connected to his dorm room up until he swung the door open, revealing your scantily clad body.

“Oh shit.”  You both exclaimed at the same time.  While you clutched a blanket to cover your body Jax took a moment to study your body before averting his gaze to the floor.  “I uh, just needed this.”  He explained, grabbing his jacket from the back of his desk chair.

“No problem.”  You replied, securely tucking the sheet around yourself.  You couldn’t exactly yell at him for not knocking on the door.  It was his room after all.  Jax shuffled towards the door to leave, moving to pull the door shut behind him but pausing before it shut all the way.

“You look good, Y/N.”  He commented, shutting the door and leaving you to finish getting changed.


November 1990

Mike stood under the stream of water and finally let out the breath he felt like he’d been holding all day. He was in the far shower stall in his dorm bathroom, all the way in the corner. This was the place he went when he was upset, when he felt like he couldn’t keep himself together or he might burst. Usually it was because he was overwhelmed with schoolwork or his roommate was driving him crazy. He never thought it would be because of Eleven. Right now she was dozing in his bed and he was…he was here. 

Part of him was surprised, still confused by it. And part of him knew that what he’d feared for a long time had been confirmed. He just didn’t want to see it. But as they lay in his tiny bed earlier, cuddled close to make up for the weeks apart, her face pressed into the crook of his neck, he wondered why he had felt so off lately. And then the thought appeared.

I don’t love you anymore.

Ice ran through his body and he stared up at the ceiling. It was true. It was true. How had he not realized it before?

And now he stood under the droplets as they trickled through his hair, down his back, along his arms. There was a dull pang in his heart and he felt helpless.

It wasn’t always like this. He really had loved her once. He had… He’d live for every glance she gave him and dreamed about where they would live as adults and what they would name their first dog. But sometime over the past year or so, it had all begun to change, so slowly he didn’t even realize it was happening. It wasn’t just the distance, he knew that wouldn’t fix anything. It sounded so stupid but he’d simply grown apart from her.

He sighed and adjusted the temperature. He needed to do something about it. It wasn’t fair to her, wasn’t fair to him.

She would be okay. She would; she was so smart and brave and she had friends and a family. But he couldn’t help but feel responsible for her. He always had, from the moment he handed her his raincoat and invited her home. He kept her safe, he walked her through a brand new world, he defended her to his friends, he found her when she disappeared and brought her home. He would always care for her; he would always be her friend. 

But she still looked at him like he raised the sun himself every morning and his stomach turned at the thought of breaking her and, and…he didn’t know what to do. His muscles tensed, his jaw clenched, and he felt irrevocably trapped. The very thought hurt more than anything and he slammed his palm against the tiled wall, an anguished sob escaping. He quickly clapped his other hand against his mouth, desperate to keep quiet in case anyone else was in the bathroom. He silently screamed into his hand and his tears mixed in with the water.

How did it get to this?

Because he was nineteen, not twelve. Because time marched on, because people changed, because you could never go back.

Long after he regained his breath and the water had turned cold, he turned the knob and the water stopped, leaving him shivering. As he rubbed his towel over his face, he wondered what to do. But deep in his heart, he knew what he wouldn’t do anything, at least not yet.

He was a coward. Maybe he always was.

Insanity - Nathan Prescott x Reader(1/?)

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{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Life is Strange 

Characters- Nathan Prescott, Warren Graham, Kate Marsh, Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, Mark Jefferson, Victoria Chase, Taylor Christensen, Courtney Wagner, Hayden Jones, Daniel DaCosta, Brooke Scott, David Madsen (And probably more later on)


InSaNiTy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein. 

You are Warren’s twin sister and are also a student at Blackwell Academy. You’re caught between two sides- family or love. 

Words- 1052 words 

Warnings- Drugs. Alcohol. Abuse. Sexual themes. This is a Life is Strange oneshot and we all know how messed up that game is so. 


This may have multiple parts in the future, but I’m not sure right now :3 

Set in Episode 1 - Chrysalis 

The sun blazed in through your dorm window. You groaned as the light burned your eyes. You’d spent the previous night binge watching your favourite tv show and you had only gotten about 4 hours sleep before your alarm began blaring and the light was burning your eyes. You got up quickly and grabbed your things for a shower. You spent awhile in the dorm floor bathroom, showering, then brushing your teeth and making sure you looked fresh and ready for another chaotic day at Black-hell. 

“Morning nerd!” You heard behind you and you spun round to see the queen bee. 

Victoria Chase. 

And her two minions, Courtney and Taylor. 

“Whatever, bitch,” You say and she rolls her arms. 

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•First Time Together

Word Count: 1122 

Request: N/A 

Author: Ashlyn 

Warnings: Smut and Swearing! 

Notes: I’m so tired right now 


“(Y/N), your so beautiful…” Harry whispered as he trailed kisses down your stomach, before burying his head between your thighs and latching his tongue onto your moist pussy. You let out a loud moan and shifted, obviously uncomfortable with the new feeling. So Harry brought his lips to yours and positioned his hardened member at your entrance, and slowly eased in. It was painful, but not scrutinizing like you had been told from your more experienced friends. But, the pain went away quickly and became quite pleasurable, Harry obviously enjoying himself. And as he rocked his hips against yours, you could feel your stomach tightening as Harry brought you closer to your climax. You and Harry both cried out at the same time as you came on his cock. Harry pulling out just in time to come all over your stomach. 


Ron had managed to sneak you into his dorm room for a “study session”, which was code for a make-out session. You two had been so into the kiss that you hadn’t even noticed you were pulling each other’s clothes off. So now, here you were; Ron had you pressed into his mattress, arms pinned above your head as he thrusted his cock into your tight cunt. Both of you were whispering profanities to the other, getting each other closer to your high, crying out as you came around his throbbing member while Ron pulled out, pumping himself a few times before shooting his warm seed all over your soft tummy.


You were definitely experienced. No, your not a whore, but you and your last boyfriend loved having sex. Draco on the other hand was clueless when it came to sex. So that’s why he was confused when he found a sparkly blue dildo hidden under your pillow. He recognized the shape, but was curious on why you would keep a sparkly, blue, rubber dick under your pillow. So he was immediately questioning you when you got back from the bathroom. “(Y/N) what is this?” Draco questioned, holding the sex toy. “You weren’t supposed to find that! Besides it’s for personal reasons.” Draco just tilted his head. “It’s used for pleasure, for masturbation…..” Draco smirked in reply. He was very familiar with masturbating. “Well why don’t we play a game and at the end, you decide which cock was better.” Draco stated cockily. And within minutes, he had you naked and moaning as he slammed the dildo into your cunt, soon replacing it with his hard member. He slammed his hips to yours as you continue to moan his name while leaving claw marks all over his back. You were climaxing within minutes but Draco wasn’t anywhere near done with you.


You snuck Fred into your dorm room’s bathroom where a heated make-out session began in the shower. Fred’s hand toying with your clit while you pumped his cock, you both making sure the other was satisfied. That was until Fred hooked his left arm under your right leg and thrusted his swollen member into your pussy. You both leaving hickeys up and down the others neck while moving your hips in tandem. Fred hit his climax sooner, causing him to pull out and spill all over the shower floor. Fred then continued to get down on his knees and suck on your clit, causing you to cum all over Fred’s swollen lips. 


 You had been staying at the Burrow and spending time with George when Molly and Arthur decided that nothing would happen if they left a hormonal teenage couple alone. They were wrong. A simple kiss turned to clothes being scattered around the room while George pounded you into the couch. Every thrust causing a small spasm in you core until you finally came. Your cum dripping all over the couch along with George’s, who had shot his seed all over the cushion. 


You had been so stressed lately. Exams were coming up and you were really unprepared. So here you were, in Neville’s dorm, as he paced around the room while quizzing you on Herbology. “Nevilleeeee this is hard. I don’t understand anything.” You whined as you laid down a screamed into a pillow. “I know (Y/N), but you’ve been doing better, so why don’t we take a break?” “Okay….” You sighed as Neville came and cuddled up next to you. You smiled at him and connected your lips, only to have never pull you towards him and roll on top of you. Thus commencing an intense make-out session, and it wasn’t long before Neville was pushing his member into your tight cunt. Drawing moans from you as he rocked you into Harry’s bed. Neville didn’t last long, it was only a few minutes before he shot hot cum all over your lower stomach while he jammed 3 fingers into you, helping you reach your high. 


“Fuck (Y/N)!” Seamus yelled as you sucked his pulsing cock. Seamus’s member decided that Potions class was the perfect time to get hard. This, of course, was embarrassing out of his mind, but was glad when you (being the amazing girlfriend you are) graciously offered to help out with his “issue” (after class, that is). By now, your knees were aching from being pressed into the cold flooring. So, Seamus yanked you up, turned you around, pulled you underwear aside, and slammed into you, causing you to moan out. Seamus continued slamming into you as your stomach tightened into a knot. Seamus pulled out and shot his warm cum all over your ass while your cum dropped down your thigh. 


You and Oliver were both clueless when it came to sex. You guys didn’t have porn either so it was much more of a challenge. At first it was awkward, neither of you knowing if you were pleasuring each other. But by the end, he had become a pro, knowing how to move his cock in your pussy and how to hit your g-spot. Oliver had you cumming multiple times that night, neither of you showing up to class the next day.


 "(Y/N), it’s okay. I promise I won’t hurt you.“ Marcus whispered in your ear. He had you bent over in doggy style while he ran his cock up and down your slot, before sliding all the way in. He immediately started pounding, pulling all the way out before sinking back into your moist pussy. That was until, he missed, sliding right into your virgin ass instead of your cunt. Marcus Flint had just accidentally sodomized you. 

 Okay loves! So I’m ridiculously tired right now because I had volleyball tryouts earlier. Sorry for any mistakes! Also no question of the day because I can’t think anymore!

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College Dorm Gothic
  • You go to the bathroom to shower, someone is in your favorite shower. You decide to wait. You return two hours later, someone is still in your favorite shower.
  • You need flip flops to wear in the shower. They seem to only appear in your room when you need to shower. You don’t question it.
  • On the fifth week of school a gaggle of girls with the same haircut wind through the hall. When they leave there are signs on select girls doors. They have been chosen. You will never see them on Thursday nights.
  • The girl down the hall borrows a t-shirt for that party or another. A week later the shirt reappears in your room fully laundered. You don’t remember the girl returning it.
  • You walk down the hall, Netflix has added FRIENDS. From the behind the doors of every room you can hear the distant clap clap clap of the theme song. You return to your room, pull up Netflix, you don’t even remember clicking on FRIENDS and yet clap clap clap.
  • There is music drifting down the hall from the bathroom. You assume it’s just someone listening in the shower and yet when you enter the bathroom is dark and empty. Still Uptown Funk plays.

Torn Part 5

You can read the other parts here.

You liked to think you were a quick learner but Eric was not being very patient with you.
“Open wider! Suck harder!  Watch your teeth!” he scolds at you as you tried to work him. You closed your eyes as you concentrated and took him deeper in your mouth. He was a lot for you to handle but you tried your best and after a few moments you felt Eric’s legs quiver and a low moan escape his lips. You looked up at him, his head was slightly tilted back, and his mouth was slightly open. You were doing this? You were making Eric feel good. You started to realize the power you now had over him and you sucked harder. You started to enjoy his scent and his taste. You relished him and it showed as you took him deeper despite your gag reflex.
“Fuck!” Eric groaned as his body started to shake. His seed shot in your mouth down your throat and you started to panic.
“Swallow.” Eric grabbed your head again and pushed your mouth even deeper down his member to make sure you got every drop that he spilled. You sucked him dry feeling a sense of accomplishment. Eric pulled away, pulled up his pants and pulled you off your knees. Not saying a word to you, Eric disappeared leaving you standing at the foot of his bed perplexed. He shortly returned with a pillow and a blanket.

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“But, Evan! You said you’d come see me! I’ve been so excited all week, and now you’re telling me I have to wait another week?” “Y/N, I’m sorry! Filming went a little over, we have to get this wrapped up, I can’t just not be here! I’m kind of a big role this season!” “Fine. I guess, once again, I’ll tell my friends they have to wait to meet you.” “You knew exactly what you were getting into when you started dating me. An actor. I’m sorry.” “It’s whatever. I have class, I’ll see you whenever you can get here.” I clicked off of our video chat and slammed my computer shut. You might have overreacted a little. I crossed my arms and huffed. Evan was supposed to be done filming this season of AHS and he was supposed to come up to my college and meet my friends and actually spend time with me. I looked over at my bulletin board where pictures of Evan and I were tacked up all over. I grabbed my phone and my bag and walked out of my dorm room to my class.

During class, all I could think about was yelling at him. I didn’t mean to be that way, I was just really upset. I missed him so much. The rest of the day went by in a blur, and all I wanted to do was go to my room, curl up in my blanket and sleep. I was sitting at a lunch table, reading about some stupid math problems that I didn’t understand. “Hey! When are we gonna get meet Evan?!” I turned and saw my best friend running towards the table. “Not this week. He got caught up filming Horror Story.” “Oh. That’s a bummer. I’m sorry.” “It’s whatever.” “Well, think about it this way- you’re still dating a totally gorgeous, totally famous actor.” She winked at me. I shrugged. We ate lunch together, and she helped me understand my math problems. When I got up to leave she came with me. She came back to my room with me, and we watched old horror movies and ate popcorn and drank some wine. I hadn’t talked to Evan since the morning.

The next couple of days went by slowly. Evan was busy, so he wasn’t able to talk. Four more days until he could come back. Four more days until I could finally hug him, and say I was sorry. When I woke up, I showered in the dorms bathroom, and did my morning routine. I had an early 9AM class and I was running late. When I finally ran through the door and took my seat, my professor gave me a look like “If you’re late again, we’re going to have a talk.” He was a real asshole about tardiness. I sat through the class, not really listening to what was going on. I should have been, considering I had an exam coming up, but I was tired. When the class ended I didn’t have another one until 3 PM so I headed back to my dorm room to take a nap. When I exited the building, someone grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground. I gasped out loud. “Hey, kitten” “Evan!” I squealed and turned my face, kissing him. He set me down and I faced him. “What are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to come see me for 4 more days!” “I know. But we ended quicker than we thought and I took the first flight out here!” “Evan, I’m sorry about blowing up at you. I was just so mad, and I’m stressed about classes and all that.” “It’s okay, I understand, kitten. Come on, I have a surprise for you.” He winked at me and took my hand. We headed over to the parking lot, and he took me to his car. “What’s the surprise?” I asked, eagerly. “Get in.” I got in the passenger seat and he started the car. We drove off the campus, and took a turn on a deserted road. When we drove far enough, there was a little opening he drove into. He put the car in park and turned it off. “Evan, you’re not gonna kill me are you? Like you’re not some psychopath killer that I haven’t got onto yet, are you?” He laughed and kissed me. He pushed his seat all the way back and pulled me onto his lap. “I have a dorm room, and a bed Ev. You know that right?” He laughed and kissed me harder. His erection growing against my thigh. “It’s so much hotter if there’s a possibility of getting caught” He ran his hand up my shirt, and under my bra. I let out a little moan at his touch. He unbuttoned my shorts and after a lot of struggle he got them off. He ran his thumb over my panties, touching sensitive skin. “Oh, Ev.” He grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. I reached down and undid his pants, reaching in and grabbing his cock. When I pulled it out, I ran my hands up and down it, causing his to gasp and bite his lip. He put his hands in my panties and slid a finger inside. He was kissing my neck and fingering me, pulling out every so often to play with my clit. When I’d had enough I moved my underwear to the side and sat down on his cock, without warning. It slid in, and filled me up. I moved my hips, making him moan into my neck. He rubbed his thumb over my clit in circles, and I wrapped my hands in his wavy hair. I could already feel my release coming up. I felt it in my toes and it ran all the way up my body. “Evan, I’m gonna come.” “Me too kitten.” He said through clenched teeth. I threw my head back and let my orgasm take over, his warm juices filled me up and mixed with my own. When we were done, we kissed for a while. “I love you Evan.” “I love you too Y/N.” He smiled at me. I got back into the passenger seat and fixed my hair. “Now, you have to meet my friends. They’ve been dying to see you.” He laughed and started the car, looking behind him to back out. “Yes, dear.” 


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Burnin’ Up

Request: You get dragged out of the fire after the explosion by Happy.

Warnings: Mentions of injuries and being involved in an explosion/fire

Pairing: Happy X Reader

A/N: Okay so I decided to make the explosion less intense just so that the reader had better chance of survival. Don’t worry, there will more than likely be a part  2 to this :)

   Any person who has ever spent time around the Sons of Anarchy knows that things don’t always go as planned.

   Tonight being a good example.

   You were doing some cleaning in the dorms while everyone else was out there enjoying the party.

   You didn’t mind, you weren’t really a partier and you had been thinking that these dorms needed some cleaning for a while now anyways.

   You had only one earbud in your ear, just incase anyone called you as you shut the bathroom door in Happy’s dorm, then stepping into his enclosed shower and starting to clean.

   You and Happy had a very complicated relationship.

   You two were practically a couple, minus the kissing except for a  few times when you were drunk. Neither of you were too big on sharing feeling so you  fell into a comfortable routine of affection without a label. Everyone expected you to be a couple.

   What everyone didn’t expect was for Jax to yell in a panic to evacuate the clubhouse.

It caused such a frenzy that everyone booked it out of the clubhouse, forgetting to come get you, and with the combination of the door being closed and you having one earbud in, you were completely oblivious to the events around you.

**Happy’s p.o.v**

Everyone was gathered outside near the garage, Chibs, Jax , and Abel barely making it out in time.

We all watched the clubhouse explode in a fiery ball, then turn into heaps of burning wood.

While everyone else was turning to face their friends and family, I realised that (y/n) was still inside as I looked at all of the bodies around me, none of them her.

“Shit! (y/n) is still in there!” I yelled, taking off and running through the charred doorway as fast as i could, not caring if anyone was following me.

Last time I checked she was still in my dorm, but the hallway was blocked by a beam from the ceiling, part of it on fire.

I coughed into my elbow and hiked my leg over the beam, determined to get to (y/n).

As I swung my leg over some of the flames snaked up the side of my arm, searing the flesh.

I let out a pain filled yell, inspecting the charred flesh.

That was when I faintly heard the sound of (y/n) calling my name from the other side of the beam.

Paying no mind to my arm I pulled the other leg over and ran down the hallway towards my dorm, determined to get to my girl

   **Reader p.o.v**

   Your head swam as you opened your eyes and looked around you, noticing that the door to the bathroom was hanging oddly on the hinges and that parts of the main dorm were on fire.

   You knew that some type of explosion had to have happened, or at least something with enough force to throw you through the glass wall of a shower, into the sink that was in front of it.

   As you lay on the cold time of the floor you knew that assessing your injuries was the best option, then you could formulate a plan of escape accordingly.

   Sitting up slowly and leaning against the wall behind you, you moved all of your limbs, checking for broken bones and lacerations.

   Everything worked fine except for your right leg, when you tried to move it a searing pain engulfed the lower half.

   This was just great, leave it to you to break your leg in a situation like this.

   You knew that sitting around and acting helpless wasn’t an option so you grabbed the edge of the sink and pulled yourself up until you were able to prop against it.

   As you looked up into what was left of the shattered mirror you noticed that there were tiny pieces of glass embedded in our cheek and that there was a pretty big gash on our forehead, blood covering most of the left side of your face.

   You were trying to think of how to get out of there but your mind was starting to grow a bit hazy from the blood lost of the other wounds on your body.

   That was when you heard a deep, pain filled scream pierce the ear that sounded scarily similar to Happy.

   “Happy!?” You screamed, hoping that he was okay and at least kind of safe.

   Minutes later the door to his room was flung open and he stalked in , holding his injured arm.

   “(y/n)? Baby where are you?” he asked, the  smoke from the hallway now filling the room.

   “In here.” you coughed, trying to rid your lungs of the toxic air that was filling them.

   Seconds later he was in the bathroom gathering you in his arms.

   “Thank God you’re alright.” he said, wrapping you in a hug.

   “I’m not too sure about that. I think my leg is broken, I can’t put pressure on it.” you slurred, your speech coming out jumbled as you got dizzier.

   “That’s alright baby. I’m gonna get you out of here.” he said, picking her up bridal style, ignoring the pain in his arm.

   To be honest his arm was killing him but as long as he was going to possibly going to get you out of here he was determined to push through it.

   As he carried you out into the hallway he could tell that you were getting weak in his arms by the way your head was bobbing against his chest with each step he took.

   As he got back to the beam blocking the way he noticed that the fire had burned it away towards the end so he charged through there and out of the front door.

   As he got outside and took in lung-fulls of clean air he sat you down on the ground, the pain in his arm becoming almost too much to bear.

   He looked down to talk to you but noticed that your eyes were closed and you were barely breathing.

   “(y/n)?” he asked, in a panicked tone, shaking your limp body.

   He could see the guys running at you two out of the corner of his eye but he couldn’t care less, all he wanted was for you to open your eyes.

   “(y/n) wake up!” he yelled, but he was soon drown out, the sound of the sirens eclipsing his voice as they neared the fiery building and the unconscious girl.

anonymous asked:

How do I bathe a dog in a campus/dorm bathroom? Should I just take colder showers and bathe with them once a week? Or should I use a large cup or something? (I have a short hair dog but he sheds like a demon lol) Thank you!

You could bathe your dog in the showers, yeah. I would bring a cup so you can fill it up by holding it higher towards the nozzle and you can use it to help wash the hair down the drain. You could also skip this and maybe take your dog to a groomer for a bath?


requesting single gender bathroom in my dorm bc I can’t imagine leaving the shower stall and seeing a man! men are so dirty, inconsiderate, and gross!

Behind The Scenes 2 (6.3/16)

Author’s note: ***In this post I do include different POVs, so those will be put in italics and I’ll say whose POV its in.*** Sorry if the beginning is a bit weird, i was just trying to set the vibe. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: “Fluff” and  Angst (Jungkook); Drama

Word count: 3183

Summary: You and Jungkook go on yet another movie date as a “couple”. 

Other Parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

When the manager arrived, he escorted you and Jungkook to the van. The ride to the dorm was dead quiet. Jungkook sat in the passenger seat and you sat in the back by yourself.

At the dorm, Jungkook jumped into his shower and you used the hallway bathroom. After the shower, you went back to your room still wrapped up in a towel. You slipped on some underwear and a pair of black pants under your towel. Even though, there was only one other person in the dorm. You still felt like everyone was there. You wished that you didn’t rush to the shower and that you hadn’t forgotten to take a change of clothes with you so you can change in the bathroom.

You attempted to quickly unwrap your towel so that you could put on a bra and a random shirt. In that moment, Jungkook burst into your room. “Y/n, wear-“

You screamed. You immediately wrapped your towel around you again. “Jungkook! Get the fuck out!”

“Oh shut the fuck up! Don’t flatter yourself. Your body isn’t that great, believe me.” He was completely unfazed by the whole situation.

“Get the fuck out!” you pushed him out of the room and slammed the door.

You quickly put on something completely random, just something so that you were at least clothed.

Just as you pulled your t-shirt on, Jungkook busted into your room again. “Anyway! Like I was about to say.” He scanned you up at down, taking notice of what you were wearing. “Ok… First change that shit. Try to wear what I’m wearing. White shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes. If you want, you can wear a beanie too.” He turned to leave the room.

“Why can’t you try to wear the outfit that I want to wear?” you asked. It was obvious to him that you were already annoyed.

“One – my outfits never go out of style. Two – I’m already dressed. Three – I’m the one that’s the idol.” With that, he left your room.

You went through your trash bags of clothes. You found a white blouse, blue jean capris and a pair of dark brown flats. Since you had to iron your clothes, you decided to wear a beanie, to save time and avoid doing your hair. Then you pulled out your best make up and tried to work some magic.

It hadn’t even been ten minutes, but Jungkook was already starting to get impatient. “Hey! Are you ready?” He shouted into the hall.

“Wait!” You quickly finished your face and went out to the living room to meet him. “Let’s get this over with.” You huffed.

You both walked to the elevator, making a point to stand away from each other as you went down the building. You both walked outside, but the van wasn’t there.

“Where is he?” you asked.

“He went back to the company while we were getting ready. He’s on his way.”

“Why did he go back?”

“How the fuck should I know?”

You both stood silently as you waited for him.

“Hey. We are in public. Get over here.” He grumbled.

You moved closer to him. He sloppily threw his arm around your shoulders.

“Ouch!” you shrugged his arms off of you.

“Aish!” he grabbed your hand, making sure to interlock your fingers. “Get closer. You’re too far.”

You moved over to him, just close enough that your bodies were barely touching. It took about fifteen minutes for the manager to get to you guys. You went straight to the back seat and Jungkook jumped into the passenger seat

“Jungkook, go to the back.” The manager said.

“Why? Let’s go!”

“Go with y/n, you guys are “dating” remember.”

Jungkook mumbled under his breath and moved to the back with you. The whole car ride was quiet. The only thing heard was the music the manager was playing on the radio. Your nerves got worse and worse as you got closer to the theater.

At the theater, the manager parked as far as he could from the building. “You guys ready?” he asked looking back at the both of you through the rear view mirror.

You both sat nervously in your seats.

“What do we do if people crowd around us?” you asked the manager nervously.

“Jungkook knows what to do.” The manager said. “Now you two go off. You don’t want to be late to the movie.”

Jungkook slipped on a mask.

“What? A mask?  What about me?!?” your anxiety was getting worse.

“No masks Jungkook! People need to see you two.” The manager said sternly.

“Fine! C’mon let’s go!” Jungkook ripped his mask off and swung the van door open.

He stepped off the van and helped you get down, already going into fake boyfriend mode. You both held hands as you walked to the theater.

There were a lot of people at the theater, it made sense considering it was a Friday night. As soon as you two walked to the end of the ticket line, all eyes were on the both of you. You tried to hide yourself behind Jungkook. You could feel your face getting hotter and your palms getting sweater. You didn’t like the feeling of having so many people around you. You felt like they were analyzing your every move. You felt they knew you and Jungkook were just pretending.

“Aww, well isn’t my girl a shy one.” Jungkook said sarcastically.

“Oh my goodness!!! You’re Jungkook!!!”. Two teen girls came running up to the two of you. “We love you! We are huge fans! Can we get a picture with you? An autograph? Please!”

“Of course!” Jungkook smiled. He pulled you two out of line to talk to his fans. He let go of your hand. “This is only going to take a second jagiya.” He said to you sweetly.

“Oh! This is y/n!” one of the girls said. They both scanned you from head to toe. “She’s so… average.” You could see the disapproval on their faces. If you weren’t so used to Jimin’s insults, their words might have actually offended you, but that wasn’t the case.

“I like average.” Jungkook said as he signed their phone cases.

Jungkook then took selfies with both of the girls. He was a sly one though. Although he remembered to be cute with you, he couldn’t put a pause on his old ways. You noticed as his hands snaked lowly around their waists. He was acting the same way he did when you first met him at the fan signing. With every compliment they threw at him, his ego grew and grew.

After the pictures, both girls walked off blowing kisses at him. He cutely “caught” their kisses, but as soon as they turned around, he threw them towards his junk.

“Was that really necessarily?”. It had only been 5 minutes into this fake date and you were already so done with him.

“Aw is my girl jealous?” he asked. “I’ll take what I can get now that I’m stuck with you.”

“You’re a pig.” You whispered.

“Thank you!” he said cheerily. To make matters worse, he placed a kissed your temple.

You did your best to hide your disgust. “Shit bag.” You whispered.

“Wow! You’re just filled with compliments today aren’t you? My jagiya must really love me!” he said it loud enough for the people around you to hear.

He grabbed your hand and moved you two back in line. As you two waited in the long line, a few more fans kept going up to Jungkook. Every fan that came up gave you the same looks as the first two girls. By the time you two reached the ticket booth, Jungkook’s player confidence was at 100%, while yours was at about 2%.


“Okay I think we got enough done today.” Jimin said to the guys after they finished the last song choreo.

“Yeah, we looked good.” Jhope added.

“I guess we can go back to the dorm now. The manager is back from dropping them off.” There was some dread in Jimin’s voice.

The boys all dispersed and got their things ready to go.

“Yo, Yoongi.” Jhope whispered.

“What’s up?” Suga asked.

“Are you okay? Are you drunk or something? You looked a bit off today.”

“Nah, I just couldn’t concentrate that’s all.”

“Is it cuz of y/n? I’m worried too.”

“Yeah. She hates Jungkook. I can’t imagine what she has to put up with right now.”


With just your luck, the employee at the ticket booth was a cute female. You mentally prepared yourself for what Jungkook might do next.

“Next customer!” the girl called out.

Jungkook dragged you behind him as he walked up to the window. “Well, hello.” He smirked.

“Oh wow! You’re Jungkook! From BTS! I’m a big fan!” the words just bursted out of her. She was barely able to contain herself.

“And you’re the cutest theater employee I’ve ever seen, that makes me a big fan of you. Don’t you think she’s cute jagiya?”

“Yes, very cute.” You said giving her a smile.

The girl was so star struck all she could do was giggle.

“What movies are about to show right now?” Jungkook asked. Instead of looking just above her head for the movie times, he kept his eyes locked on her.

You noticed she blushed as she continued to giggle. “Um, well, there are 2 movies. One is Don’t Turn Off the Lights and the other is Just Another Day.” She said nervously.

Don’t Turn Off the Lights is a horror movie right? I’ll take two tickets for that one.” Jungkook smiled.


“No!” you exclaimed. You cutely grabbed on to Jungkook’s arm. “Kookie, I don’t like scary movies.” You pouted.

“Aw, but baby, I’ll be here to protect you.” he smirked.

“What is the other movie?” you asked the girl.

Just Another Day? You don’t know that movie? Have you been living under a rock? It’s the biggest rom-com of the season!” she was honestly so shocked that you never heard of the stupid movie.

“Jagiya, how could you not know this movie? I could have sworn I overheard you and the stylist talking about it the other day.” This boy really loved making you look like an idiot.

“Oh… Oh! Can we see that one then?” you asked nervously. Your face grew hotter out of embarrassment.

“Anything for my jagiya.” He smiled.

He bought the tickets with the money that Rap Monster threw at him. He made sure to constantly brush his fingers over the girl’s hand every chance he could. That stupid smirk never left his face.

“I’m sorry if this is really weird, but can I get a picture with you through the glass?” The girl’s voice was so small you could barely hear her.

“Sure! How could I give up a chance to take a picture with such a beautiful ARMY?”

She giggled as she pulled out her phone and opened the camera and passed it to him through the hole in the glass. You could see his thumb glide across her hand a few times as he slowly took the phone from her.

“Just one second y/n.” he said letting go of your hand again.

He took a selfie with her, posing next to the glass at a certain angle so there wasn’t any reflection from the lights. Once they were done, he handed the phone back to her and held your hand again. You two left with the tickets, but Jungkook made sure to wink at the girl before he left her field of view.

Once inside, you two waited in yet another line to buy popcorn. With such a crowded area, you had no choice but to be stuck by his side.

“Well isn’t my girlfriend cute when she almost ruins our image.” He whispered.

“What are you talking about?!?”

“You looked pissed the whole time we were in line! And seriously how could you not know the what the fucking movie was?”

“How the fuck do you expect me to know the damn movie? I don’t have access to the fucking internet!”

“There’s a big ass TV in the fucking living room.”

“When do you expect me to watch it? When I slave away cooking and cleaning? When I’m following you guys everywhere? How about when I’m locked away in my room?”

“No need to be a bitch.”

“You’re one to talk. You’ve been flirting with practically every girl you come into contact with.” You whispered angrily.

“Flirting? No babe, that’s all fan service.”

“Yeah right! You’re such a stupid ass fuckboy.”

“You know just the right words to make me feel better!”

You stayed quiet. With his change in attitude, the more you got upset, the more it entertained him.

Jungkook ended up buys a large soda, large popcorn, and a few candies for the both of you.


“Ya! Yoongi calm down. Try writing or take a drink to take the stress off.” Jhope said.

The boys were already back at the dorm from practice. Jhope and Suga waited for y/n to get back from the date in Suga’s room.

“I can’t. What if she needs me afterwards? I can’t comfort her if I’m drunk.” He sat down on his computer chair.

“They’ll be fine.”

“Fine? Fine??? She’s with Jungkook! What if he tries to pull something on her? What if something bad happens?”

“You’re over thinking this.”

Suga slouched back in his chair. “Why did Namjoon make them do this?” he asked himself.

Jhope overheard him thinking out loud and didn’t realized that the question wasn’t directed towards him. “I’ve been asking myself the same thing… Well it’s obvious he doesn’t want Jungkook getting laid anymore. But, that seems like too light of a punishment of you ask me.”

“Yeah…” Suga didn’t say anything about it just being a thought to himself.


You two sat in the back of the theater like you two did on your first date.

“What did you think of the chick that sold us the tickets?” he whispered.

“What about her?” You asked stuffing your face with popcorn

“She was hot right?”

“I’m not going to answer you anymore.”

He heard what you said, but ignored what you were really saying. “You know… The movie is probably going to be really boring. Why don’t we do what real couples do at the movies?” You could feel him place his hand on your thigh and slowly move it higher and higher.

You slapped his hand away and threatened to walk out on him.

“Ugh, you’re no fun. You have been hanging out with Yoongi too much, you are becoming a tight ass just like him.

“The movie is starting! No need to talk, no need to pretend.” You said sternly.

“Must be that time of the month…” he muttered as he turned to the screen.

The movie was actually pretty bad. It was filled with clichés and it was extremely predictable. You loved every second of it. Well, not the movie, just the fact that you were at a movie. This was the first time in months that you got to be away from the BTS routine. Seeing a new movie felt so nice. The whole experience felt… normal. You really didn’t take this outing for granted. You rested your feet on the seat in front of you, you ate all you could before Jungkook had a chance to get to it, and you absorbed every second of the cheesy movie.

Sadly, after an hour and a half, the movie came to an end and reality set in.

“Let’s go jagi.” Jungkook said reaching out for your hand.

Jungkook pulled out his phone and called the manager to pick you guys up. When you two stepped out of the building there was a huge mob of ARMY waiting for Jungkook. They all screamed the second he stepped out the door.

“Looks like word got out that we were here.” Jungkook said. They were screaming so loud it sounded like he was whispering. Luckily, there was some security keeping the fans at bay.

“Jungkook!” “I love you!” “You’re so handsome!”

Jungkook waved to the fans and moved you two to the curb to wait for the manager. A few times he would turn around to wave again. Other times he would take your hand and make you wave to them. Things were fine until one fan decided to start some shit.

“I fucking hate you y/f/n y/l/n!”. Then some other fans started throwing candy, drinks, and popcorn at you. “You’re so ugly!” “Fat bitch!” “I’m going to kill you!” “You don’t deserve Jungkook!” Their hate moved onto Jungkook too. “Jungkook you liar!” “Jungkook we hate you!”. Remembering that he need to pretend to love you, Jungkook did his best to cover you as they continued to throw things at the both of you.

Security did their best to get the fans to stop, but it didn’t help much. It also didn’t help much when some other fans tried to come to your defense.

“Y/n is innocent!” “You don’t own Jungkook!” “Jungkook can date who he wants!” “Leave them alone!”

The disagreeing fans themselves soon began to fight each other. Security began to try and break the people apart. Jungkook tried to help by shouting “ARMY! Please calm down! There is no need to fight!” But the teens were too caught up in the drama to notice him.

“Just leave!” one of the security guards shouted.

Jungkook took your hand and you both ran. You ran as far as you could without exactly leaving the block. You passed a few businesses, before Jungkook pulled you into a convince store and asked the employee of you both could hide behind the cash register with him. You both were allowed to crouch down behind the counter and Jungkook called the manager about where you guys were hiding.

Within 15 minutes, the van was outside the store. You guys quickly ran to the van and jumped into the back seat.

“Well if it isn’t the happy couple. You two look really cute in those outfits… the food is a nice touch.” Rap monster laughed from the passenger seat. “You guys really made a splash didn’t you? Good job.” He said sarcastically

“Whatever. Let’s just go back home.” Jungkook huffed.

“Don’t worry about posting anything for now… I’m sure it’s all online already.” Rap monster smiled.

On the drive back you sat quietly and removed the bits of food from your hair and your clothes.

“You know y/n, for cooperating I’m going to give you a little reward.”

You looked at Rap monster.

“I won’t lock you in your room until 11:30 tonight.”

I was about 10 o’clock and he usually locked you in your room at around 11, so you had an extra 30 minutes to yourself tonight. “Why is he rewarding me? He made me do this. What does he have up his sleeve?” you thought.

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment and not worrying about the future is difficult. We live in a world where having anxiety is completely normal. We go day to day constantly worrying about what homework we have due next week, what appointments, meetings, social events, and other things that we have to attend. But it is extremely important to live in the moment and take a few minutes (or even an hour) to be completely carefree and have the feeling of bliss take over. We want to be able to live carefree and embrace the peacefulness that is within us so that we can achieve pure bliss and not have any worries. Some ways to achieve this:

1. Meditate and breathe!! Relax, breathe in and out until a calm feeling slowly takes over and you are left with nothing but feelings of serenity and peace. If you need tips for meditation pick up The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

2. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! Our phones suck us in so easily and we are constantly checking them for the latest posts on Instagram and twitter. If you know you will be in a beautiful place and will want to take pictures, drop the phone and bring a hand-held camera, this will definitely help you forget the world and become one with yourself. 

3. Go outside. Get connected with nature! Nothing is more peaceful then being surrounded with the natural beauty that is all around us. I think often times we take where we live for granted; instead we should always be appreciative of our surroundings. 

4. Embrace the messiness within you. If you feel like singing, sing, even when you are in the shower in a public dorm bathroom or on the bus next to a complete stranger. If you feel like dancing, dance even if you are in the middle of the grocery store. If you find something funny, don’t hold back your laughter. Paint your nails all different colors dye your hair and take risks that make you happy in the moment. Sometimes we have to ignore the future, and open up our present. 


The messy heads

30 Construction Workers Of Share Their Stories Of Building Secret Rooms And Hidden Compartments For Clients

1. Whoever thought a principal would ask for a secret room?

I used to do some construction work on schools during the summer. The principal wanted, in his closet, a door to slide up where he could keep a safe for special school records, and a mini-fridge. Although it wasn’t very big or that cool, it was the coolest work I ever was involved in that summer. Plus, who wouldn’t want a mini-fridge hidden in their wall?

2. A casual survival bunker.

It was an underground survival bunker accessed through a hidden door in the back of a garage. It had an additional exit by means of an underground tunnel that lead almost 100 feet in the bordering forest. The strangest thing about it was that it was a survival bunker that he had us wire with outlets and lights, despite there not being any type of back-up/off-the-grid power. Makes me think that he actually had an alternative purpose for the shelter.

3. A secret, unusually insulated room.

Yes, we worked on what was supposedly going to be a hidden/secret walk-in safe in the basement. This room was heavily reinforced.

Normally, walls around doors are framed using wood. This doorframe was solid reinforced concrete. The room was a square attached to the outside of the basement, so all four walls were concrete. We poured concrete above it, so the ceiling was concrete. (Very unusual!) We also poured the floor.

So, it was six sides made of concrete. Since it was attached to the outside, there was no sign that it existed from the inside. No ventilation. No wiring from what I saw.

I never saw the finished product, but the owner was keeping it a secret, and wouldn’t explain much about it. So another contractor finished it off.

4. They found a REALLY creepy secret room in a farmhouse.

A friend of our family bought a huge old farmhouse after the couple living in it passed away. They were doing some remodeling and found a hidden door in the back of a closet. It was only a couple feet tall, so you had to crawl through it. It went to a medium sized room with no windows that no one knew about. The only thing in the room was a bed, which would have had to be in there before the walls were put up. It was definitely creepy.

5. A really cool way to confuse house guests.

My parent’s house has a “secret” room that’s behind a bookshelf in their master bedroom. The reason I put quotations around “secret” is because this hidden room is wall-to-wall open window.

So basically, you could hide from someone inside of the house, but if they happen to walk around outside, you appear to be in a normal room.

6. And these aren’t as uncommon as you’d think.

Yep. All the time. People that can afford it pay a lot for panic rooms and hidden armories. Swinging bookcases, doors in wall paneling, you name it. People with that much money usually have something to protect.

7. Strangely enough, more people have swords than you would think.

Friend of the family works as a custom cabinetmaker. Most of his jobs involve him making secret compartments for rich clients. Mainly desks with a secret place that can hide guns, keys, ledgers and swords (oddly enough a lot of people request that),

8. A millionaire’s secret attic room.

I’ve been painting houses since I was 15. One was in a millionaire’s summer home. On the fourth floor of the house there was a closet on the same wall as the elevator. A section of drywall came away and lead to behind the elevator. There was a wooden ladder that went up and down the entire house; at the very top was a trap door that lead to a small room that was about 6 by 6 feet. It had windows and vents that could be opened or sealed completely. Pretty sure it was for their son to hotbox.

9. Probably the creepiest secret room out there.

Never built one, but I did find one in a house I was doing some plumbing work in once. This was an expensive condo, and they had a secret office that had a secret one-way mirror looking into the GUEST SHOWER. Creepy as fuck, man.

10. You’d be surprised how many people get secret rooms to grow weed.

Carpenter. I built a grow-room for a guy’s medical marijuana in Vermont. An alarm was wired directly to the state police barracks in the event of a burglary.

11. How to mess with future house owners of a home with secret rooms.

My dad is a doctor, and does a lot of construction at home on his free time. This one time he was moving a wall, making one room smaller and another bigger. He was putting an entire-wall-bookshelf kind of thing in the smaller room, and just to fuck with future homeowners he snatched one of those plastic skeletons from his job and hid it in the space between the bookshelf and the wall.

I expect headlines sometime in the future.

12. No big deal; just a NARNIA CLOSET.

I built a Narnia closet for someone. Their daughter had one request for the new house: she had a built An armoire, white and modern looking with nice shelving units on the right side and a bigger opening on the left. However, when you pushed the back of the left, closet side, it opened up into an actual closet that was about 5×10 feet on the inside, not too shabby at all. Was a pretty fun build, albeit somewhat challenging.

13. Found awesome secret rooms in a university frat house.

Worked in IT, not construction. Anyway we needed to do some work on a network switch we had stashed on the third floor of this building on a well-known university’s campus. You opened a closet and climbed up a ladder. The 3rd floor was a hallway with dorm rooms, bathroom and showers. It led to an open living area with a fireplace. The building was an old fraternity house and had been converted to the international house on campus. It was cool. There was writing on the wall from some of the students writing baseballs scores down from the 50s while listening to a game. It was like stepping into a time machine. Old desk, beds, etc. Found an old zenith terminal from 1979 that still booted up. I’m sure there a lot more to checkout, but it was a little creepy to be there alone.

14. There’s a secret door that looks like a mouse hole in this guy’s apartment (with photo).

Not a construction worker, but in my old house one of the bedrooms had a small opening to the crawlspace that was made to looked like a large mouse hole.

Here’s a picture.

15. Sooo this guy obviously went to Hogwarts.

I am not a construction worker. I attended a private boarding school when I was younger the school itself was 200+ years old and the castle it was built around was much older. Upon exploring me and a few other friends found an entrance to a system of tunnels that ran beneath the school. The tunnels were used as maintenance tunnels for the old heating system that was once run from a gas boiler system. Originally we thought that was why they were built. We began trying to map out the tunnels and used to spend hours underneath the school during study time/ night roaming around with a measuring tape drawing it to scale. We never completed the map due to the systems enormity.

As we got further and further into the tunnels we learnt that these were much older than just the gas boiler. A new, cement tunnels seemed to extend about a kilometer in radius. Past a kilometer the tunnels got older and more dangerous. We found that they extended all the way out to a pavilion in our school. These passages were also in cement but were very clearly much older. Most of my time as a 14-year-old was spent roaming around them. It gave us passages into locked rooms, the castle (banned grounds), to the forests etc. We decorated a lot of the walls down there in shoe polish and stolen art paints. We would even smoke down there a mere few feet below the headmaster’s office.

16. Parents tried to build him a secret room; ended up screwing him.

Funny story, when I was a kid. My parents were designing their dream home, they asked me as a child of about 8 at the time, what I would want my room to be like, I didn’t care about my room but pleaded for a secret room connected to my bedroom, to my amazement they agreed…

Little did I know that they were about to ruin my fucking dreams. The house was built, my bedroom and secret room was made, I was so fucking excited to finally see it… They blindfolded me and led me into my room and asked me to try to find the secret room, after much searching I finally found it, it was hidden behind a swinging bookcase and it blew my fucking mind.

I quickly went inside… Only to see a full sized door at the far end of my little secret room, upon opening it I was outside in the hallway next to my bedroom door… THE FUCK PARENTS!? I tried, I swear I tried but the amount of times visitors stumbled upon me in my secret room thinking it was a bathroom in the hallway or a bedroom…

My childhood dreams were ruined.. RUINED!!!

17. The ol’ push-a-stone, open-a-door trick.

I’m a pool builder and we were asked to build a hidden poolroom for the equipment and other random things. We had stonemasons turn the whole underneath of the house into a secret room and blended the door into the wall. To open the door you needed to push a stone and the door opened automatically.

18. You probably don’t want to get on this guy’s bad side…

Residential contractor here. A client once asked that I add a 4×6 room next to the master that would be “just big enough to allow someone to ‘calm down’ if they were being ‘bad.’” Specs had no windows. Brick walls. Double thick door, etc. He gave off that creepy as hell vibe, but you know, money.

Anyway, the job was going fine until we ran out of red bricks and started using those blue and yellow ones. He lost his shit! Cancelled contract and never looked back.

19. Found a secret office in the house she just bought.

Just moved into a house that was built in the 70s. The previous owners custom built it, and the architect was the man’s old frat buddy. Custom stuff everywhere (trash chute straight from the kitchen into the garage wheelie bin!).

When we first looked at the house, we really loved it, but there was no office space that my husband could use for his music stuff. It was the only disappointing thing about the house, but since everything else was so perfect, we went ahead and put in the offer.

When we were doing another walkthrough with our parents, we showed them the walk up attic, which is pretty cool too. When I turned around to leave, I noticed a wall of insulation that looked…different. If you push the insulation to one side, a doorknob appears. And behind it is the secret office.

Coolest house ever.

20. This guy might be living in Being John Malkovich?

I once built a whole level of a room that was half the size of the others. It was a half room, I don’t know why they wanted a half room, but it was not accessible with stairs, and the only way to get there was by stopping the elevator.

21. This guy got away with living in a hidden, 4-bedroom condo for a year.

Some years back I lived in a pub in the UK. It had previously had a floor, which was dedicated accommodation for staff – which was then condemned by the fire inspector.

The owners sealed up the staircase/doors to this floor.

I cut a passage to it from my bedroom and had a hidden 4-bedroom condo in the west end of London for about a year.

Then it went horribly wrong…

22. This guy has a secret sex dungeon. Because, why not?

Wife and I had a secret, soundproof “sex dungeon” type room built adjacent to our bedroom. The reason for the room is that we have various devices in there that are impractical to disassemble and put away when we have friends over (or the day we have kids and still want to enjoy our fun discreetly).

We had some devices installed when we built the room, such as a large metal cage and other restraining devices. The people who built the room probably asked us a hundred times if we were sure we didn’t plan to abduct people. The architect nearly dropped the project when I jokingly asked him to make sure there’d be an electric outlet to plug a chainsaw.

23. Big-shot CEO needed a big-shot way to smoke his weed.

I used to work construction over the summers in high school and within just a few miles of where I grew up there are 20,000+ square foot homes…anyways this one client (who was pretty well know for being a CEO of a large corporation) requested a secret self-contained smoking room. Complete with secret entrance, a bathroom, cedar paneling, self-contained heat and A/c, and an industrial sized smoke-eater. Along with hideaway shelving that would store an endless amount of mason jars full of pot. Also has some crazy vaporizer as well. He would have meetings upstairs in his underwear and robe whole being high as f**k.

24. Just a secret room for girls to get urinated on! Why do you ask?

One time we converted part of the basement into a “piss dungeon,” where young girls would be urinated on again and again by older men. Why attractive young women submit themselves to this stuff willingly is beyond me, but then again I don’t really understand BDSM and dom/sub.

25. A secret apartment that could very well harbor criminals.

Plenty of times. There was one I never saw the finished stages of that was basically an entire apartment accessible only by a small hatch in a closet. Either the homeowner was planning to harbor criminals, or a mistress, a man in an iron mask, or just really wanted to be able to get away from his family. Hope it wasn’t like an HH Holmes thing.

Did a lot of mansions and this wasn’t insanely common but far more than I expected. There was one builder that did a lot of these houses who managed to find a retired electric chair that he kept in a hidden room. He ‘joked’ that when his kids were bad he would make them sit in it for few hours. It didn’t have power running to it but still.

26. A secret, extra room, that looks exactly like the rest of the house, only half the size.

Not a secret room, but a friend of mine had a weird compartment in her house. In the middle of the dining room, there was a door that was about half the size of a normal door, maybe about 3 ½ feet tall, same style as the rest of the doors in the house, knob in the same place halfway down as any other door. It led to a room, about 3′ x 5′, same height. It came wallpapered and carpeted similar to the rest of the house, but definitely intentionally decorated–my friend and her family never changed it. It was just this weird, half-sized room/finished crawl space.

27. A hidden underground swimming pool!

Yeah, working on a big house that this eccentric couple owned, there was a secret underground Olympic swimming pool, we installed a pool table that came out of the ground floor. Basically dug a big hole, some other dudes sorted all the pneumatics and electrics. Don’t know what the table looked like at the end, but his swimming pool was dope.

28. A house with two secret rooms (and photos)!

My house has two secret rooms and here are the photos of it in construction (almost finished). It is off of my movie room behind one of two black velvet curtains.

The main secret room is huge (20 foot by 9 foot), large enough for five or more people to escape tornadoes.

Ceiling and walls are 18 inch thick concrete. The ceiling also has a steel roof with 10 inches of concrete poured atop it.

All wired, vent and return, internet wired. Nothing wireless works in this room. We some times call it the black hole because the bars on your phone just disappear when you enter.

The room is finished now and decorated (like rest of house). It gives it less of a creepy vibe. Enjoy.

29. Found a secret room complete with bloodstains.

A house I lived in when I was younger had a secret little passage. My step-brother jumped out from a mirror one day and I nearly soiled myself. Turns out the mirror swung open to a passage under some pipes and then into the electric (or whatever) cupboard in the hallway. You wouldn’t know because of the pipes, but there surely was a way around and through.

Weirdest part was that there was a gigantic bloodstain on the floorboards, near the mirror. I told myself that someone waited behind the mirror and then jumped out and stabbed some unsuspecting soul.

30. A secret compartment for a pro wrestler to stash his drugs.

We put false vents in the walls for a pro wrestler to stash his ‘roids in.

For sixpenceee creepypastaisrad fuckyeahspoopyshit and their followers

Courting of a Cat

requested by anon

pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Kozume Kenma
prompt: college au ; Kuroo likes Kenma and tries to impress him by doing small things for him, afraid that Kenma wont like him cause of his tattoos and piercing

The first time they meet, well the first time that Kuroo sees Kenma, is when Kuroo is at the arcade with Tsukishima and Bokuto. They’re goofing off like most college kids do when Kuroo catches sight of Kenma at one of the games, completely focused on the screen and doing an amazing job at the game, which is also the moment when Bokuto pushes him and Kuroo ends up crashing against a guy who’s on a date.

The guy spills his coke on himself and his girlfriend. The trio hightail it out of the arcade before the guy can even open his mouth to chew them out, technically Kuroo and Bokuto have to pull Tsukishima along since he doesn’t see much of a problem since he didn’t participate in the act.

On the walk back toward the train station so they can go their own ways, Bokuto rambles about getting a new tattoo while Tsukishima stays on his phone, Kuroo’s under the impression the blonde is texting Yamaguchi but he can’t be sure since he’ll never admit it, and Kuroo is thinking about the pudding haired boy he saw at the arcade. He’s in love is all he can think.

When they reach the station, they all separate so they can catch their own trains. Kuroo needs to catch the train back to the campus dorms, Bokuto is heading back to his campus’ dorms, and Tsukishima is going to his apartment that he shares with Yamaguchi. They wave and promise to hang out again soon before separating.

The train ride is a calm one for Kuroo and he can’t help but let his mind drift, thinking about the pudding head and about the classes he’ll have to attend the next day, which he debates about skipping.


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One really cold night at my old college, these three guys in another dorm building turned on all the showers in the bathroom and then kept their door open, and the steam was making it super warm, but then they set off the fire alarms because they detect heat instead of smoke, so then they left without turning off the showers. Then they called my roommate and asked if they could hang out in our room for a little bit, and they came in without telling us any of this. So that’s the time my roommate and I accidentally housed three fugitives.

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What if Sniper went to go brush his teeth in the Support Dorm bathroom, but somebody is already in there taking a shower (but hes too groggy and out of it from just waking up to even care) aND HE WALKES IN AND SPY IS SINGING SOMETHING LIKE SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND IN THE SHOWER ALL DRAMATICALLY AND SNIPER IS SUPER CONFUSED AND HE SNAPS AT MEDIC TO COME OVER AND LISTEN AND THEY BOTH START LAUGHING QUIETLY UNTIL SPY HEARS THEM LIKE "shit"

You are amazing.