anonymous asked:

whos dorky?


he’s probably what i would call my first Actual OC™, despite his more or less Accidental creation

heckin Years ago i had an ask blog starring him (@dorkyspy) , more or less documenting his progression from a generic. well. Dorky Spy to His Own Thing™

even tho i dont do much w/ him nowadays i’ll always treasure him since. well a Lot of reasons but one of th Super Main reasons is. he’s how i met Duck (@es-duck)

he + duck’s (then soldier) OC Terence are now Happily Married™

our………………original sons……………………;____;

dorkyspy  asked:


((Oh you. … Do I do five seperate ones? … Why not.))

7. Your muse hitting mine in the face with a snowball.

((If only there was snow in Australia but no, it’s summer here so I can’t take a pic of me face down in the snow. Sorry.))



10. Your muse getting a cold.

Errr… Um…

Here, take me vest t’ keep warm, mate.

19. Your muse trying to share a scarf with mine.

((Must invest in a blue scarf or make the Merc’s Muffler one day…))

*Chokes.* Too…. Tight…

18. Your muse trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue.

What are ya? A kid or somethin’? *Secretly wants to try it out too because it’s her first time in the snow.*

3. Your muse making an awful snow man.

What is it they say? Take a picture t’ last forever? *Snaps a photo.*