The ad on WWW.DYNOISTHENAME.COM says it all. 50% off Rise Above the Negativity! FREE DYNO Tee contest winner is….

actually…I HAVE TWO WINNERS FOR YOU GUYS! (yea i’m feeling a bit generous)

I posted 1-130 on and from the # notes, the winners are…


Congrats you two! Contact me through email (, Twitter, or Facebook and leave me your size tee.

Winners get a DYNO ‘Rise Above The Negativity’ tee (a design that is soon to no longer be produced so if you want one before it retires email me with an order before its too late! This designs message will always be a favorite of mine as i made this while i was going through a difficult period in my career so far)

So there you have it, my Sunday update! You can also check as i have updated the Current DYNO Stock List in the 'Events’ section of the website. Hope you all have a good week!

If anything is unclear, feel free to contact me :)

PS-Reblog this post and you can have 50% off without buying a DorkyDYNO tee!

And this is probably what caused me to get Hawaiian BBQ tonight! Met up with Vanessa who got a DorkyDYNO crewneck and a TeamDYNO tee. Met up at L&L but it was suffering knowing I had a delivery immediately after and before so I couldn’t get anything. but seeing my supporters one after another kept me sane do thanks Vanessa and thanks Patrick for helping her display her purchases today. #dyno #L&L #dorkydyno #teamdyno #gear #sale #ig #cordelia #california (Taken with Instagram at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue)

Here’s to all the Dorks out there! 25% off DorkyDYNO gear this week! AND now available in blue or purple. Send me your size tee, crewneck sweater, or pullover hoodie to if interested in ordering. I will get back to you ASAP! That makes it $15 a tee, $30 a crewneck sweater, & $37.50 a pullover hoodie. Sizes available in youth or adult as well as women tees. AND to top it off…how about FREE SHIPPING if its your first order! #DYNO #DorkyDYNO #sale #forsale #dork #smart #glasses #dinosaur #stegosaurus (Taken with instagram)

This one is a cute story of a delivery I did just now. Just met up with Hannah at Starbucks because she ordered a DorkyDYNO crewneck. She was about to pay when I told her ‘it’s been covered by someone that cares and loves her a lot’. She was surprised and obviously knew who payed for it. Last night her boyfriend Caesar emailed me and asked to meet up before I met with her so he can surprise her. We met up last night at Michaels and gave me an extra tip for doing so lol thanks again bro! And thanks Hannah for appreciating my art. Actually thank the both of you since Caesar ordered a DUBS4LIFE crewneck as well! So see ya soon bro! You guys are already seen as an awesome couple in my eyes. #dyno #starbucks #dorkydyno #michaels #surprise #couple #love #art #vallejo #ig (Taken with Instagram at Starbucks Coffee - Adm Callaghan, Vallejo)

Met up with Ashley & Ally at Stonestown mall earlier today for the gear they ordered during the past sale. They got the DorkyDYNO tanktop, a Cant Spell Heart Without Art tee, and a DYNO beanie. Thanks once again for supporting!!! For those that missed out on the past sale, I was post up a new sale this coming Sunday. One of my past posts should give a hint on what that will be on ;) #dyno #dorkydyno #cshwa #design #art #dinosaur #starbucks #mall #shopping #sale #followback (Taken with Instagram at Food Court)

Another fan that got DYNO gear as Xmas gifts: Shoutout to Pauline who got her lil bro Andrew a start to a collection of DYNO tees! Thanks again for meeting up Pauline and thanks Andrew for appreciating my art! Happy Holidays to you guys and the rest of your fam! #dyno #happyholidays #christmas #gear #dorkydyno #pacman #fearthebeard #rcv2 #mannypacquiao #brianwilson #dinosaur #ig (Taken with instagram)