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So @justharringrove made a comment on one of my recent posts about season one Steve and Billy as Billy fucking the brattiness right out of Steve and I’d like to expand on this.

  • So as a joke because Tommy and Carol thought it would be funny, Steve is dared to invite Billy to his next party to flirt with him.
  • So Steve does it because that’s King Steve
  • That’s what he’s gotta do
  • But then Billy sees right through it
  • Right through Steve’s cheesy fake laughs and obnoxiously flirtatious behaviour but he plays along, pretends to be coy as he remains the predator watching quietly.
  • Steve isn’t subtle and before the end of the night, he jokingly asks Billy up to his room to earn a thumbs up from Tommy and a grin from Carol.
  • But once they get in there, Billy flips the script, pushing Steve into the wall, one hand bunched into his dorky prep shirt and kissing him fiercely.
  • They start to make out until Steve’s hands are frantically trying to undo Billy’s pants and Billy pulls away grinning and whispering something that sounds like “patience Pretty Boy”
  • And before Steve can really understand it all, Billy has his pants down and is opening him up with slick fingers as Steve moans loudly, body overwhelmed.
  • He insists that he’s ready after the first few minutes but Billy continues to tease him for a long while
  • Fingers dragging out before thrusting back in, hard enough that he moans and god, Billy Hargrove is playing with him.
  • And god, he breaks down pleading, sobbing before Billy gives in.
  • The pace of Billy’s thrusts match his fingers, he looks more like he’s mounting Steve than fucking him and Steve feels like a bitch -in the girl dog being mounted way and in the pinned beneath a man who could very well kill him way.
  • Billy has Steve’s head up, hand fisted in his hair to make it easier to whisper filthy things in his ear until Steve cums.
  • God, he cums hard.
  • And soon so does Billy, spilling inside of him and oh good lord, what the fuck just happened? His mind thinks before a tired but sultry Billy Hargrove whispers in his ear simply,
  • “Don’t play with a predator when you are wonderful prey, Pretty Boy.”

  • And oh good lord, it’s just good shit 👌👌👌

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Got an update on charming midorkiya or were you busy eating flowers? (A blog i never knew i needed thank bless u)

….You could say I was busy eating flowers…..

Chris Pine??

- wears dorky patterned shirts
- reads Books about Acting History
- has a flip phone
- is tired of people acting weird that he’s supporting characters in female-led movies directed by women
- studied english lit at berkley
- makes his costars laugh
- doesn’t know a thing about technology
- looks like an artsy hipster bro
- always wanted to be a spy or pilot like in golden age hollywood movies
- broke his finger when he did a fake punch wrong
- has been the love interest of 2 princesses
- likes to be cozy

Tim and Cass probably have a bunch of those dorky sibling shirts that they wear a lot. They seen them walking by a shop and Cass was curious (they were pointing at eachother) so Tim read them for her and then they ended up buying them and because they’re rich they developed a tradition of picking up dorky matching sibling shirts whenever possible.

Bonus: Tim for sure has one that says “My sister could kick your ass” and Cass has one saying “I could definitely kick your ass” that Steph got them as a present


Some of my faves from Aaron’s Belasco Los Angeles concert (more pics here)

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Hey there! Since your ask box is open, can I request a series of reactions from the chocobros when their s/o wears their clothes? Thanks! (SFW please!).

A/N: New mod! Hello everyone!

Chocobro’s reaction to their S/O wearing their clothes:


  • He’s easily the second most flustered of the boys. He thinks he can play it off but everyone knows better.
  • You look good in anything you wear but there’s something more appealing when you dress like that.
  • He has a bunch of really dorky fishing shirts that are too big for you but you wear them anyways
  • It has something like ‘I’ve got a bite’ written over it with a Lucian Carp on a line. It’s kinda cute. 
  • “hey noct isn’t it your turn to do laundry today?” Silence. “why are you staring at me like that?”
  • “you know how everyone always says that there’s plenty of fish in the sea? Well, they’re wrong because you’re the best catch I’ve ever made.”
  • He still does the laundry, though.


  • He is the reigning prince of blushing. You’ve seen how it can get so bad that his freckles kinda disappear. 
  • Flustered, stuttering, actively forgetting words, thats all his jam.
  • He’s been pretty busy lately but he finally got a day off and is chilling at his desk, doing some maintenance on his camera and saving the pictures on an external drive. 
  • After changing you grab your phone and walk over to him. After you drape yourself over his shoulders you tell him “hey prom, say cheese!”
  • When you move away from him, he glances over and his mouth drops open. “I-Is that my hoodie?!“ 
  • Its a cute yellow one with a silhouette of a chocobo saying ‘kweh’
  • You cock your head to the side. “Yeah i was kinda cold and it was on the bed so I grabbed it. Why, were you about to go out?” He shakes his head, his face completely red. 
  • “N-No you just…look really good.” He laughs, earning a small blush from you. Smiling back, you hold your phone up.  "Sooo you wouldn’t mind if I take a few more?“ He’s a huge dork so he pulls you into his arms and lap and takes your phone. "More great memories together, right?”


  • Big guy doesn’t get flustered easily, but when he sees something he likes, he’ll do what he can to make it his.
  • So he’s pleasantly surprised when you come out of a shower in his training clothes after a run one day.
  • “Hey there good lookin’, whats the occasion?” You roll your eyes and place a kiss on his cheek. “What, I cant wear your clothes?”
  • “More like you cant wear them if you don’t like me giving you more and more attention. But, since you’re already dressed, how about a quick spar before breakfast?”
  • That earned him a sigh with a smile. “Just dont get distracted by how good I make this outfit look.” “Don’t worry, I can still take you down.”
  • wears a cheeky grin the rest of the day, even if he loses
  • His home screen is actually one of the photos that he’s taken of them in his clothes
  • changes it often, sometimes even just leaving the ones where the clothes are super baggy just to remind him that you’re super adorable and he cant wait to see you?
  • he always wonders how he got so lucky


  • We all know he’s the most difficult to get a rise out of but boy when it happens it’s the best feeling? Like how there’s only a set few people that can really make this man lose his composure, and his S/O is in the top 3.
  • He tends to slip up a little more, and if he’s really distracted he might just stare for a bit.
  • Is up early or even late doing some work for King Regis or even has to deal with some of the Kingslaive paperwork bc lets face it, Ignis is probably the most well put together individual in Insomnia?
  • So you end up wandering into the study with one of his button ups and some ebony for him.
  • He doesn’t notice right away when he takes the mug from your hand, but as he turns to look at you he has to make sure he sets the mug down safely before staring at you quietly.
  • “…? What’s wrong Specs?”
  • “…nothing, you just look more radiant than Shiva right now.”
  • how smooth, amirite?

- Mod Tissa 

Truth or Drink

Bringing Peter to a party causes more upset than you would’ve imagined…

(3,000 words)

Warnings: drinking, some violence, Peter being dorky af

A/N: this ended up WAY longer than I was expecting lol. also, this is my first time writing about Peter so let me know what you guys think! and as always, request are OPEN :)

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It was finally here, the last week of high school. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved my years at Midtown Tech, but I was so ready for a change of pace. This was really the last, and kinda the first, week of fun for you. Scholastic Decathlon was last month, so seniors didn’t have to go to practice anymore. The last orchestra concert was two weeks ago, so no more rehearsal. And the Queens of Cheer Competition was last week, so no more tumbling for me. In high school, I made myself the total package so that I would be guaranteed to get into Columbia. The plan worked of course, but it made me miss out on a lot in high school. I never really went to parties because I was always so busy, and after graduation I was starting a full-time job at the library to help pay for college. But that was okay, because I was finally going to a big party this Friday. I had so much lost time to make up for, and the guy who was hosting it has had a huge crush on me since sophomore year. Even though I wasn’t interested, I wasn’t going to say no to free alcohol and a good time. 

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Summary: Eddie thinks Richie might’ve fallen back asleep, because when Eddie hums a noise to check if Richie’s still with him, Richie doesn’t hum back. The arm that isn’t being suffocated by Richie lying on top of it moves to snake around Richie’s waist. Eddie buries his face into Richie’s curls and places a few kisses atop his head while he’s there.

Then, Eddie thinks he ought to practice.

(Or: Richie and Eddie share their first “I love you"s.)

Notes: hey yall. this was SO fun to write i love these boys!! ive rly been craving some one-off fluffs for them and there arent many so i thought id contribute. enjoy!!

(oh also pls note the q-word is used like once so if that bothers u pls be wary!)

Eddie Kaspbrak isn’t afraid to admit he’s in love.

He’d say, perhaps, if his head hadn’t been so far up his own ass all through middle school, that he’s been in love with Richie Tozier since sixth grade. He’d also venture to say that everyone except Richie, Eddie, and maybe a blind, deaf nun could tell Eddie was in love. Subtlety had never been something he could grasp, so much so that it took Richie grabbing him by the collar of his dorky polo shirt and smashing their lips together for Eddie to finally, finally get that the feeling was mutual.

That was years ago, though. Eddie sometimes wishes he could go back to the night of their first kiss, when everything was new and exciting and Richie’s eyes on him would send shivers through his body. Then Eddie looks over to the Richie curled against his side, forehead tucked against the crook of his neck, and decides he likes where they’re at now.

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Your favorite things about him; dating Tom

I tried to make these as unisex as possible (with a few exceptions) so everyone can enjoy 💘

When you two first started dating, it was the over the top romantic gestures he would do to ensure you’d stay with him.

‪Besides being the typical gentleman by holding the door open for you, he’d surprise you with flowers and let you order anything you wanted.‬

‪As time went on & you two got closer you fell for how he’d bring you your favorite flower & how he knew your favorite dish & ordered for you‬

‪You loved that every time he held your hand you got butterflies & he’d caress his thumb subconsciously as if he knew it brought you comfort.‬

You loved how he’d keep an extra sweater in his car just in case because he knew how easily you get cold.

You loved that he’d secretly made a playlist of all your favorite songs and act as if he was just playing music, but you knew it was for you

You loved how he’d FaceTime you, even if he was busy working, when you had to walk to your car alone after work.

You loved how he’d buy you the simplest things but they reminded him of you so you treasured them more than any piece of expensive jewelry.

You’d have 5 different mugs with your favorite characters on them and a keychain he bought you while out filming somewhere

And you’d have t shirts with dorky sayings on them because he knew how much you loved t shirt humor.

You loved how no matter where he was in the world, he still tucked you in bed at night with a FaceTime and a goodnight text.

You loved how close you and Harrison were and how he’d send you snaps and pics of Tom doing nothing but they made your day brighter.

You loved how you and Harrison tag teamed on Tom and how you’d end up being the third wheel to their dates.

You loved how he’d get along so well with your family that they adopted him as their own and you were completely fine with it.

‪You’d come home from work while he had time off & find him at your house playing with your siblings and helping your mom in the kitchen. ‬

Speaking of family, you’d love how accepting his was of your relationship and how easily you got along with his brothers.

‪You loved how you’d accompany him while he picked Paddy up from school & how you three would get food & eat in his car asking about his day‬

You loved how he was with Tessa and how make taking her on a walk to the park a date by bringing a blanket and tea.

You loved how he’d FaceTime you on set excitedly explaining what he was doing that day because he just loved his job.

You’d also love hearing the director and producer then yell at him for spilling all the details of the shoot while you held in your laugh.

You loved how you didn’t need to go anywhere to have an amazing time. You loved just staying in watching movies as his head laid on your lap

You would run your fingers through his hair & he’d hum in appreciation as the empty bowls from the pasta you made sit on the counter

‪You loved how every car ride turned into a full concert w/ choreo and your “totally realistic” air guitar as you both sang your hearts out‬

‪You loved how when you shared intimate moments he instantly made all your worries & insecurities vanish because he worshiped you & your body‬

‪You loved how he’d wake you up w/ an abundant amount of kisses all over your face & how he knew you were already awake but kept kissing you‬

‪You loved how when you finally “woke up” he’d smile at you, give you one more kiss then say “morning darling” in his raspy morning voice‬

‪You loved how when you’d argue, even seriously, you’d always end up in his arms by the end of the night as you both said sorry to each other‬

You loved how you guys weren’t very public with your relationship but the fans knew you were together and they loved you

You loved how you both made memes of each other, you having a huge advantage due to the endless amount of him on the internet

‪You loved how he said I love you w/out saying it. “Call me when you’re home” “is your seatbelt on?” “Have you eaten today?” “You’re a dork"‬

‪You loved how he knew once you started your period & would instantly plug in the heating pad & start a cup of tea without you having to ask‬

You loved how he kept an extra tooth brush in his bathroom at his house for you because he knew you’d rather be there than your own room

‪You loved how he found you doing your makeup fascinating & would willingly help you while shopping for new makeup even if he didn’t enjoy it‬

You loved how he praised your naked face more than your makeup face but he constantly told you you were beautiful in both

You loved how he’d hold you in tight when you were having a bad day and would softly kiss your head every few minutes to comfort you

You also loved how he respected when you needed your time alone and would be completely understanding and supportive

‪You loved everything about him. His smile, laughing your lame jokes, the way his eyes would light up when he’d see you; but most importantly‬

He was yours. He loved you.

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If the losers were each other for Halloween, who do you think would be who?

- beverly would be richie, she’d always wanted to wear his glasses and his dorky hawaiian shirts and it gives her a chance to run wild and tell stupid jokes

- ben would be beverly, because none of the other boys had the guts to wear a dress but benny boy and he rocked it

- i bet stan would dress as mike and just talk about sheep and cows all day and mike would glare at him because he didn’t like being known as the ‘farm boy’ but it’s all in good fun

- billy would dress as his boy ben and be quoting new kids on the block to make ben go bright red

- eddie would dress up as bill and steal one of his oversized checked shirt and he’d look so tiny in it but he’d just talk with an over exaggerated stutter to piss bill off and everyone would love it because he’s weirdly amazing at it??

- mike would be stan and tuck his shirt so tightly into his shorts and stan would let him wear his yamaka and they’d both love it because they both looked ridiculous as each other

- and of course, richie would dress up as eddie, wearing a pink shirt, little shorts, neatly combing his hair and even going as far as to remake eddie’s cast from all those years ago, and constantly pretending to use his inhaler (eddie hated it, kind of)

I just found a cute outline version of an aquarium au i’m working on. I ended up changing it a lot after but this was the first draft.

Lance: 24, works as a dolphin trainer at the aquarium. Studied marine biology at school and has loved the ocean his whole life. Lives in San Diego. He gets the best of both worlds with his job because he’s around the ocean all day and he gets to help it and teach people. He was also practically born to do dolphin shows. Looks great in a wetsuit, gets to play with dolphins and yap people’s ears off about them in a big stadium, spend time with his favorite Pacific White Sided Dolphin, Blue. 

Keith: 25, met Lance at the zoo when he tried to climb into the penguin exhibit to get a better look. Keith was there with his brother, his wife and their three year old daughter when he saw Lance climbing into the trainer platform of the penguin exhibit. Keith had never seen someone so bright and beautiful in his whole life even as Lance tripped and nearly face planted into the water. Keith ran over and helped him climb out before the zookeepers came to probably arrest him, and Lance treated him to cotton candy and a stuffed animal as thanks. Keith ends up ditching his brother and buys Lance a penguin stuffed animal instead of the real thing. They go on a date the next week. 

  • 2 months into their relationship Keith wakes up and sees a cute note Lance left him with directions, as well as breakfast and a dorky aquarium t-shirt he has to wear.
  • Keith goes to the aquarium and looks around a bit before finding his place in the stadium
  • When lance starts talking in the over com, Keith looks around like an excited little kid. He probably shouts to the kids next to him in the splash zone that his boyfriend is up there. 
  • Lance shows up in his wetsuit with a pod of rescue dolphins swimming around him.
  • Keith thinks about the day he met Lance (penguin incident) and how he’s never seen someone so passionate about what they love, and he experiences that first hand, he thinks, with the way his boyfriend treats him. Too good, in his opinion, especially for only two wonderful months.
  • Keith watches the show and at one point Lance tries to get him to come up on the tank dock to wave to Blue, but he shakes his head shyly and a kid next to him goes up instead. Lance will probably insist next time
  • After the show, Lance brings Keith around the back really quick to say hi to a dolphin.
  • They lock up when it gets dark and it ends with them standing at the bottom of the tank glass, watching the animals swim by, and Keith is in love