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Please tell me you're going to be like what you did with Chrom and Marry Silas for 4 times

I’ve already married Silas 3 times already, in all 3 routes. It’s beautiful, he’s beautiful <3

my body is always ready to bathe with Silas every time I start a new route uvu


Today is Josh Groban’s final performance as Pierre Bezhukov in The Great Comet. I’ll admit it, when they first announced that he was going to be the original Broadway Pierre when the transfer was first announced, I had my reservations. Sure, he was great in that Chess concert (REVIVE CHESS) but could he pull off a role and score so unlike anything he’d tackled previously? And would this be good or not good “stunt casting”? Thankfully (THANKFULLY!) all my doubts were swept away the first time I heard him sing Dust and Ashes on the promo single. And then I actually got to see him live… a couple of times. What Grobes brought to the role of Pierre was a dorky puppy-like quality that made an already exceedingly loveable character even more loveable. I got to see Groban four times on Broadway - once in previews, three times this spring - and he only got stronger and stronger in the role. Not only was Josh a gift onstage, he was a gift offstage as well. (Who could EVER forget the time at the cast album recording he and Dave borrowed my book to settle a lyric debate? Josh certainly always brought it up to me every time I saw him at the stagedoor!) I’m glad he got to make his TONY NOMINATED BROADWAY DEBUT in this wonder of a show, and I’m grateful I got to watch him grow in this role over the course of a few months. Here’s to happiness, freedom, and life, Mr. Groban! Come back to Broadway soon.

Thank You (Jackson Wang fluff)

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Request: Hello lovelies! Recently I’ve been worried sick for my baby Jackson 😭I hope he is alright, I wanted to ask if u guys could do an imagine in which y/n realised that Jackson is hospitalised and takes care of him❤thank you so much

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 789 (It’s a little short, but I hope you like it ahh)



“Stop it.”


“I will throw you off of this hospital bed if you don’t quit poking my face do not tempt me boy.”

Jackson laughed, finding absolute joy in irritating you despite his current condition. You lifted you head from the railing and looked up at him. 

He flinched a little, bracing himself for the familiar small punch against his shoulder.

“C’mon now, you wouldn’t hurt a guy in a… Y/N WAIT-” 

You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your lips when you reached over to adjust his pillow. It was nearing around probably 1 a.m., but leaving wasn’t an option. 


“Hey uh, it’s Mark. Something happened.”

“What’s going on? Is everything alright?”

“Meet me at the hospital.”

Every possible outcome became worse as time wore on during traffic. Your hands were unsteady and the only audible noise was the sound of your heart banging  against your chest. Why did Mark call instead of Jackson? Why wasn’t he answering your calls? Why were you meeting at the hospital? You turned the radio on to a random station, anything was better than the messy thoughts scrambling through your mind.

“-GOT7′s Jackson collapses during a fan-meeting today…”


When you first walked into the room, he looked absolutely exhausted. Never had you seen him look so…fragile? Jackson always powered through everything he faced. He took every challenge handed to him in stride and seeing him like this tugged at your heart. 

The second he saw you with your arms and head resting against the railing of the bed, he turned over to kiss the top of your head.

That didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

Your head immediately jerked up when you felt something move.”






“WELL WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” As horrible as you felt, it was incredibly difficult to hold in your laughter. 

“ARE YOU LAUGHING AT MY PAIN?” He wasn’t serious either. He was looking at you with that big dorky smile and tired puppy eyes, trying his best to not laugh either. That was what you fell in love with; he could make you laugh no matter what condition he was in. 

His nose was fine, it was just his flair for the dramatic. 

Occasionally he’d fall in and out of consciousness. You made it a priority to be by his side each time he woke up. You’d adjust his sheets, his pillow (for the third time), and if you weren’t looking through your phone, you were carefully observing him. His hands matched perfectly with yours. You traced little circles on his palm with your fingertips, listening to the sound of his quiet breathing was more than enough for you to be content. Eventually you ended up passing out again as well, but that was interrupted with Jackson poking your cheeks.

“Do you think these monitors have a silence option?”

“I can’t believe you almost broke my nose Y/N.”

“I’m hungry. Don’t they have a cafeteria here?”

“Do you think dogs look at cats the way we look at apes? Does that make sense?” You know, ‘cause BamBam told me cats are basically dogs with long tails that make a different sound and I’ve really been thinking about-”

At full consciousness, he was still completely Jackson.

“I’m gonna go get you some food.”


You came back into the room with a jello and pudding. It wasn’t much, but you could use a snack too.

“What took you SO LONG?” 

“The food didn’t look good. Unless you wanted a tofu burger?”

He responded by scrunching his nose while stretching his arms towards you. You handed him the jello, but he grabbed your arm instead and pulled you closer to him.

“Lay with me.”

“You’re crazy.” sitting on the side of the bed felt better, more safe. Not for you, but for him. Although he wasn’t in some sort of severe condition, it still felt like he was so breakable. 

“Aish, just get over here.” he pulled your shoulders back and held your head close to his chest. His breathing was steady and you could hear his heartbeat. You turned and wrapped an arm over him and gave a small squeeze, feeling so grateful that he was okay. 



“Thank you.” he held you tightly, this time successfully planting a kiss atop your head.

“For what?” you let your eyes close a little bit, taking in the familiarity of his scent. 

“For taking care of me.” 

Okay my dudes if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t filled out many requests yet it’s because

A)I have a dorky puppy who EATS MY ART SUPPLIES AND SKETCHBOOKS- so I’ve had to keep all my stuff out away

B) I got a real life commission from a real life lady who’s gonna pay me real life money for a painting of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (she liked my Clapton Jesus candle)

C) all my friends are back home from college so we will be getting up to shenanigans and that will take up some free ArtiNg time

Now that B is done I’ll be able to focus my ArtiNg efforts on requests. But A and C are still problems- so bear with me 💛
Thanks guys
They WILL get done
It gust will take me a while 😅

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yES you can never have too many imagine blogs my friend. good luck! how about some good old relationship headcanons for the hosts to start you off?

Ahhh yes our first ask! Lets do this.

We have way more than this but in the interest of being vague and encouraging future asks about this we’ll keep it short >:] Even so it still ended up being really long hahh ah ah…. oops.


  • This boy is all about that PDA. Kisses, hand holding, arm constantly hooked around your waist, clinging to you in tears when somebody is blunt with him, the whole shebang. 
  • Part of it comes from his natural need to be princely, but mostly he really just wants to make it clear to the world that he’s dating you. Not in a jealous way but in a ‘wow everyone look at me and my beautiful s/o plz look at us PLE ASE’ because the only thing Tamaki loves more than attention is you.
  • Two words. Pet names. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify as, you cannot escape his dumb clichéd adorable pet names. Darling, my sweet, prince/princess, beautiful etc. 
  • There is no stopping him. 
  • Don’t even try.
  • Don’t get mad when he continues to make googly eyes at the girls who come to the host club though. As Tamaki’s s/o you’re gonna have to swallow that jealousy because he is STILL a host and he loves being one. You cannot take him away from that, but rest assured that while he does genuinely think every one of his customers at the host club is beautiful, he tells you every day how phenomenal you are, and how he could never replace you. 
  • (the kisses he gives you after hosting are totally worth it don’t worry) 


  • While Haruhi seems at first to be as laid back in this relationship as she is about everything else in her life, on the inside she’s actually quite nervous about the whole thing. 
  • That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, however, so while she always manages to choose the exact right moment to grab your hand or comment on how nice you look today, if you manage to stop your swooning for a moment to get a good look at her face you’ll see a blush absolutely CAKING it.
  • its rly cute.
  • Haruhi LISTENS. And she always makes an effort, so if you make an off hand comment about how much you liked those bagels in the cafe you just ate lunch in, or how long its been since you’ve gone to the park, don’t be surprised if she invites you out for a picnic there or shows up at your house with a container full of bagels she made herself.
  • She won’t admit it, but she really likes it when you stroke her hair and run your fingers through it. It helps her relax.
  • Please kiss her all the time it iS WORTH IT trust me.


  • He gets jealous so incredibly easy its not even funny sometimes.
  • Of course this means that while it is awfully tempting to tease him about it you have to be careful not to overdo it because otherwise he will stomp off in a huff and not come back until either A) he finishes sulking or B) Haruhi knocks him upside the head.
  • Don’t worry too much though, this display of over-dramatic anger often results in an over-dramatic makeout make up session.
  • Because of the whole jealousy thing he, like Tamaki, has a tendency to make it clear that you are dating him at all times (partly to reassure himself that you’re still there because tbh while he acts super suave on the surface he is still kind of reeling from the fact that this is happening AN D WOW HIKARU we all knew it you’re just a giant dorky puppy)
  • Your first kiss (much to his despair) is actually quite sloppy because he thinks he’s a much better kisser than he is, and while he tries to play it off casually you can tell it bothers him and you kind of have to reassure him that its fine stud, it takes practise after all, you’ll get better!!
  • (and believe me he does get better w h o a h)
  • He is also a big fan of public teasing eyyooooo


  • This rapscallion is well aware that many people are in love with his voice and thus takes any opportunity to whisper in your ear at the most inopportune times, just to see you squirm. ass
  • He doesn’t actually get jealous very often, unlike his brother, and is more afraid of the general possibility of you breaking up with him, but he hides this just as well as he hides all his fears regarding change.
  • He has a sixth sense for when you’re feeling under the weather, and while he doesn’t always know what to say, he always manages to be a comforting presence and he’s a very good guy to vent to.
  • He tends to be a bit overbearing at times and something of a mother hen in that he is constantly asking you about your well being (sometimes in a bit of a condescending manner) but if you tell him you need your space for a while he will try to respect it and leave you alone for the weekend
  • (’As long as I get one last kiss before I go, that is.’)
  • whoah boy does that leave you dizzy
  • he still texts you all weekend but hey he’s not on your doorstep demanding attention so it counts


  • Kyoya has a tendency to overspend on your dates.
  • Like. A lot.
  • ‘kyoya when i said i wanted to go to disneyland i dIDN’T MEAN I WANTED YOU TO BUY OUT DISNEYLAND’
  • Okay maybe not exactly but he sure doesn’t scrounge on anything like wow Kyoya I thought you wanted to have lots of money please stop acting like you PISS THE STUFF.
  • (he probably does tho)
  • But seriously its actually kind of a big thing for him because you’re the only thing he ever really lets himself go overboard for and its all part of his long spiritual journey to getting that stick out of his ass.
  • He’s not much for PDA but he has a tendency to squeeze your shoulder whenever he walks past you and he doesn’t even seem to realise he does it most of the time, but if you feel something squeeze your shoulder y’all don’t even need to look up to know that your boyfriend has walked past on his way to ruin somebody’s financial life.
  • PS. being Kyoya’s s/o means that you are now both co-demon lords of the host club enjoy your new found power.


  • Alright ya’ll probably guessed this but a date with Honey is a date with cake. There is no escaping the sugar. Ever.
  • Honey is really insistent on you guys feeding each other. He thinks its cute and a great way to show affection and it doesn’t matter how public of a place you’re in he will always insist on spooning cake into your mouth.
  • He also has a habit of kissing or licking the crumbs off your face and is very amused if you get embarrassed (’Awww ____-chan, you look so cute though!’)
  • He really loves it when you call him by his first name when you two are alone together (and he is not afraid to tell you or show you)
  • Cheek kisses and koala hugs all around. Good luck detaching him.
  • Mori is now your bodyguard and you have him and your tiny boyfriend to knock out anyone giving you a hard time.


  • Mori, if it wasn’t obvious, definitely prefers to show his affection physically rather than verbally, but on the other hand I wouldn’t expect too much PDA from this gentle giant.
  • He prefers more subtle gestures, like always making sure he’s standing close to you, squeezing your shoulder or hand before he leaves.
  • That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like YOU initiating the PDA, however. He’s used to Honey being affectionate in public, and while he may not return that kiss you planted on his cheek that doesn’t mean that it didn’t send his heart THUMP THUMP THUMPING.
  • He likes low-key dates. If you take him out for a park picnic or stargazing or a dinner at yours, the soft atmosphere will get him talking eventually.
  • And once he starts talking, he TALKS. You guys often end up staying up all night just murmuring softly to each other and just w ow its really relaxing he is really relaxing and he makes you feel safe okay.
  • Prepare for Honey to shower you with affection as well he and Mori are kind of a package deal okay cool

- Admins Beckett and Kits

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Is it weird I think Peter Quill is the actual human personification of a big dumb loving fluffy golden retriever puppy (that was then raised by junkyard dogs) or do you think another breed or animal suits him better?

That’s not weird at all, I LOVE the idea. It’s so on point! It pretty much summarizes his personality and the thought of little Peter being like a dorky puppy amidst old, barking dogs is also very fitting.

Peter is the personification of a Golden Retriever, people. Pass it on, it’s canon.

Jackson Wang

Honestly, he embodies everything I like in a guy. He has this playful, dorky, and puppy side of him that will keep you laughing and entertained 24/7. But that doesn’t make him shallow because he also has a deeper, sensitive, serious side of him that balances out his fun side and makes him mature and reliable.
Idk why but whenever I think of him as a boyfriend I feel like he would be the type to support your dreams and be your #1 fan. He would be there to listen to you whenever you need him to, be it face to face or even on the phone if he is away; lend you a shoulder to cry on at your lowest and be comfort you need to get back to your highest. He would respect you and care for you like no other just because of the simple fact that he loves you.
Being able to share life with him would be a blessing and an honor because I am seriously in awe of what a wonderful person he is.
And I honestly would strive to make him happy and be there for him whenever he needs me because he deserves all good things in life. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that such a man exists. And even though he doesn’t know about my existence, I will always support him and love him.