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So, I came across these pictures again and it made me realize that the thing that I love the most about them is that they’re actually canon. That thought makes me so happy because it makes me think of all the cute and dorky pictures Laura has (most likely) persuaded Carm into taking with her lol.

Like I can just imagine Carm sitting on a chaise lounge, reading her book, and Laura comes in to sit next to her and says how they should “document their adventures” or that she wants to update her account for her viewers. And Carm (after some mild complaining on how pointless it is) reluctantly agrees to be in them. And Laura is all excited in the pictures while Carm just casually looks at the camera and broods.

However, I also like to think that when they’re alone and Carm drops her walls with Laura, that when she decides to take pictures (just for them) that Carm is more open and authentic in them. Like she’ll genuinely smile and be warm towards her in pictures. Like with this one:

Anyway, just a random thought…


That awkward moment when I look amazing all casual like but when I dress up, I forget to tuck the bow tie into the collar. Anyways, for all the gender-nonconforming people and/or women out there (preferably 21 and older), tell me anything.

If you’re really brave, you could send along some “if you dated me…” what would you do things.

So I was scrolling through Tumblr today and found the most PERFECT headcannon Fitzsimmons wedding bands. 

There’s this Etsy shop that makes rings like this

So, when you put your fingers together, it makes a whole image. Even better, one of their designs is this:

And you can even get them with your initials!

Look guys, all I’m saying is, they could get FS rings and then, when they do the Fist Bump of Love™, it would be that much more dorky and amazing

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this is probably the most spontaneous fake title card ever but oh well I am very pleased with it

based on an early discussion about Sam and Paulina; if you take Sam’s attitude towards girls as a character flaw instead of white middle-aged male writers not knowing that “not like other girls” is harmful to feminism, it leaves plenty of opportunity for Sam to learn a lesson about “girly girls”, and what better way then swapping bodies with someone like Paulina?

My guess is this happens after Sam and Danny start dating and Paulina makes an offhand wish about “being the ghost boy’s girlfriend”.  Either Desiree overheard it and Paulina’s just super confused about waking up in Sam Manson’s body or she knowingly asks Desiree to make her the ghost boy’s girlfriend and she spends the whole time in Sam’s body wondering why the heck Sam is dating Phantom.  But basically Sam learns that being girly isn’t bad and Paulina learns to be a little more humble and one step closer towards girl friendships????? and also Desiree finally gets to appear on a title card yes

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The Farmer always goes around solving everyones problems, but I'm sure that they have bad days too! What does the town do for them when they're feeling down?

I’ll do this for the bachelors and bachelorettes.


Alex - He picks up the Farmer and spins them around, giggling and kissing them all over.

Elliott - He cuddles the Farmer from behind and whispers sweet poetry in their ear. He occasionally kisses the Farmer’s ear.

Harvey - He lets invites them to listen for airplanes with him, and also lots of hot kisses and mustache tickles. 

Sam - He would write them a short, silly songs about all the other people in town. The Farmer cracks when he starts singing about the elusive and infamous ‘purple shorts’.

Sebastian - He doesn’t say anything, but during dinner he plays a program for the Farmer that animates a picture of their pet. He spent the whole day writing it.

Shane - Lots of cuddles and hugs and bringing the Farmer at least 7 baby chicks to pet.

Abigail - She puts on the Farmer’s favorite video game, grabs some beers, and they cuddle and play until dawn.

Haley - She and the Farmer dress up in the silliest outfits her sister can find and they take dorky pictures until they are both on the ground laughing.

Leah - She plays a game where she has the farmer describe an animal with the most basic descriptions of shapes, and Leah tries to draw them. Somehow a cow ended up with 7 legs.

Maru - She and the Farmer will use her telescope and look up at the sky and make up new constellations until the sun comes up. 

Penny - She’ll attempt to cook the Farmer’s favorite meal. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Emily - She’ll surprise the Farmer with a big, fancy, colorful hat. She also made herself one. They match.

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I do loved the Webbys fuckery-so much more than I'd hoped for! But I fear this may be the last of it for a while😩 I really hope the air S11 in Jan, I cannot wait any longer for any of their joint promo!

Oh no anon! You don’t get it. We had the Webbys and the Upfronts, and now all the interviews will be distilled during the next few weeks or months.

Then, it’ll be July, and they’ll both start to tease us about filming starting soon. That’s when we get them to tweet kinky stuff about Scully and dorky pictures of Mulder. 

Then it’ll be August really fast. Not to mention their birthdays fuckery, because they’ll spend them together, we will be gone for 5 months and a half of craziness and sleeplessness. Did I mention it was 5 months and half? Because it’ll be 5 months and a half. More than 160 days. And nights. 

Then there’s will be the promotion tour, with some Kimmel-like late show, and photoshoot, and interviews, and there’ll be the TCA again, and cute anecdotes from their costars who won’t be able to tell if Mulder and Scully are together only in the show or also in real life. 

Then, there’ll be the premiere, with some red carpet interviews when they forget the acknowledge the interviewers while staying in their own bubble. 

Then it’ll air. During 10 weeks. 10 weeks!!. Gillian will be all tingly, and David will be all about red speedo jokes. 

Then the bloopers will come out. The Bloopers!! Is there anything more Gillovny than some good xfiles bloopers? Probably not. 

Then it’ll be the 25th anniversary, and we’ll hopefully get them together on a comic con, signing, paneling, and taking awesome dual pictures.

Then the DVD will come out, and we’ll get all the BTS and they’ll be commenting on another episode, giggling and breathing loudly for 42 minutes. 

And then, maybe, MAYBE, it’ll be over, but it doesn’t matter, because this is when they come out.

So no, really, The Webbys are not the end. It’s the beginning. 

Picture Perfect (Photographer AU Luhan)

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Type: Fluff Angst

There were the ups and downs of being married a photographer. Bring a muse was nice, but having sometimes completely naked or seductive models around wasn’t your cup of tea. Not that Luhan would ever cheat on you, he was very strong on the relationship you had. Its the girls that flirted with him that bugged you. They had just about everything and they still went after your husband. They had a talent of doing it subtly as well.

Luhan was a passionate man, being a father of two. A biological son named Wei and then a sweet little girl you adopted a few months ago named Meilin who was actually older than your son by a few years. Their pictures covered the walls of his studio and the models would comment about how they wished they could have a man like him be the father of their children. It irked you but you kept yourself as calm as you could.


“I can’t believe your son doesn’t look completely like you” one of the models said to Luhan as he made a sound and looked up from his camera. “Your son looks like your wife more. Its sad” she said as Luhan gave her a confused look. “Why’s that? Wei is a great looking boy” Luhan said back. “He would have been better looking if he looked more like you” she said as he scoffed. “My wife is gorgeous thank you” he said as he sent her a glare. “Why don’t you go get a touch up or a coffee” he said with a slightly annoyed tone. “Aw but I like hanging out with you when you look over my pictures” she said as she walked over to him with a flirty smile.

“Well I’m done looking at your pictures” he said as her face dropped “why?” she said. “You insult my wife and my son. Do you think that’s okay?” he asks as she cowers back. “My children and wife mean everything to me and I don’t like your words so I’m kindly asking you to go before I yell” he said as calmly as he could. She nodded ashamed before rushing out of his studio.

Luhan sat his camera down on his desk as he moved his mouse and his monitor light up. He smiled at the picture of you, him, and the kids. It was a dorky picture he took with the camera. One he promised he deleted because you hated how you looked but he found it perfect. He picked up his phone and unlicked it before he called you.

“Hey” he said calmly as he sat back in his chair. “How did you know it was nap time?” you ask as he could feel your lovely smile through the phone. “Daddy’s intuition” he said. “Well what’s up daddy?” you ask as your voice grew quiter. “I missed your voice. A model made some comments. That I just couldn’t stand” he said as you made a sound “do you want to talk about it?” you asked. He smiled “no baby. I want you to tell me about the kids and what you have planned” he said as you sigh lightly. “Meilin really wants Wei to walk like she was holding his hands and everything” you state. He chuckles “she wants to see brother walk. Daddy wants to see Wei walk too” he said as you laugh lightly. “She’s trying so hard to be a good sister” “she is a good sister” Luhan corrects as you make another sound “sorry sorry you’re right” you say.

After just minutes of talking to you. He was happy again. “Why don’t we go on a family date then?” he asks “where its a bit chilly for the park” you tell him. “We’ll get food and go to a kid movie” he offers “that sounds nice” you tell him. He sighs “I have photos to touch up but I rather listen to you” he whines. “My voice is very distracting isn’t it?” you joke “the good kind though” you were told as he sighs again. “I’ll let you go alright work hard” you say “I will” he said as he leans against his desk. “Love you” he says “love you too” you say back making a kissy sound through the phone before the call disconnected.