dorky kai is a dork

How about

1. What if new guy’s actually a setter? What if he’s really really good? What if Kageyama gets the chance to work with him and learn a lot from him and improve his tosses a bunch and??

2. But what if new guy’s Hinata 2.0 instead? What if he’s actually a wing spiker? What if he’s, on top of being smol, also really insanely fast and jumps high? What if Kageyama’s put in a combo with him? What if he can give him the King’s Toss and it totally works out?? WHAT IF!!

Hair cut again~!

I’ve just come back from a day of shopping while out in the freezing Wellington wind and rain - which means red nose and cheeks and most of the style’s kinda flopped out atm. XD

(also, my sweet new Adept shirt from Bioware store!)

But I also got my hairdresser to cut my new Zelda wig (better cut than last time!)

And I have bought a bunch of things I needed, including some new markers to try (latest from Letraset, which have brush tips like Tria but one less fine tip, which means the price is cheaper!)

All the colours are for Groose - ‘Berry Red’ for his hair and 'Nutmeg’ for his skin.  Look for art coming up tonight! :D

Photo from way back in 2008 that Krista recently sent me.  I think it had something to do with ‘annoying people’ or responses or…something!

This isn’t directed at anyone on my Tumblr though.  I love you guys, you’re awesome! <3

I just found the picture rather amusing.  That was my Demyx haircut when it wasn’t styled up. :U


I am sorry for the past two days being pretty much nothing but GROOSE! KIKWI! SHIT NO ONE BUT MOLLY AND I CARE ABOUT~!

But trust me when I say I NEEDED to get that off my chest. XD For all the worries and stress and other things I still need to take care of right now, I’ve been feeling really good because of those times.

However, I have other art to make and share, and other things I’d like to reblog (however, I will continue to reblog Skyward Sword stuff I like because I do love it).

Also, a friendly hi to the new followers who’ve started following me. :) Not far off the mark of offering up some free art now!

For now…Groose Kikwi and the girls (seriously!  I’m stopping now!  Really!)

Now moved out!  We get our new house mid-week so I’m currently crashing at my good friend Josh’s place until it is ready.

Annndddd I was smart and didn’t put my scanner in storage, so I can upload all the silly little Skyward Sword doodles I’ve been working on. :B  Also, yes, I have internet access.

Tomorrow is my break day before another hefty load of work at the zoo etc so I am free to talk to friends then too.  I need to chat off my Zelda fix so help meeee~! XD