dorky elsa

Elsa is such a hopeless romantic.

All the WEEKS of preparation and the way she planned Anna’s presents and how she wants Anna to find them screams one thing: Queen Dork is also Queen Cheesy Hopeless Romantic.

No, it doesn’t have to be Elsanna. Just in general, just a thought. Imagine seeing her IN LOVE with someone, a boy OR a girl (whatever makes her happy) and the great lengths and obstacles she’d go through just to see them smile. She’d have the WHOLE KINGDOM declare her love for said lover. ALL of Arendelle will be decked with gifts and choirs of children and lots and lots of surprises. AND IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO BE A SIGNIFICANT OTHER.

And even if it’s SVEN’S birthday, I’m sure she’ll even invite all of Snow White and Cinderella’s animal friends to Arendelle to celebrate!

See, this is a girl who’s so full of love and life and was forced to conceal it and hide it from the world.

Now that she’s free to express herself and show who she really is—Arendelle, beware. Your queen is BURSTING through those open gates and will fill her kingdom and its people with so much fluff, and love, and joy.

Elsa, you dorky charmer. How I love you.

Can I, please, remember you all that they live with an embarrassing amount of cats? We kept focusing on Elsa washing away every single drop of blood or mud she leaves in the house. Any hint, anything that could get her away is gone in a few minutes, but, CATS. I mean, sure, they’re cuddly and fluffy and all, but do you know what cats do when they’re bored? They hunt. And if they’re affectionate they bring you “presents”. Now, I think the sisters take good care of their pets, so, of course they bring them their preys.

I just can’t help to imagine those cats leave a bloody path behind them. The stairs are a mess. Elsa didn’t even see that because she used the window to get home. The sisters need to get some food and  they’re about to go to the grocery store. At the same time Kristoff is about to throw the garbage. Than they see it, it’s everywhere. Now I should say she had one of the worst weeks of her whole career. She barely slept, if at all, and the last mission was quite stressful. You know, the usual. Well, what I wanted to say is, she freaks out screaming it isn’t her fault this time. Kristoff and Anna are agape. What did just happen? Than Olaf pops up with a mouse or a bird in his mouth, leaving other blood around and everything clicks in. Anna runs in to comfort her sister. Kristoff stares at a smiley Olaf incredulous.

anonymous asked:

I have no idea why, but when I picture Anna as a bat, I don't really see her as a vampire bat, but more of a fruit bat, wings and snout peppered with freckles and she attempts to look threatening but she just looks really dorky and cute and Elsa has to try and cover all of her smiles, because really this vampire is so harmless that she has to hide all her giggles to make sure she doesn't hurt Anna's feelings ??? Gods, this is a ramble but sod it, thought I'd share a perspective hope that's ok

Oh my god, that’s exactly the kind of bad I imaged her to be!! The cutest little fruit bat with red fur and big teal eyes. So harmless and tiny but she acts so tough and angry and Elsa just can’t even deal with the cuteness.

This fic is gonna be so fun to write.