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♞ : Caring for each other while ill - 11/20

A/N: Based on this imagine I submitted to imaginepercico some months ago, which was in turn based on my parents’ first anniversary.

It was absolutely unfair that everything Percy had planned for the day was ruined. Like, he absolutely understood that it was out of his control, but getting sick on his and Nico’s first anniversary was the absolute worst. He’d made all sorts of plans to surprise Nico, but then they’d both woken up sick and Percy had been forced to cancel the reservations at the restaurant he’d made weeks ago, pass their tickets to the movie to some friends, and call his mother to come over with soup for them, since neither of them could really get off the couch to make anything to eat.

Sally had just left, after bringing over some of her homemade chicken noodle soup in her crockpot, leaving it where her boys (no matter how old they god, Percy and Nico were her boys) could reach it, and made sure they were taking care of each other.

Which, they were. If you counted them curling up on the couch together with mugs full of soup, surrounded by tissues, bottles of water, and wrapped in blankets as taking care of each other. They were close, Percy made sure that Nico actually ate his soup, and Nico made sure that Percy actually rested, instead of fussing about their anniversary.

“I’m not upset about not going out,” Nico told him. “We can watch a movie here. I’m happy just spending the day with you.”

Percy sighed and pulling the younger man to him, pressing a kiss to Nico’s temple. “Yeah, okay. I just wanted to do something special.”

“Considering our busy schedules, spending a day together is special.”

Percy gave a soft smile. “Yeah, that’s true,” he replied. Between Percy’s job and Nico’s school schedule - the younger man still working for his Master’s degree - they didn’t get to spend a full day together very often. “So, what do you want to watch?”

Nico hummed thoughtfully. “Star Wars marathon?” he suggested.

“It’s like you read my mind.”

The two of them shifted and disentangled, without spilling their soup, and Percy got up carefully so he could get the first movie started while Nico moved to get another bottle of water and a sleeve of crackers to nibble on. As they returned to the couch, the movie playing, Nico curled up against Percy’s side, head resting against the older man’s shoulder.

“Happy anniversary,” he told his husband.

“Here’s to many more,” Percy replied, raising his water bottle to tap against Nico’s.

This was it. He quickly plugged the lights in and walked over to the door, turning the rest of the lights off as he went. He took a deep breath and threw one last look over his shoulder before smoothing his clothing down and opening the door.

The sight that greeted him nearly knocked him off his feet. Nico stood in front of him with a small smile playing on his lips.

It was only after Nico started fidgeting with the jacket he was holding that Will snapped out of his stare. “H-hey.”

“Hey, yourself,” Nico replied. “Can I come in?”

“Huh? Oh! Yes, of course,” Will sputtered out before stepping aside. “Come on in. You, uh, you look great.”

Oh Yes. i made more fan art for my dear friend carpedm87 solangelo fic On Tour the newest chapter had me sobbing because cuteness.

its Will apartment!  this is just after they fell asleep, little deep breath sleepy butts. they also forgot to wash up the knifes and forks :P this took over like 10 hours and im really happy with it. i know your going to loose your mind sweets (because i am) <3