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Auld Lang Syne My Dears!

I’ve had such an amazing ride this year and have had the best time with you all! Every step we’ve taken together has been one dream come true after the next. Thank you for letting this dorky rock chick from Pennsylvania live her life unabashedly every single day. And thank you also for allowing me to be such a big part of your lives!
I wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to be taking a break from the phone/internet /emails/social media etc. I’m doing a technological detox of sorts.
I am feeling the pull of my heart and it’s time to experience my life beyond the tiny screen. I’m going to write songs on actual paper, without getting distracted by the shiny things on Twitter. I’m going to have late night conversations with friends without stopping every few seconds to check my phone. And I’m going to really watch the sun set, without snapping a picture and posting it on Instagram.
Don’t worry, I can’t quit you…and I won’t stay away for long. It’s been a crazy amazing year, and those of you who know me will understand my need to switch to standby for a little while.
So, Until next we reconnect … Happy Haleidays, Merry FreaksMas, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Here’s To Us!
Love and Rock n Roll,

Celeb Doppelgangers: The Splat Edition

Alright, Alright, Alriiiight. 

The head brace came off, and ya gotta wonder if it was Griffin III always underneath the metal…

Bueller? Bueller??

When Boy Meets Stoop? And a beard?

No Day But Today <3 <3

Bound 2 be friends 4 lyfe. 

“Oh my, that is terribly, terribly freaky!”

Eyelashes for days, and them lips–it’s kinda crazy.

Quirk city! 

Long face, long hair, the I’m-just-doing-me-’tude. Yup. 

Lane from Gilmore Girls channeling everyone’s favorite dorky ‘90s chick!

And finally, turtle face FTW.

Darcy Lewis

I wish people would stop bad mouthing Darcy as just a self insertion character. You know why?

Because so what if she is? Why is having a snarky character with common flaws, that still manages in a world filled with superhuman gods a bad thing for girls to have? How is she different from Jane, who has no character development in the first Thor movie outside of being a hot, dorky “Science Chick”? Both are bare filler for people to put themselves in their shoes, so they can imagine either dating Thor, or Loki, or whomever.

Darcy works in tandem with Jane, in that if you can’t see yourself as an epic scientist, you might feel for a college student fighting for six credits instead, who nonetheless is still given credit for her intelligence.

Yes, they are BOTH bland inserts in the long run, no matter how much the Fandom wants to say Jane isn’t, but that is a perfectly healthy thing to have for women, just as every bland male main character is for the male audience to see himself as Conan, Thor, etc.

Women like these movies too, and we all want to imagine that we could do something epic in these situations. But not all of us are bland Warrior Woman Sif, or bland Scientist Jane, some of us are bland Snarky Darcy, and that’s not a bad thing, because all of their characters are slowly being shown more depth in further movies and spin offs, and yet they still let the person watching feel like THEY could have done what that character did. It brings a sense of empowerment, so long as the insert characters are given a chance to grow.

Quit bit ching about Female self inserts. Men get them all the time and it’s just a damn shame how hard it is to get a female one, or any POC.