방탄소년단 (BTS) 전호석 (JHOPE) Inspired Outfit

Blue Hoodie
Black High Waisted Skinny Fit Jeans
Black + White High Ankle Vans
Circle Framed Glasses
School Bag

Disclaimer: This image doesn’t belong to me. 

OTP Prompt

“Munchkin.” B smirks.

“I’M NOT A MUNCHKIN!” A immediately retorts, flinging their arm across the table and knocking a tube of chapstick and a pack of sticky notes on the floor for dramatic effect. B laughs and pats A on the head, then gently pulls A out of their chair and in closer for a hug.

“Correction, my evil little munchkin.”

“I’M NOT EVIL!” A wiggles around in B’s arms, poking B in the side as a form of protest for the teasing.

“So you’re not denying being a little munchkin?” B chuckles and lightly tucks A’s hair behind their ear.

“I’m not evil, I’m not little, and I already denied being a munchkin!”

“Mmmh. But you haven’t denied being mine.” B points out, arms still around A. A turns away, covering their face as they blush.

“Gee. I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because I love you or something.” A wraps their arms around B, still looking away.

“I would hope so. I mean, we are a couple.”

“Why would I deny being yours in the first place?”

“I dunno. You tell me.”

“Nerd.” A looks up at B, watching the steady expression on B’s face. “There’s no point in trying to answer that question.”

masterpost of matthew gray gubler being fucking weird

look at my beautiful son

he is literally a child stuck in an adult’s body

i’ve just stopped questioning why

he’s so dorky aw

his face asdjfkasjdhfka

ok but this is actually me

so fab

my smol bean

my hair actually looks like this but its slightly longer. omfg.

well hello there

i fucking love this photoshoot

me when i’m older

me 100% of the time



what is he even doing he’s so cute

when i try to play raquetball

tentacle porn (i hate myself)

i love his face


ok yeah i’m in love. kthxbye.