“For the World Has Passed Away” trailer.

A Dramione fanfic by Bunney.

  • Draco&Hermione on the Titanic.
  • Rose = Draco and Jack = Hermione
  • The ending isn’t spoiled.

Summary: Draco Malfoy is trapped in an engagement to a woman he does not love, but on a fateful voyage to America, he meets another woman who will change his life and show him that love is worth dying for. THIS IS A NON-MAGICAL AU!
Rated: M

Dedicated to Kana.

uponepiphany  asked:

Oh I want to add something to that commentary about Moffat's treatment of Ten. Remember in School Reunion, it was actually the Doctor who said yes to bringing Mickey along with them. Rose was adamant in not bringing him along, well, it was obvious she didn't want to. AND THEN, in GitF, Rose comments that the Doctor can't keep the horse, then he says that he let her keep Mickey. I don't know if that makes sense but yeah.

Yeah that makes sense!

Idk. I just think Moffat wasn’t a Rose fan at all, so he treated her like any Rose hater(even on tumblr) would.

But honestly that episode is so terrible. People love it for the quirks, but if you really pay attention to what’s going on, he makes a horrible rash decision that, I don’t believe, RTD’s Doctor would have done. If that means RTD’s Doctor was over-romanticized? Fine. Maybe he was. Ten was the most human out of the three New-Who Doctors.

obligatory end-of-year post // follow forever

not really because I actually have to be offline today basically 2012 was insane, and I’ve probably explained a bit too much in my ramblings. so instead of a long, thoughtful, reflective post, have a list of people I could not have made it through without:

  • the people who restored my faith in humanity: Eya, Kana, Chynna, Franco, Celine, Mia, Kat, Judith, and the Ad Finem ladies (and gentlemen).
  • the loveliest lovely person ever, Judith.
  • probably one of the most unexpected sources of strength I found this year, Pauline.
  • the best travel buddy a girl could ask for, Pia.
  • the people who kept me sane in school, the Plaidies.
  • the lovely ladies who kept me sane in Japan, delegation ‘12.

and some very special mentions: