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Daichi and Iwa jogging together and suddenly making these glances at each other and running tiny bit quicker than the other until they are fully running in a competitive manner very carelessly until they get stopped by a tiny angry grandma that yells at them to be careful and think of other people at the park. They are very embarrassed. That's what you get for being competitive with your bf.


dsfjklafd i wanted to draw this but it turned out pretty sloppy im sorry OTL

Draw your squad like this

For the person who drew the base: I’m so so so so sorry, I forgot the name of your account and I can’t give you the properly credit. Sorryyyy :(

Random headcanon: I really like the idea about Kuukaku being Yoruichi’s best friend since they were a kids (apart from Kisuke ofc) and idk, between those three, Yoruichi probably is the grumpiest in the squad, so I picture Kukaku mocking her until she lose the patience, and of course, there were days when Kisuke joined her too just to see Yoruichi’s funny reactions.


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Sooooo here’s my (kind of) drawing of those two dorks in chapter 17.
Nothing special, but I loved the chapter and tHIS SCENE GOD CAN YOU FEEL THE SEXUAL TENSION–
Droplets is just too much for my little poor heart.

(Probably I’ll try and sketch the scene with jean in his underwear. Probably. If I can make out something of male anatomy, maybe.)