personally I think part of that feeling came about bc of cartoon network’s scheduling. We basically had a slow build over the course of several episodes that was halted abruptly right before the finale for 6 whole months.. And then we got the finale. I think the extended hiatus kinda ruined the pacing on this arc imo

sorry for the late reply but thinking on it you’re 100% right here!! i remember i had a similar problem w/ gravity falls when ‘not what he seems’ aired bcuz they had had such a weird patchy airing schedue before that and then a big ol gap! and i thought “wow gravity falls got kinda fucked over by disney here”, but i didnt think of it in relation to this before u mentioned it. youre definitely right, with all the stevenbombs followed by huge gaps cartoon network rly did bugger up su’s pacing (`・⊝・´) they deserved better

dork-souls  asked:

hello!! 🌊🌈🎬🎧


🌊 - ocean or pool?

Ocean, undoubtedly!

🌈 - favorite color?

Pink makes me :“”)

🎬 - favorite movie?

Bring It On. I’m unironically in love with it.

🎧 - favorite band?

Oh gosh, I’m so bad with forming attachments to bands. I just listen to a bizarre array of songs for audio stimulation, mostly. I’d say that Twenty One Pilots is who I know the most about, though, I really like their stuff!

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