It’s like you have an angel on your shoulder and a devil on your other shoulder but both of them are the same person and that person is you
—  My sleep-deprived words of wisdom for a coworker arguing with himself over whether to ask our supervisor for help with the coffee machine

Enjoyed this way too much. Love J-Hope . Careful with that floor kookie.

  • Akashi:Isn't this romantic, Tetsuya?
  • Kuroko:Hunting for treasure isn't exactly my idea of a date.
  • Akashi:Nonsense! Now, according to this map the treasure should be right at this spot.
  • Kuroko, suddenly stops walking:What is that?
  • Akashi:Treasure, Tetsuya! Treasure!
  • Kuroko:I'm pretty sure this is your house, Akashi-kun.
  • Butler, opening the door:Young master! You're just in time. We've finished preparing the candle lit dinner you requested.
  • Akashi:Splendid!
  • Akashi:Care to join me for dinner, Tetsuya?
  • Kuroko, slightly surprised and blushing:Well, I suppose this date is getting more romantic.
  • Butler:Oh! And we've also arranged the bedroom appropriately as you've asked!
  • Kuroko:...
  • Akashi, laughing nervously:.. Care to spend the night here as well..?