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Translations for the 5th DVD Extra Comic!

Here you are, @fancy-hat-imagines! You were looking for someone to translate it so if you didn’t mind, I was able to translate this cute extra comic!

I apologize that if you see big blobs of random colors in the speech bubbles- I was unsure how to color them in because this wasn’t scanned… Also, it’s my first time ever doing something like this sooo…. Not my best ;P

My translations aren’t the best either ahaha… I haven’t read Japanese in sooo long! It’s been awhile! But please enjoy!

DISCLAMIER: Although this is crappy scans + translations, I would like it if you do not repost this in any other social media without my permission! It looks poopy, but it kinda took me awhile rippp :’)))

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER (omg I know): The original pictures do not belong to me! They belong to the rightful owner :)

Underrated* but extremely good shots of Yuuri from episode twelve:

There are a lot. There’s so much Yuuri I put it under a read more starting about halfway through. 

Yuuri please stop honey you are too good and too selfless. HE WANTS TO STAY WITH YOU FOREVER. PLEASE TALK TO EACH OTHER YOU HELPLESS DORKS. 


Hamster hat only adds to his preciousness, honestly. 

This shot, animated is one of my favorite bits of animation in the series. It’s so good?

Sweet as can be.

Yuuri, probably: I doubt I have many fans…


Is it the costume sparkling or is it Yuuri himself?


My longest yeah boi ever. 

look like hell I’m not including this gorgeous moment.

when he literally SCREAMS and it’s wonderful.

I’m not crying you’re crying (we’re all crying).

you are an absolute angel.

precious Yuuri so nervous for his scores after the skate of his life (his eyelashes continue to be amazing). 

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I’m finally a graduate!!!! <33