dorks with hats

can we have less abusive paperhat and more pleasant/fluffy paperhat please and thank you

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Collab with pacha-yep, this seems to be a really dorky sleepover!

Okay,but imagine this:

Dr. Flug is doing some experiments for a meeting with Black Hat,and Demencia messes something up by adding the liquid Dr.Flug used to create her (come on now,we all know Dr.Flug created Demencia,I refuse to believe something else) by mistake, but she adds a bit too much.

After a failed experiment, M.D. and Psycha (my OCs,which I will design later on) are two twins ( Boy and girl) resulted from the mistake. Just imagine if Demencia had a twin brother, but they had the age of 9,more hyper, and super powers.

And after they are created, M.D. and Psycha see Flug as their father figure and start calling him ‘dad’.

Black Hat finds out about this,he is angry at first,but with time he starts to actually get fond on them,and seeing Flug as something more than just his scientist.