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Hi~ I read thru your blog and your writing is just so lovely!! I hope that this requests gets in in time lol but could do you something along the lines of MC having large & heavy breasts that she complains to the members about "chopping them off" or something or asks them to just "hold them" to give their back a break? lol being a D cup, I have this thought everyday rip ;;;

Hey anon! Thanks for your request! I have small breASTS LMAO so i couldnt relate but i hope that i portrayed it somewhat accurately LOL hope you enjoy~

♥ He’d be so blushy and flustered when he met you. He did not expect such a cute innocent girl to have such big breasts.
♥ Whenever you complain about them, he’s too blushy to really say anything. They’re so overwhelming.
♥ WHEN YOU ASK HIM TO HOLD THEM JOKINGLY HE’S LIKE DEAD. He doesn’t know what to do so he actually cups your boobs trying to help. When you laugh, he stops immediately, innocent puppy boy is worried he did something wrong.
♥ He tells you that if they actually hurt you, then to perhaps get surgery. He even offers to help financially if you do want surgery. He hates seeing you in actual pain.
♥ Lots of surprise hugs from the back! Hugs from the front make him way too blushy cause they’re just so big that they sometimes get in the way. HE’S NOT COMPLAINING THO
♥ “They’re just so overwhelming…but overwhelming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. O-oh did I say something embarrassing?? Stop laughing!!”

♥ He loves your breasts but he doesn’t want to admit it. He doesn’t want to seem like a really sex hungry beast (even tho he probably is) so he doesn’t comment on them.
♥ Once you start to complain about them being so heavy and large, Zen gets all hot and bothered. He is imagining sinful things ohohohoho
♥ He’s actually the one to offer to hold your breasts for you. He gets sooo flustered by them, it’s cute.
♥ One night, he actually sits down with you and asks if you actually want surgery. If you do, he says he’s willing to pay for it with money he’s accumulated by his acting career.
♥ He really likes them tho, they’re very voluptuous.
♥ “If they’re so heavy and large, babe, maybe you need someone strong like me to hold them for you? Haha…♥”

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[sprinkles some tagatha into your soul]

- whenever agatha’s having a stressful day, she curls up into a ball like a cat and cuddles near tedros
- agatha loves to put her hands in tedros’ hair like she’s so attached to it and always messes or ruffles it up or puts it to the side so she can see his blue eyes
- since tedros is big on hygiene, he always takes hour long showers and sometimes, whenever it’s agatha’s bath time, he comes in without knocking and wordlessly pours conditioner into his hands and starts messaging her head (tedros’ fav part in doing this is watching agatha gently close her eyes and purr like a cat)
- since they had some pretty bad miscommunication in the past, now they’re pretty verbal on how they feel about things (on deep emotional matters, agatha mutters a lot and tedros stutters whenever she says something that warms his heart omf these dorks icanteven)
- there’s a small height difference between them since they’re both kinda tall but that makes it easier for them to give each other forehead kisses, whether one of them is about to walk out of the room or whether they just ate a huge dinner or when they’re just quietly reading together and tedros just suddenly leans over and gives her a forehead kiss or after they do the naughty or even when they’re in their royal carriage headed to the school for good and evil
- agatha doesn’t know why but she always plays with tedros’ soft ears when they’re both lying together in bed
- whenever agatha and tedros take a bath together, tedros always makes a bubble beard on agatha and agatha always helps clean his back because he has a hard time reaching it (more times than agatha can count, he always giggles when she scrubs a spot and once he explains that it’s ticklish and that just puts a wicked smile on agatha’s face and continues to tickle him even more, splashing water and bubbles everywhere, and their giggles and laughter are so loud that the whole castle can hear it and merlin just rolls his eyes and continues eating his cucumber sandwich [courtesy of sophie])
- if you get agatha tired enough, she’ll confess what names she’d like to name her and tedros’ children (YOU DONT EVEN NEED TO ASK TEDROS HE’D PROBABLY TELL YOU IF YOU EVEN BRING THE TOPIC OF CHILDREN UP)
- when tedros’ hair gets long, he always pulls agatha towards him like a little child and asks her to trim his hair (this may or may not have to do with the fact that tedros likes agatha’s fingers rest on his neck or how his skin tingles whenever she breathes near his face)
- this one time, tedros and agatha decided to be funny and try to do sophie’s beauty routines on each other and it turned out so freaking bad and horrible that it took 3 straight days to get it all off
- during the first week of when agatha moved into camelot’s humongous castle she felt incredibly homesick and so to make her feel better and to get her mind off of gavaldon, tedros showed her the secret passageways he discovered as a kid whenever he had free time (because tedros had no friends look @ this dork) and agatha was so amazed and curious about these secret passageways that she found some more whenever she explored the castle
- the secret passageways in the castle were convenient shortcuts whenever one of them or both of them were late for a royal meeting (they were late for multiple reasons) (like sleeping too late or getting distracted taking turns licking the royal cook’s brownie batter or just straight up making out)
- when it’s the holidays, tedros always wants to do that cute couple thing where they both wear matching ugly christmas sweaters and agatha always snorts and refuses but eventually always gives in when tedros gives her his puppy eyes and holds her hands and guinevere knits the sweaters for them
- when the first parade/ celebration to go through camelot came around, agatha was so nervous to wave and smile at her subjects (because wHO WOULD WANT THIS BUG-EYED GIRL AS THEIR QUEEN??) that she almost fainted when she climbed on the carriage (but luckily she made it to the end with almost 102919 flowers, some high-quality chocolates, warm greetings and lots of baby kissing, and it didn’t hurt that tedros’ hand was holding hers the whole way through)
- tagatha in a nutshell
  • Jake: Doly, stop being adorable.
  • Me: What?
  • Psii: >Snickering
  • Me: I'm not cute.
  • Psii: Then what are you?
  • Me: Ugly.
  • Psii: You are beautiful excuse me?
  • -Blabbering continues-
  • Suddenly Jake: >Voice acts
  • Psii: >Voice acts with him
  • Me: >Happy sobbing
  • Jake: Are you okay?
  • Psii: Are you actually crying?
  • Me: Yes, yes I am.
  • Psii: >Screams
  • Jake: holy smokes?
  • Me: >Screams too
  • Mom in the background: The gods have spoken, it is the ritual of the Rosa..