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What me and Peter used to do, I would usually get picked up at say 5, 5:30, and then on Doctor Who we were on set at 7:30, on camera to rehearse, and then you film through to 7 pm is the kind of schedule that you’re on. So what me and Peter began to do a lot is because Peter, in particular, his dialogue is insane, and, more often than not, I’m pretty fast at learning lines anyway, but not the kind of jargon that he has. So we’d just run them together in between takes. (x)

Short Drarry fic recs

I’ve always preferred to immerse myself in long fics, but I’ve been reading shorter fics in the past few weeks and ohmygosh have I been missing out. So of course I put together a list of my recent faves!

and Hope to Die, by olimakiella (24k) - I love this one so so much. Draco is wicked clever and quirky the way only he can be, there’s wandless magic and WILD MAGIC, and Harry James Potter is a cinnamon roll and a slice of treacle tart all rolled into one. The Centre of Magical Intelligence needs to be canon.

Exiled, by gryffindorJ (16k) - THIS IS SO GOOD I WAS SCREAMING. It kept me on my toes, with snarky Draco, banter, flirting, some pining, and this glorious underlying angst. Great writing, especially the dialogue.

The Owl Who Came for Christmas, by dracogotgame (17k) - Owl!Draco is my favorite, he’s adorable and fluffy (even if he THINKS he’s large and majestic) and gives Harry the stink eye when he tries to pet him. Harry still can’t think of decent names, and this is just really sweet and lovely.

Hey, Potter, by SunseticMonster (16k) - Harry starts responding to Draco’s jibes with compliments, and DRACO’S BAFFLED AND ALMOST SHY REACTIONS TO THAT KILLED ME. I lovelovelove this author’s Draco.

More Than That, by joosetta (10k) - This one left me wanting more, I know 52-year old Drarry might sound weird to you, but I assure you it is all kinds of great. It’s sweet, it’s real, and it makes me so emotional. My boysss.

Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust, by raitala (10k) - I was beside myself by the end of this, this fic is just perfect, characterizations SO on point, the Drarry dynamics entirely in line with my headcanon. All inspired by the most gorgeous piece of Drarry art ever to exist, alekina’s Branded.

Almost Like A Song, by Brief_and_Dreamy (7k) - I cried so hard over this one, I was practically sobbing myself to pieces. So heartbreaking, but not in the way you’d expect. Angsty, angsty, angsty. I loved it though.

Sex On Fire, by gypsyflame (11k) - So much personality for such a short fic, and yet it left me wanting more and more. The elements of fire woven through this were great, and it was all just so intense and passionate, wow.

The Coefficient of Friction, by daftfear (18k) - Harry is such an UNBELIEVABLY oblivious idiot (which of course is just the way I love him), they were such sweethearts, and the food descriptions were to die for.


Did you know? Because they have so many arms, the octopus will often assist aquarists in siphoning and cleaning up their habitat 😝

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His hair does magical things.

He also doesn’t wear a shirt under his pads so thank you for that good sir. I mean, honestly. good Lord.

He’s an adorable dork. With a dangerous smile. The Schenn Smirk™ (he should trademark that and make millions)

He was part of this beautiful master piece. We’re a gosh darn team of dorks. I miss Scotty Hartnell.


Actual real-life angel.

Remember when this happened? and then he went on to score the game winning goal in OT? Yeah he’s amazing

Here he is with our beloved captain (again) being a huge adorable smiley dork (again)

Rumor is he’s gotten better at Two-Touch, but until we get footage of that, this is what we have. He’s such a dork.

Brayden Schenn, aka cutie with a booty. I love him he’s adorable.

Happy Birthday, Brayden Schenn. Here’s to four more years of you!

Happy 34th birthday Sebastian amazing human being Stan!: “[…] I really think it’s much more about the climb and the work you do on the way up. The climb is really hard and really rough, but it’s also the best part because there are still places to climb up to.”