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Okay so first of all i owe you an apology cause i said i had the art done but when i looked at it again to submit it when you fixed your submissuin box i got super frustrated with it and had to do it again and now it’s done and i really like it better sooo
Also SR is honestly my favourite fic and i’m just so excited you let me draw fan art of it i really hope you’ll like it even just a bit hides face
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here it is revealed. i am a huge fucking grahamscott shipper. warren catches nathan writing “nathan graham” on his notes cause nathan wants to marry that dork and take his last name its a known fact

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"We write notes to each other on the desk we share at different times and I never knew who I was talking to until I saw you stay behind after class to write on it and holy shit yoU’RE HOT." PRETTY PLEASE <33

It started out as a haphazard doodle of their geography teacher, which Annabeth added devil horns and a tail to after Miss Berrack gave them a piece of homework on Friday to complete for Monday. And then there was a knock-knock joke which resulted in her getting detention for laughing during Miss Berrack’s lecture on riverbanks. And then there were the messages, back and forth: debating over films and complaining about teachers and classes.

Annabeth didn’t know who the person was leaving the messages, but every time she walked into class, there was a new one. She had never been much inclined to find out, it was just one of those things: a nice perk during her day to cheer her up. She’d never been bothered to find out who was leaving them, until one day she arrived early for her geography class.

She peered inside the class, her eyes falling on a student lingering at their desk, probably scribbling down a final note about homework. Miss Berrack was nowhere to be seen. She’d probably run out for some coffee before she had to tackle the next group of teenage delinquents.

Annabeth realised then that the lingering student was bent over her desk, scrawling something onto the wood, and that he was cute. Really cute. Even looking at his profile, she noted the strong line of his jaw, the high cheekbones, furrowed brow, bitten lip between his teeth. He had a tanned complexion, so much so that Annabeth wondered what his heritage was. She didn’t recognise him, but then again in a school of over two thousand students, she could hardly be expected to know everyone by name. But she’d found her messenger.

She decided then to be brave, and stepped into the classroom, clearing her throat. He shot upright, presumably thinking he’d been caught in the act as he not-so-surreptitiously hid his pen behind his back. When he clocked her though, his shoulder’s slumped with relief.

“I’m just going now,” he said, gathering up his things.

“No worries,” she said casually, walking over to the desk and brushing his shoulder as they passed halfway.

She scanned the desktop for a new message and saw it after a moment. A smile touched her mouth.

“I still maintain that Captain Picard was better than Kirk.”

She looked up to see the boy freeze in the doorway and spin around. His eyes were wide, mouth parted in dawning realisation. “Wha- uh…Hi?”

Annabeth cracked a grin. “Hello. Nice to meet to at last.” Very nice.

He shifted his weight, tugging the hands in the pockets of his hoodie down as he gave her a small smile. Oh boy, cute smile. She was done for. But then it quirked up with mischief and Annabeth knew for sure that she was a goner.

“You’re wrong though. Kirk is superior in every way.”


For burritorat :D

I was trying to be all mysterious with the anons, but that was a fail haha….how embarrassing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I was like screw it, lets just do this :P

Anyway, I thought I’d give this a go just this once for now. Dunno if I’ll do more. It’s just a little render to say thanks for being a good friend to me <3 

Hope you like it.