dorks for life

SVTFOE FANDOM: Marco spent 16 years chasing down Hekapoo to earn those scissors. As a 30 years old man, the safe kid was forced to leave his childhood behind, learning to survive in a cruel, different world. The trauma of coming back to Earth’s timeline, which immediately reverted him back to his 14 years old-self, definitely scarred him for life. It will take days, weeks, maybe months or years for him to adjust to his old life, slowly starting to remember his family, his friends, even though deep down he will always feel like an outcast, as the 30 years old man trapped forever in the body of a teenager he is.



Reaction to Leo’s high note in The Closer ^^ | © taekwoonies

I was watching the season 4 gag reel, and this confused me because I thought it was a scripted Stiles move. I found it odd that they would include a perfectly fine Stiles scene in the bloopers section, but then I realized it wasn’t Stiles. This is just Dylan goofing off and being Dylan. I love how much he’s like Stiles/his character. It’s amazing because who better to play Stiles than someone with a little Stiles in them?