Living with 5sos would include

·Grocery shopping every other day ·"Can I touch your hair?“ ·"After you wash the dye of your hands, Michael” ·"micHAEL STOP TRYING TO DYE LUKE’S HAIR BLACK" ·"Pretty please with a vanilla chocolate swirl with a cherry on top will you make me food?“ ·"MicHAEL STOP HITTING LUKE” ·"Luke stop letting him hit you!“ ·Having an emergency code name but it’s mostly used when a spider is around ·Sending you ‘NEED HELP ASAP’ texts because he ran out of toilet paper ·Constant pouting ·Whining when you won’t show them your boobs ·"say yoU’RE SORRY” ·"FUCK YOU LUKE" ·"I diDN’T DO ANYTHING" ·Movie nights ·Having to schedule cuddle time because they complain when you are cuddling someone else longer ·Group chatting each other when they’re all in the same room ·Random singing ·Air guitar · ·Calum sassing everyone in existence ·"CaLUM PUT SOME PANTS ON" ·"Its my birthday, so I get what I want, so show me your boobs" “no” “why not” ·trying to prank you but giving up two minutes later ·Playing hide and seek, but when they can’t find you they whine like little puppies ·Squishing faces ·Nose booping ·"Fuck you y/n I do what I want I’m punk rock" ·So many keeks

ok but we can all agree that beca is definitely a closet sweet tooth, right?? like she pretends to thrive off whiskey and black coffee but really she can’t live without fruity cocktails and vanilla bean frappuccinos and chloe makes fun of her every second for it

So I don’t know when that alien sex interview from SDCC landed on here but I watched it at work and laughed my ass off. Started off a bit awkward because the interviewer was awkward, but then Liz fell straight into the gutter and happily dragged Iain after her. How much do I love these two dorks? HOW MUCH???

Also they were doing the Fitzsimmons thing