Dirk: Fail the boy you love.

TT: Listen to me.  
TT: Jake.
GT: The company would like to extend you an invitation, mister strider.
GT: Isn’t that wonderful?
GT: Here, I’ll help you get started.
TT: Wait-
TT: I-


DIRK: codedredalert
JAKE: organized-pandemonium
EDITING: insipidsentimentalist
PHOTOG: tadashioniisan 

kforshort said: yeah, im actually not much of a shipper outside my otp (dorkjokes) either. id just desperately want another ship to ram thru its side, break it in half, and sink it to the bottem of the ocean where it will spend the rest of eternity corroding away in the depths of my salty salty water. :)

let retconvr/is be consumed by the black hole like she deserves

although I doubt it since the story seemed content to validate all her horri8le 8ehavior

anyway later folks i gotta go get prodded by therapists again as they try to conceal their frustration that I haven’t gotten better yet