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if an individual wanted to go about writing a dirkjake porn how would one do it. what could one contribute to a ship fanbase that is already saturated with every type of porn and kink under the sun. serious but hypothetical question

(weellll no one has yet to write a stuffing fic where they watch a movie together and jake eats too many snacks and gets a stomach ache and——yeah, i’m 10000% sure you do no want to write this SOOO…..)

man, there are so, so many different dirkjake porn scenarios i’d love to see more of, specifically:

  • riding (either one on top oh my goodness)
  • smuppets
  • fun with blueberry syrup or blue icing or something blue that can be licked off different body parts……..
  • tea bagging
  • i’ve yet to see 69ing
  • let jake be the one to give oral for once. it’s almost always dirk.
  • smuppets
  • you can never have too much frotting
  • ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP. please. i beg of you. i can only read so many first times and love confessions.

A friend of mine from AUSA is gonna cosplay God Tier Jane at Otakon!

And I’m gonna be God Tier Roxy!

And Cody’s gonna be God Tier Dirk!!!


We’re gonna be badass immortal alpha kids!

I’m just so excited for Otakon, you guys.