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This interview is so funny! And Richard does love playing puns on words (or pretend he didn’t hear correctly..)

Interview by Scott Mills (in the pic) and Becky for BBC1, 4th May 2010

First of all, the Fanta Bread that Richard is offered and that he spits out saying it feels … dirty…. (that voice…)

Then they talk about people throwing pants at him - and he understands “pans”. And he makes some of his usual silly jokes and is as self-deprecating as usual. I also learnt something new:

Then they talk about Guy of Gisborne. “Bad boys” becomes “Kebab boys” for him…

I found out that one of his first job was as a Dancing banana in a Fay Weldon play at the Birmingham Rep with Sophia Myles…

I would like to see some pics of that time… or maybe not

Sophia Myles herself remembers the yellow tights he wore for that part…

Naughty Richard then says that Guy does have a redeeming feature… under the leather! Then he patches it up saying that “he’s soft inside”

Unassuming Richard then is not happy that Strike Back is in HD, since watching a face in HD “is scary” because you see warts, nose hair and everything…  The man really has very little faith in himself!

Then… something I’d pay big money for and I wouldn’t be the only one : “Imagine 3D me in your living room…”

He keeps joking about his diet, how he has to be fit and how he’s “doing sit-ups” at the moment of the interview.

I got to know that there are spy shops… really?

Well, there’s lots more of bits and pieces to hear in this interview…. He’s always such a pleasure to listen to…

Full audio interview at Richard Armitage Central or on Soundcloud.


I youtubed this fab Digital Spy interview. X