It’s kinda creepy that these anonymous-ass, racist-ass, dick dorkins worshipping-ass libertarians and anti-SJWs are spending time (or setting up bots) to screenshot blogs from “tumblrinas” but then you have to think about how they probably all look like f4glick lmao

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He he… So, here is my awesome new year treat bundle : AWESOME STORIES BY AWESOME AUTHORS! In order of appearance :

- Beasts of Burden, by Evan Dokin [x] and Jill Thompson

- The Sleeper and the Spindle, by Neil Gaiman [x] and Chris Ridell

- Hyperbole and Half, by Allie Brosh [x]

- icarus, by M.K. Harris [x], on gumroad

- eagerness & desire, by Noora Heikkilä [x], on gumroad

These comics and books have all been on my wanted list for FAAAAAAAAAAR too long, and I regret only one thing : that I haven’t bought them before.

I am really bad at doing reviews, so I’am not gonna try and spoil / ruin the thing for you guys, but I can say that I really enjoyed a lot every single one of these art master pieces, that I actually read in a row, like an ogress released on food after a no eating diet of a year :D  So, yeah, I definitely recommand them all to you!

Also, I’ll you know that Tumblr gave me a really hard time putting the links at the right place gararadsafsg, so you don’t get the direct links to gumroad for icarus and eagerness & desire, but GO, GO BUY IT AND READ IT <3