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Scenario - “Hitting A Sweet Spot While Massaging You”

Scenario: It finally seems to be getting to the point where you feel free                       and comfortable enough to ask if he can rub your body. You                       wouldn’t have really said anything, but you’re barely walking,                     he’s just sitting there and your back is screaming for some of                     that special pressure. And it gets it. And you make a noise.  
                  And he freaks out in more ways than one ~
                  No way of escaping the weird feelings in this scenario, my                         apologies. 😂😂

Jaebum :

First Reaction : Holy– am I doing this too hard. .?

He’d immediately pull his knuckles up from the tense plank of muscle but wouldn’t stop the motions. The only sensation that would be the aftertaste of your brief ecstasy? Butterfly tickles smoothing around the pool of your hip bone as he processes the sound you’ve just sung into the air.

* Not in control of my fingers anymore but still has no shame in saying this *

Second Reaction : Is there anywhere else that hurts, Y/N? I’ll be happy to
                                check it all out for my baby…. girl….

I can’t. I literally can’t. Your limbs aren’t about to fall off from what he can see and he’ll have to take that sweater off from you sometime so why not now? Why not just give your whole body a massage while its happening. Best part, it’s for free. At least until he see’s you can stand on your toes– and now see you pinned underneath his arms.  Yeah, Daddy, why don’t you?

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I feel like these two dorks would get along really well and always crack jokes with each other

anonymous asked:

why do you like jacob frye so much

what’s not to like honestly

- dork

- handsome af

- the dorkiest dork that ever dorked

- bisexual disaster

- fucks up a lot and also spectacularly, like, “whoops i single-handedly destroyed the british economy” kind of spectacular

- dork

- constant third wheel

- kind of an asshole but also kind of a good person but also kind of an asshole

- snarky

- dork

- give him a cool gun and he will wag his tail happily

- basically a huge pupper with a knife

- doesnt give half a shit about the pieces of eden which to me is very relatable

- this face:

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