I was freaking out about how people are like, “Oh yeah I remember hearing ‘Fireflies’ on the radio when I was young!” and I was like, “What do you mean ‘when you were young’ it was only…… 8… years… ago… …” and then I remember that I’m old.

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For the ficlet thing: 27 with AlluraxLance ;) (if you've got time ofc)

Look what you made me write, Ellie. 

Well, I finally got the time and inspiration, I guess, I’m sorry I’m so late tho. SO! Here it is. It was quite the challenge, tbfh, but it was actually fun! Thank for pushing my skills dude! 

Alright, so Allance *Jaz hands* Hope you like it. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“Isn’t this a gorgeous view?”

Lance doesn’t dare to look away from Allura as he answers. “You sure are.”

The reaction is immediate. Lance can’t help but chuckle as he notices the faint blush on Allura’s dark skin.

“You dork, I meant the city.” Allura giggles, covering her mouth with one of her hands as she lets Lance take her free one.

The young brunet drops a kiss on the top of her hand, “The city got nothing on you, beautiful.”

Allura smiles softly at him before she shoves him playfully on the chest. “My, my, Mr. McClain, seems like you are determinated to fulfill your promises of making this the best second date ever.”

Lance raises his eyes to meet her bright green eyes and winks. “You haven’t seen nothing yet, beautiful.” He declares, tugging at her hand until she’s close enough to wrap his arms around her waist, “After all, the stars are just coming home.”

Allura raises an eyebrow in confusion as she looks up to see his face but the sight above Lance takes her breath away.

“Oh.” She gasps, her mouth twitching in awe as the sky turns dark slowly, leaving behind its once pink color from the sunset to settle for a more deep blue one. ”Oh, Lance.”

Lance hums in response and leads them both towards the spread out blanket on the edge of the small hill, cuddling close to each other as the chilly wind caress them softly in the face.

Allura places herself in between Lance’s legs, her back pressed against his chest as his arms wraps her stomach tenderly.

They sit in silence, both of them staring at the sky filled with starts until Lance takes a deep breath and speaks up.

“Allura,” He calls quietly, breathe against her ear and making her to suppress a shiver because of it, “I know this is our second date but…I need to tell you something.”

Her stomach turns but she forces herself to hum in approval. “Okay.”

“You are one of the best people I have ever met in my life and I’m so grateful that you gave me a chance but…” He trails off, taking a small pause and his arms tighten in the slightest around her before he continues, “But I can’t promise that I won’t make you cry, because I will, Allura.”

Her stomach drops and she hopes he can’t feel the erratic way her heart beats at the words.

“Lance?” She questions, turning her face to the side to meet his eyes and she holds her breath when she catches his blue eyes shining with honesty.

“I can’t promise you that, Allura, because I would be lying.” Lance repeats gently, rubbing her forearm fondly and the action only makes her more bemused.

“Why?” She asks, voice doing a small crack and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Lance shrugs, “Because I will make you cry, that’s for sure, but what I can promise you is that it will only be one time. One day in our entire lives that it will happen.”

Allura purses her lips in a pout and narrows her eyes in suspicion. “And that day would be?”

The brunet chuckles, his warm laughter tickling the back of her neck before he whispers in her ear. “That day will be the day I ask you to be my bride, of course.”

Her heart does a sharp flip and then the wind surrounding them is not enough to calm her cheeks from growing hot.

“Oh my god, Lance.” Allura laughs, relief and embarrassment growing in her face, “You got all of this figured it out, huh?” She jokes but Lance limits himself to grab her hand once again and look at her straight in the eye.

“With you by my side, everything else is fine.” He confesses, dropping another kiss on the top of her hand, “You are the one, beautiful, I just know it.”

“It’s only the second date.” She reminds playfully but he hears the lack of denial at his statement and it only makes him smile wider. “What makes you so sure of that?”

He turns his eyes from her face for a second to look up at the glowing stars above them before he goes back to her, his heart feeling at ease as he looks into her green eyes and he smiles knowingly.

“Call it a hunch, Princess.”

Imagine Batman villains shipping each other

There are ship wars involved. Mainly who is shipped with Harley and/or Batman. It’s pretty split down the middle. Half the people ship Harley and Ivy and the other half keep Harls with Joker. Similar for Batman; some ship BatJokes, some ship Riddlebat, and a smaller part ships CatBat. It leads to a lot of arguments and taunting (especially where Edward is concerned, him being oblivious to everything).

The Sirens and Dork Squad are everyone’s BroTPs


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Fire-Owls, Magic Bands, Wizard Vans, Otter Gods (Nick & Louis, ~1k)

Flash Fiction Challenge #3!  I’m late but I wanted to write it anyway so I did. The challenge was to write something based on this tweet thread. 

Louis is covered in yodeler blood.

It’d been an epic battle. There’d been three hundred demon yodelers, and it was just Louis and his fire owl and a pair of grumpy wyverns standing between them and karaoke night at the tavern in New Dork City.

Louis couldn’t let them get through.

And so, he’d swiped at the sweat on his brow, the spidermail scratchy against his skin, and he’d held aloft Mistress Murderbeak, the most magical knife in all the lands. He’d taken a deep breath.

“YO-DEL-AY-HEE-YOU-DEAD,” he’d shouted into the wind, his voice strong and sure, and in that instant time had frozen. The demon yodelers had hung suspended in the air, every last one of them. And then, all at once, they’d exploded. The sky became a sea of viscera, and it’d fallen to the earth like rain. It’d covered everything, and Louis had stood there through it all, waiting until the roar of so much falling demonic yodeler remains had subsided before putting his arm up and wiping the blood out of his eyes.

“Fuck yeah,” he’d said, once he could see. “It worked.”

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empty-puppet  asked:

Me again (sorry if I'm bothering you) but please tell me more about the whole Barry being kidnapped thing you mentioned in your last ask meme thing???

Why, yes, I absolutely can do that! Also, I was going to answer this in drabble form, and then… uhm, well, I accidentally ficced?? (Is that a thing?) So, er. Enjoy! (Pssst you’re not bothering me, I live for excuses to write stuff like this!)

(And if anyone else is wondering, the meme being referred to can be found in my headcanon tag – or here is a direct link to that particular ask)

Title: Fear Itself

Pairing: Barry Allen/Oliver Queen

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Violence, trauma, sexual themes

Summary: Barry gets himself kidnapped, and Oliver is at his wits end trying to get him back.


Fuck,” Oliver chokes out, tears prickling his eyes.

Beside him stands Felicity, who is clinging onto his arm, sobbing into his shoulder and Diggle, who just looks furious.

Oliver, though? Oliver’s feeling so many emotions at the one time that he can barely concentrate – concern, fury, heartbreak and he just- he needs Barry. He runs his hands over his face, letting out a shaky breath.

Of course, if Barry were there with them, his emotions wouldn’t be going into overdrive right now.

They’ve been led to an abandoned warehouse – a wild goose chase, of some sort. But, of course, the figure that they’d been chasing must have wanted him to be here. The fact that someone is trying to send him a pretty strong message is clear as day. On the table before them lie several photographs, and a note written in extremely messy scrawl, pretty much telling him to wait for further instructions.

As soon as he had clapped his eyes on the photographs, he felt sick to his stomach. Even from a distance, he could spot the red suit instantly, and it hit him like a blow to the gut.

Upon closer inspection, though, it’s even worse. Barry is completely bound to a chair, his face battered, bruised and bloody all over, but there’s a small part of Oliver that’s relieved at the fact that he at least seems aware enough to give the camera his best defiant glare. The rest of Oliver, though? The rest of him is screaming internally, because this just cannot be fucking happening.

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Dex, Nursey, and lil’ bit of NurseyDex

My turn to post some of the headcanons @dragonfly-mary and I wrote! 


-Has secretly been reading Shakespeare to woo Nursey. He doesn’t understand it at all, but he doesn’t want to write poetry, so this was his only other option.

-Thinks his arguments with Nursey are flirting, like honestly, Dex no, just buy some chocolate or something Nursey’ll love that romantic stuff. Boombox Careless Whisper, just don’t argue like why?

-Dex does, however, remember all the anniversaries. Day they met, First Date, First Kiss, even first Sexual Experience, EVERYTHING

-for real, what even is the state of Maine? Like, seriously? Where even is that? It’s probably made out of lobsters or something okay.

-Lobster mobster is Dex’s job description on a business card he printed out for fun.but not for fun, for real. The Haus thinks its a joke. How wrong they are…

-Dex gets freaked out by the city. It’s very chaotic and wild and busy and cramped and everyone has somewhere to go, someone to meet, something to do, and everyone’s in a perpetual rush. And this kid is from Maine,,, seriously it probably doesn’t even exist. Even though his house is always busy, he can just step out and be met with peace and quiet but you can’t do that in a city.

-Pretty much only owns plaid and jeans. That’s it really. Lots of reds too.


-Isn’t as chill as he wants people to believe. He gets stressed easily but he thinks he deals with it well. He doesn’t. It shows so when he tells Dex to chill, Dex gets a little smirk.

-Okay but what a nerd listen,,, after being intimate in any way with Dex, he’ll write poems about it. Really? Stop this you dork

-City boy, wears designer clothes, strutting down the streets of SoHo I stg, is gay, has always been gay, will always be gay: shameless.( It is a universal constant.), Dex is freaked out by the city I’m sure, I mean, he’s from Maine where even is that, is it even a real place?

-Constantly says things that make people want to punch him. Like complaining about WholeFoods, or saying the word aesthetic out loud, generally being pretentious, saying deep things about stupid things like a puddle or something–it’s what he does though, he’s a poet.

-He probably shops at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, don’t even talk to me because he probably shops at like Chanel and shit I hate him (I do not).

-Constantly tries to fix Dex’s wardrobe (who wouldn’t?) like, William J. Poindexter I stg you cannot dress yourself (it’s okay tho because Derek would rather be undressing him anyway)

-Literally the clumsiest person alive. Has been banned from the kitchen because of the amount of baked goods he has knocked over or dropped (and knives almost dropped on feet lordy). He’s a danger to others and himself, but mostly himself. He has stubbed his toe on corners waaaaay too many times, and has walked into a glass sliding door too many times to count.

-He is a menace to Dex’s appliances. Liquids plus Nursey plus electronic equals total disaster. Toasters, mixers, a drone he got for Christmas, nearly a tablet, almost Ransom’s computer (he freaked out for an hour making sure all his bio notes were still on the hard drive), two alarm clocks, his phone on infinity separate occasions, he cannot function around anything electrical.

-He is able to visit his family a fair amount and likes to go when he can and his sister is constantly asking him “So, how’s the white boy? The two of you doin’ alright?” and winks. Dex is also called the Redhead by Nursey’s sister. She would know what she’s talking about. She read his dream journal because of course Nursey has one.

There’s a little bit o’ NSFW-ish stuff underneath the cut, so if you can handle sexy talk and all that, by all means keep reading.

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Rainy Day Man

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Takes place after Amazing Spiderman 2 (obviously)

Rain poured down, beating against the windows and streets of the city. You let out a soft sigh as you watched the rain from behind the counter of your coffee shop, the water blurring the pedestrians from the window. You hated rainy afternoons at work, it always made it go by so much slower. And to make matters worse you knew you were going to have to walk home once your shift was over and you didn’t bring an umbrella with you today…Then again the forecast this morning called for clear skies. “…Last time I rely on New York 1 News for weather.” You mumbled as you doodled a Spider-man on a napkin as you waited for either a customer to come in or for the last five minutes of your shift to pass, whichever came first.

The chime of the door opening told you that it was time to stop moping and do your job. “Hello there. How can I help you today?” You asked with a forced smile as your eyes rose to meet a pair of adorable puppydog brown eyes and a mess of hair. He looked like the most adorable kind of dork this fine city had to offer and suddenly like that your smile wasn’t so forced. Of course it’s always easier to put a friendly smile on when you’re serving a cute face.

“Umm…I’ll just have a coffee with cream and sugar.” He said with a smile as he folded up his umbrella, setting it by the door of the empty coffee shop before finally heading to the counter to pay you. “Coming down pretty hard out there huh?” He added with a smile, trying to make polite conversation.

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” You smiled back as you poured his cup. “…Unless this stops in the next-” You paused to look at the clock. “Two minutes I’m going to end up walking home in that.” You couldn’t help pout a bit as you watched your replacement run in, using a copy of The Daily Bugle to block the rain.

The adorable dork scrunched his brow as he looked out the window, sipping on his to go cup of coffee then back to you, noticing the white t-shirt under your coffee shop apron. “Wow, no jacket or umbrella?”

You shook your head lightly as you emptied your tip jar into your pockets. “Nope, didn’t think I was going to need it.” You wore a defeated look as you began accepting your wet fate.

“Well…I don’t have anywhere to be. And I have that nice big umbrella…I could walk you home.” He offered, his beautifully brown eyes watching you over his coffee cup as he waited for an answer, hoping it would be a yes.

You smiled at the offer, finding it rather sweet. But this was still New York City, so even if he was adorable, and seemed really sweet you couldn’t find any reason to trust him. He was a complete stranger “Thanks…But I don’t know…I mean, I don’t even know you.”

He chuckled, smiling with a nod. “You know what…That’s really fair. I mean, there are a lot of crazies in this city.” He said as he set down his cup on the counter. “Well. My name’s Peter.” He held his hand out to you. “And I see by your name tag that you are (Y/N).” You couldn’t help laughing as you shook his hand. “So now we know each other. And I promise-” He paused holding his hand in the air. “Scout’s honor, no awkward standing outside your building until you feel obligated to invite me in for coffee. And I’ll only stalk you here where it’s 100% socially acceptable.” Your smile had by now grown from ear to ear with laughter until you nodded and agreed. “See now… That’s better. Now I can go home and say my good deed for the day has been done.” He joked as he shrugged off his jacket handing it to you so that your white shirt will be covered from the rain.

You found the walk home to be much less awkward than you originally thought it would be. You chit-chatted about a few common interests. You told him that you were going to NYU and he told you about his photography. Pete being ever the joker made it his mission to keep you laughing until you were at the door to your apartment building, even going so far to as to quote Umbrella by  Rihanna while doing the whitest of dance moves. “Thanks Peter.” You said with a smile, hoping you’d see him again.

“Hey no problem! But don’t forget…” He waggled his finger at you. “No awkward standing in front of your door remember?” You laughed as you dug your hands deep into the pockets of his jacket that you forgot wasn’t your own.

“Yeah. I remember.” You laughed before ducking and running until you were safely under the overhang above your door. “Thanks again.” You said with a wave, as you opened the door. Once inside you wiped the rain from your face, suddenly remembering that you had borrowed this from Peter. You ran back out into the pouring rain to find Peter at the end of the black. “Hey! Your jacket!” You called out.

“Nah don’t worry about it!.” He called back as he spun around to walk backwards as he spoke to you. “I’ll get it back from you next time you work.”

~ ~ ~ ~

“Peter, where’s your jacket?” Aunt May asked as Pete she watched him walk through the door from the kitchen.

“Let a pretty girl borrow it to get home dry.” He answered with a proud smile as he flopped down on the couch. “Don’t worry Aunt May, I’ll get it back from her tomorrow.”

“Well that was very sweet of you Peter, now go wash up, dinner’s almost ready.” Aunt May couldn’t be more proud of her nephew hearing this, obviously she raised him right.

~ ~ ~ ~

Peter had returned to your coffee shop during your next shift as promised, and most any shift you worked since. You loved having him around, his goofy sense of humor made your shift go by so much faster. Two weeks later you found yourself inviting him to your on campus apartment for some Super Smash Bros and pizza.

“Hey no fair! You’re cheating!” You cried out with laughter as Pete attempted to knock the controller out of your hand, slapping his away in defence. You found it only fitting that it was raining tonight, just like the last time he saw your building.

“Cheating?! Me? I’m not cheating…You just obviously not very good at this game.” He teased playfully as you slapped his hand. “I mean, ow, you are the one who has resorted to hitting, ow.” He chuckled as he dropped his controller to block the playful blows. You couldn’t help smiling at his laugh and loving his light playful smile as he wrapped his hands around your wrists to keep you from hitting him anymore, your game all but forgotten at this point. Peter could feel his heart beating faster once he noticed that in the playful fight you both had managed to scoot closer to each other on your couch, close enough that he could smell your perfume on your neck. “And…And you…you.” He stuttered, finding his joking attitude has fallen victim to his shy interior.

You felt like your heart was about to burst from your chest as you looked up, your eyes catching his. He smelled like musk and sweat and you couldn’t help but love it. “Yeah? I what?” You asked as you allowed yourself to inch closer to him.

Pete watched as your lips came closer, your eyes closing…But before he could let the kiss happen he heard the sirens. “I godda go.” He blurted out, running out the door, kicking himself for not sticking around just a second longer to finally know what it would be like to kiss you. But people needed him, he knew that…but you didn’t.

He was gone before you had a chance to react, hearing the door close behind him you just sunk into your couch telling yourself how stupid you were, that he obviously just wanted to be friends. After about an hour you sent him a short text reading “I’m sorry I’m dumb. Still friends?” But didn’t wait for a response, you just wanted to go to bed and sleep this night away.

You woke groggily to the sound of thunder followed by a knock on your window somewhere around 2am, rolling over you let your eyes flutter open…and then you knew what a heart attack must feel like! Hanging in front of your bedroom window was Spiderman, bloody battle worn and soaked from the rain, one hand holding the web he dangled from, the other behind his back. “Hey…(Y/N)…Your door guy isn’t letting me in… Could you help a Spider out?”

Your brow arched in confusion as you climbed from your bed to open your window. “How do you know my name?” You asked as you let Spider-man into your bedroom, sure he had a good reason for needing to be in this particular building and glad to help.

Before he entered the window he pulled his hand from his back to show he had been hiding some cheep news stand flowers and you had gone from happy to help to a little creeped out in about .2 seconds. “Because,” He paused with a grunt as he wiggled his way through your window. Once inside and soaking your carpet Peter saw that you were looking less than comfortable with Spider-man presenting you flowers in your bedroom so he removed the mask. “Because you’re not dumb…You’re pretty.” He blurted out in a hushed tone as he stepped closer to you, wrapping you in his arms, getting you just as wet as he was. “No! Beautiful!” He corrected a bit louder as his adorable puppydog eyes lit up as a flash of lightning split the sky, his face traveling slowly to yours. “And I don’t want to be just friends.” He shook his head until your lips met and thunder rolled throughout the city. You let your arms drape over his shoulders, the only part of him that didn’t look broken as you sunk into the kiss, letting him press you firmly against his body as your tongues explored one another at
long last.And then the perfect thought popped into your head causing you to start laughing as the kiss broke. Pete furrowed his brow a bit as he pulled away, looking just a bit confused at your response. “Was I that bad?”You shook your head. “The itsy bitsy spider climbed up my water spout.” You said pointing to the window having remembered that there was no fire escape there and that pretty much the only thing his web could have been hanging from was in fact the rain gutters. 

Pete looked up out the window  to see what was so funny and let out a small chuckle. “Yeah yeah…very funny.” He tried hard to hide a smile but you could see it tugging at his lips as he watched you move until he finally gave in and laughed right along with you, in that moment knowing with all his heart that he loved you.