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One of the Guys Part Three (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1342

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part onepart two and part four here.

After everything that happened today you wanted to do nothing more than stay in bed and cry over romantic movies as you shoveled popcorn into your mouth. So that’s what you were doing, sobbing as Mr Darcy runs to Elizabeth Bennet in the field, declaring his love for her. You had seen this movie probably a hundred times but still always cried in this scene. 

“Pumpkin Peter’s here to see you.” You heard your mums voice call from the hallway.You never understood the strange nicknames she called you-wait did she just say Peter. You froze and paused your movie hurrying up off the bed. As much as you loved him you couldn’t stand being around him right now, you needed to be alone. You walked to your door and opened it just enough so you could see your mother.

“Mum, can you please tell him i’m not here or something. It’s a long story, but please, for me?” You asked hopefully as you leaned against the door frame. She took in your state, you were in your pajamas, messy hair and wore a tear stained face. Sending you a sympathetic smile she nodded in understanding. After placing a small kiss on your forehead and ruffling your hair she went to go tell Peter. 

As you sat back in bed, resuming your movie you could faintly hear your mum talking to your best friend. “I’m sorry Peter she’s not home right now.” You felt guilty since he had no idea why you were upset at him and he didn’t actually do anything wrong, but it hurt too much to be near him, you just needed space. 

“Oh, okay thanks anyways. Could you maybe tell her that I stopped by and that I want to talk to her?” His voice sounded hurt, like he knew you were actually home and didn’t want to see him. “Of course Peter. Get home safely okay.”  Guilt crept up on you but you couldn’t see him yet, not tonight anyway.

Later that night you hear a knock coming from your window. Looking up you almost let out a scream but quickly cover your mouth with your hands stopping yourself. What the hell was the friendly neighborhood Spider-man doing knocking on your window?! 

You quickly stumble up from your bed and rush towards your window, fumbling to open it with your shaky hands. You were still in shock that a superhero was inviting himself into your house. Once you got the window open you took a few steps back as he climbed through, landing on your carpet and standing in front of you. You couldn’t even speak, you didn’t know what to say. Spider-man was in your room!

“Uh hey there.” The superhero uncomfortably chuckles as you just stared at him. You realized you were probably creeping him out so you somehow find the courage to talk to him.

“Hi.” You quietly rushed out, gosh why were you so weird? But what were you meant to say? A superhero just casually showed up outside your bedroom window, you were allowed to be speechless. 

“So you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here?” He sounded kind of nervous as he rocked back and forth on the heels of his feet.

“Uh-Yeah, I guess so.” You mentally cringed at yourself, you couldn’t even form a proper sentence in front of him. 

“Well, you said that you thought I was amazing so I thought if I visited you, it would cheer you up.” Something he said caused you to think. You said you thought Spider-man was amazing today at lunch. But that was in school, so how would he know you said that unless he went to your school? Wait a minute, Peter and Ned were the only ones who heard you say that and now that you think about it his voice sounded so familiar to you. Then it hit you, could it be?

“Peter? Why are you dressed up as Spider man?” You asked with wide eyes and a confused expression. What a dork, but you loved this dork.

He laughed at your question, holding his stomach as he bent over in hysterics. “It’s funny actually, the things is I actually am Spider-man.”

You rolled your eyes at your friend, he was really taking his cosplay to a whole new level. “Sure Pete. Okay.” You snorted, like that would ever happen.

“I’m serious Y/N! Do you remember that field trip we went on a couple years ago at Oscorp? Well I was wandering in places I shouldn’t have and this spider, it bit me. Turns out it was a radioactive spider, I woke up with all these cool powers! And now - well I’m Spider-man!”

You could always tell when Peter was telling the truth and right now he was. Could he really be Spider-man? “Wait you’re telling the truth?” He moved closer to you whilst pulling off his mask. You could see his face now, nervously smiling at you waiting for your reaction.“Yes!” 

All of a sudden you became really annoyed. Why didn’t he tell his best friend about his super powers? You punch his shoulder, that dick didn’t tell you he was a superhero.

“Ow what was that for?!” He whined as he held his shoulder that was now in pain and would probably bruise. You were angry now, you were supposed to tell each other everything. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Does Ned know?” Peter looked guilty, answering your question. So he could tell one of his friends but can’t tell you, just great. You were hurt now and your voice didn’t hide your emotions.

“I thought I was your best friend remember? We were supposed to have no secrets, keep nothing from one another.” 

“I just wanted to keep you safe. So many people are after me Y/N, I just didn’t want you to get hurt. Speaking of no secrets, why won’t you tell me why you were crying in the girls bathroom today?” 

You gulped nervously, turning your attention towards the floor. He just had to bring that up didn’t he. “I wasn’t- I wasn’t crying.” Your voice cracked and you felt Peter’s hand on your shoulder.

“Why are you lying to me Y/N?” You finally looked up at him, his expression showed how concerned he was for you. But you still couldn’t tell him for obvious reasons.

“I’m not lying to you Peter so can you just drop it, please.” You sighed out, pulling his hand off your shoulder. He looked hurt by your rejection but it soon turned into frustration. “Why can’t you just tell me?”

“Pete please.” You looked away from him not being able to stand seeing the hurt expression he wore knowing you put it there. 

“Do you not trust me? Is that what this is?” His questioning was driving you insane, you couldn’t take it any longer. “No Peter it’s because i’m in love with you!” You yelled at him, freezing in place after the words left your mouth. This was not happening, please let this just be a dream, a horrible horrible dream.

Peter stared at you, obviously hearing what you said. Tears began to fall from your eyes, you had just ruined everything! He finally spoke, stuttering his words obviously shocked at your confession. “Wh-what?”

The tears didn’t stop falling but you managed to get out some words in between your sobs. “I-I think you should leave.” He tried reaching out to you but you flinched away from his touch. “Y/N-”

“Please just go Pete.” You turned away from your best friend and started crawling into your bed. You heard his voice mutter out a quiet “Okay”, followed by the sound of your window opening and closing. You didn’t see it, but he gave you one last glance before he took off into the city. You curled up into your sheets and let all your emotions pour out. You couldn’t believe you had done that, you were sure you just ruined the best friendship you’d ever had.

THE ROYALS SENTENCE STARTERS ( contains spoilers )

S03E01  →  ‘ Together With Remembrance of Ourselves ’

  • ______, you hideous little snake. Open the door.
  • I thought I smelled you — the Queen’s personal bouquet of spite and vagina.
  • Long live King/Queen ______!
  • Maybe I could arrange a little service call for Your Majesty.
  • The people decided and justice was served.
  • Is this a bad time to talk, or should I text you?
  • You can endorse condoms, or lubricant. Perhaps a firearm.
  • Your Majesty, the pig has left the pen.
  • This place is weird.
  • Whatever you’re doing, I’m here you know?
  • Don’t freeze me out, you dork.
  • I’m holding /you/ responsible.
  • Is this what passes for romance these days?
  • Well, you can’t spell passion without ‘ass’ can you?
  • That smells like a whore house the next morning, and one of the whores has a yeast infection.
  • Well, I’m not their role model or their personal stylist. I just do what I do, and they should, too.
  • People look up to you. They like your style, your confidence.
  • I’m not that confident.
  •  I’ve decided to forgive you.
  • Have some Froot Loops. They’re the gateway drug to Apple Jacks.
  • You really are a hideous little backstabber, aren’t you?
  • No, I’m more than happy to stab you in the front.
  • Jeez, if looks could kill, you’d be your mother.
  • Unzip me.
  • I suppose I should ask you in advance if there’s anything you won’t do, anything you dislike.
  • I’m at Your Majesty’s pleasure.
  • I like a take charge sort of guy/girl — rough me up a bit, don’t be shy.
  • Hiding below ground like vermin. Appropriate.
  • This is the home of the Royal family, for Christ’s sake. How is it that people just gallivant about as if it’s a god damn free for all?
  • I’m the King/Queen of England. I don’t do my own wet work.
  • Every man has their price.
  • I didn’t bring you here to strike a deal. I brought you here to poison you.
  • But you got dressed, waited for me to ask you out — which I did — and now you’re telling me that you have plans?
  • “ Don’t give up on me.
  • I won’t. Ever.
  • It’s not everyday that royalty greets you with their presence, even if they do look like shit.
  • You should see the other guy.
  • Clothes are life. Clothes, shoes, bags, makeup — it’s all life.
  • People like you, Princess/Prince. People like you and… so do I.
  • So, a pack of wild dogs dragged you through the streets? That’s what you’re going with?
  • I thought about you a lot, and I should have done more for you.