dork problem

some much needed music au’s

• you’re the first chair first violin and i’m the first chair second violin and you need to stop insulting my section au

• i’m the biggest orch dork and you’re the biggest band nerd au

• you play classical piano and i play jazz piano and you need to take the stick out of your pretentious ass au

• i’m a soprano and you’re a tenor and no you’re the bigger diva au

• you’re my niece’s piano teacher and i have to pick her up from her lessons and hey you’re kind of cute au

• you told me my technique sucks and i threw your reed across the room au

• you saved my instrument from falling and now i owe you my life au

• you’re my accompanist and you’re just going too damn slow au 

• i’m the second chair cellist and you’re the first chair violist and all we do is make snarky comments behind our conductor’s back au

• we both take from the same teacher and they told both of us that we were the best student au

• we’re the romantic leads in a musical and our director says our kiss scene sucks want to practice after class sometime? au

• i just really needed to use this practice room and i come in and you’re playing your instrument naked oh my god why au

• you’re a math teacher and i’m the choir teacher and you keep telling your students that my class is useless so you will sit here and listen to every piece and movement i can find until you admit that you were wrong au

• i’m an alto and you’re a bass and we’re in a quartet together but i told our soprano she was flat and you had to pull her off of me au

• i’m a child prodigy and you’re just started a few years ago but you’re already competing for my chair placement au

Kpop Problem #6

When you’re listening to your favorite song but remember your bias is going to have to do his mandatory military service at some point

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descent into rarepair hell
  • me: wow, I sure do love [story]! so many awesome characters and themes, the writing's great, and there's even some really cool fanfic -
  • brain: ship the thing.
  • me: um?
  • brain: you see these two idiots?
  • me: yes?
  • brain: that's the thing. we ship it now.
  • me: but -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: but there is exactly ONE FIC for this pairing EVER -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - it's got zero chance of becoming canon -
  • brain: ship it.
  • me: - they hardly even interact, I don't know why you'd consider investing in -
  • brain: SHIP. IT.
  • me: ...
  • me: I hate you, myself, and everything we stand for.
  • brain: shhh. headcanons.

Doodle - Ava, Odin, Wrathia and Pedri - 6 April 2015

The thing I’d been wanting to do for a while since the hiatus began. Hihi, I hope it’s to every fan’s enjoyment :3

Also, my take on the Pedri/Odin being. I wonder where Odin’s compartment is…

me listening to any piece i've played before
  • me: subdivide you shits
  • me: violins you're rushing
  • me: tHAt was supposed to be mezzopiano what r u doing
  • me: pERCUSSION COME ON that was supposed to fortissimo
  • me: you're such a letdown
  • me: talkin to you bass drum
  • me: it was your chance to vent your anger
  • me: and smack the shit out of that drum
  • me: come on
  • me: i fucking love this piece