dork of my life

My life has meaning again!

1) I KNEW IT WAS SARAH!! But why take her and is it true that Bethany is actually in Ali’s grave? But why did he kill Bethany?
2) Of course Ali doesn’t know Charles!
4) Ali stepped it up this episode, and has earned brownie points from anyone who didn’t like her. If you didn’t like Ali, I know you do now.
5) Andrew isn’t Charles (as I said in my video).
6) If you watched the preview for next weeks episode, Charles literally stole EVERYTHING from their rooms and put their ACTUAL stuff in the dollhouse.
7) I want it to be next Tuesday already.

an insight into my home life:

when people ask me what my parents are like together i trot out the anecdote that my mother has MULTIPLE TIMES over the source of her academic career thanked my father in her papers as an “invaluable research assistant”. She kept her last name when she married ,so there are still people she knows only professionally who think she has a professional assistant squirreled away somewhere. They both think this is hilarious. 

That’s it. That’s my parents. 

Headcanon Timeeeee!!!

Hide loves scented body wash.

Nothing, besides Kaneki, naturally, makes him happier than coming home from a terrible day and lathering his skin with the scent of his favourite body wash. There’s just something relaxing and soul-soothing about washing away the days dirt, stress and grime with something that smells amazing.

Sometimes he would change up the smells, just for fun. His favourite however, was apples.

Kaneki can remember one time when a group of girls had surrounded Hide, asking him if he liked the smell of their shampoo. Hide was awkwardly shy, scratching the side of his cheek while mentally screaming ‘save me Kaneki!’ as he tried to answer their questions without offending anyone.

It wasn’t until a girl approached Kaneki and asked for his opinion, that things started to get a little awkward. Kaneki, in a fit of nervous energy, blurted out in a high-pitched squeaky voice, “I like apples!”

Hide looked over at him and smiled so brilliantly that Kaneki’s heart skipped a few beats, and his skin flushed red all the way to the tips of his ears.

Hide used only apple scented products from then on.

Sorry for this lame headcanon haha.

I’ll probably write a part two to this.