dork boyfriends

au where enjolras starts doing weirdly nice things for grantaire without losing his very enjolras way about it.

like. he shows up at R’s apartment with courf’s homemade food because R ‘needs to eat properly’ and walks him home after meetings because 'you’ll be mugged one of these days’ never mind that R boxes and enjolras is a twerp

and R can’t help but love enjolras a little bit more for it even though he knows he’s only doing it for The Cause

meanwhile, enjolras is going around all YES HELLO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND

There a lot of things I love about the Citadel DLC

There are a lot of things I love about romanced Garrus during that DLC

But my favorite thing is how many times he makes a point of calling Shepard his girlfriend or himself her boyfriend.

He’s just so proud that they’re actually together, and even with all the shit going down with the Reapers he’s just so happy being in love with her.

It’s almost like he can’t believe that they’re really together so he says it out loud as often as possible. Because his best friend, hero of the galaxy, the toughest woman he’s ever met–she chose him. And he’s so happy about it that I love him for it

me: *takes a deep breath*

me: I lo-

anyone who was around me more than five seconds lately: Yes, you love Liam Kosta, we know, you love Liam so much, he’s your precious baby, your sunshine, you love him so much that your heart is full with love for him, you just love Liam, we KNOW, you love Liam you fucking love Liam ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE LIAM. WE. GET. IT.

  • Terumob: *they fell in love after teru brutally beaten up and almost choked mob to death*
  • Ritshou: *they fell in love after shou brutally beaten up and knocked out ritsu*
  • Me, wanting a crush: Welp, maybe i need to beat up some girl too.


- Kageyama - the enemies to friends, fellow volley-dork boyfriends. They got chemistry and they’ve had their arguments and made up as well.

- Oikawa - the ‘enemies’ that strongly admire each others’ skills. Not to mention the cute nicknames they have for each other.

- Kenma - the long-distance relationship that actually works out.

- Bokuto - mentor-student relationship…for now.

- Tsukishima - the type of guy to tease the one they have a crush on to make sure they don’t catch on that they actually like them.

- Nishinoya - the broship! The maybe-even-moreship.

- Sugawara - the supportive older brother/boyfriend.

- Tanaka - protective older brother/boyfriend.

- Lev - the friendly rivals.

- Yachi - the one girl in this harem.