doritos forever


your faves as borbs: marvel edition
you’re welcome


Please dont look at me I need to get more sleep and I had too much coffee today.

An actual maple Doritos would be disgusting but there it is.

Sketchbook - ink, pencil, acrylic lol

One day I may go back to drawing non-flow Jack but that day is not this day.

My other Check, Please! Art

here are today’s thoughts condensed into one post rather than making multiple ones for the sake of efficiency
  1. i forgot about the fact that i can seemingly eat doritos forever and ate 90% of a 10 oz bag (that’s 9 ounces 0_0). i don’t even feel bad i just don’t want to eat them all in one sitting. i could honestly eat MORE but i’d rather eat some non junkfood
  2. i haven’t jacked off in like, a week despite me trying to see if doing it once a day would increase my sex drive at all. dumb doofus
  3. i was worried that i would have trouble passing my class recently so i decided to do the math on my grades and see what the lowest possible grades i need are on my last two assignments in order to pass with a C. turns out the worst i can do to pass is get a 60 F on both. yee haw
  4. all of these start with the word “i” o_o
  5. i’m gonna change my icon soon to a different portrait of totodile from pmd. he doesn’t look sad enough when he’s crying. i’m not satisfied
  6. i love stream of consciousness