So, we all talked about this:

But can we take a moment to appreciate this as well:

Doritos everywhere.

Gather round, Tumblr. Here’s what’s trending.

  • The Met Gala gave celebs an excuse to dress in metal and literal trash and somehow still look great. Mostly great.
  • It’s safe to assume that even our children’s children’s children will be playing The Legend of Zelda.
  • Game of Thrones: Wow, who saw that coming.

Something for the students:

  • Prom season is here. Please be safe. Don’t drink and drive prom night or any night. <3
  • Perusing the studyblr tag is a great excuse to put off actual studying for another hour.
  • Science is always trending, which is so basic. Or is it acidic?

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A GIF depicting science.

This was an important month:

Don’t forget the most talked about people this week:

  • Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race, is eating soup on the sidelines now.
  • Drake dropped an album and followed Zayn on Instagram. He’s been a busy boy all week.
  • Kesha showed us her True Colors.

Here’s a side of Tumblrs you should follow:

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Does anyone know if this is photoshop or real