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Dear White People,

Chipotle is not Mexican food - neither is Taco Bell. You wanna taste my culture? Eat at family run restaurants that you think you’re too good for. Stop at taco trucks on the side of the road. Go to local meat markets like La Michoacana. stop eating “Mexican” food made by white people- stop eating “Doritos crunchy taco shells” and calling it Mexican food. 


Your Pissed Off Mexican Friend

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I believe one of the highlights of me and @robin-the-buttermilk-supervisor‘s Beyond good and Evil let’s play walkthrough whatever the fuck it is is me saying I really really wanna try the Taco Bell Dorito Shell Cheese Taco whatever the fuck and also how the KFC full chicken sandwhich where the bread is ALSO chicken is kind of awesome

Drunk Team 7 Pulls Up to Taco Bell Drivethru
  • Sasuke: No, who's idea was it to use a Dorito as a taco shell? I mean...what?
  • Naruto: Shut up, Sasuke! You're not supposed to think about it, you're supposed to eat it!
  • Naruto: *vomits copiously*
  • Sakura: *accepts food from window and drives away*
  • Sakura: Lean out the window, the window! I swear, I'm never taking either of you to one of Ino's parties again.
  • Sasuke: *leaning away from Naruto in disgust* Wait, how are you even driving, Sakura? You did more shots than either of us.
  • Sakura: Well, I am Tsunade's apprentice...
  • Sasuke: Apprentice? Are we even ninjas? Why are we driving and going to Taco Bell??
  • Naruto: Because...believe i-- *vomits more*
  • Sakura: SHit! Act normal!
  • Sasuke: *pointed look at Naruto's puffed cheeks holding back vomit* Impossible.
  • Naruto: Imma aim for your hair next, you bast--
  • Cop Silhouette: *appears outside window*
  • Sakura: Shhh! Shut up! He's right there!
  • Sakura: *rolls down window*
  • Cop!Kakashi in aviators: Obviously this is an AU.
  • NaruSasuSaku: *jaws drop*

Taco Circulation

this is the

most beautiful thing ever

By my side

Word count: 524 words
Pairing: Septiplier (Mark Fishbach/Sean McLoughlin)
Summary: I have no freakin idea, man. Prepare for feels.
A/N: Inspired by one of the prompts received by septipliers. Please tell me what you think, but keep in mind this is like, my second fanfic ever. Also, special thanks to bisexualjse for beta reading this!

“There is no way that’s true.”

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