dorito locos taco

why the fuck do people always remind you that taco bell isn’t real mexican food like do you not think that i know that like do you think i go to taco bell because i think the 16 year old white guy behind the window just made me authentic mexican cuisine two minutes before i pulled to the second window no do you know why i go to taco bell it’s because it’s 1:30am and my life is terrible so i order a coke and five dorito loco tacos and shove them down my face in the parking lot

Questions the MBTI types have for ENTP

INFP- Why are you so loud? It’s hard to find the perfect picture for this Yuri on Ice aesthetic board with you yelling about aliens all the time…

INFJ- Why haven’t you called the doctor yet? You were supposed to call three weeks ago! You are a very special friend to me, so your health is of the utmost importance…

INTP- Which should I read first: the Satanic Bible or Essential Astrophysics?

INTJ- Do you ever shut the fuck up? That was rhetorical, you have proven time and time again that you do not.

ISFP- Have you fed your fish today? If you kill another fish, I will never forgive you.

ISFJ- Will you please start writing your paper? It really stresses me out to watch you struggle to write 13 pages in 5 hours…

ISTP- Wanna get high?

ISTJ- How are you even alive right now? I watched you consume 16 shots of tequila and 6 Doritos Locos Tacos last night. That’s more tacos and shots than I’ve had in my entire life.

ENFP- Do you want to go to the reptile store with me to pick out a new pet? I’m not sure what I’m going to get, but I have a five gallon tank full of sand and I’m particular to the name Phillis.

ENFJ- Did you use a condom last night? I can’t believe you hooked up with that guy, he could have been a murderer…

ENTP- How are you so perfect, you beautiful bastard?

ENTJ- Why the fuck are your dishes in the sink again? I know you don’t mind living in filth, but you don’t have to subject the rest of us to your bullshit.

ESFP- Want to try to go to that edm concert tonight? It’s been sold out for weeks, but I know the bouncer and I think we could flirt our way in…

ESFJ- Are you being sarcastic? I mean I don’t think you think I’m a “stupid fucking bitch” for making you cookies, but I just want to be sure…

ESTP- Dude, you wanna jump in the pool from the roof? I was about to do it, but I feel like if you do it too, it will be less dangerous.

ESTJ- Can you please try to be on time for our lunch tomorrow? I have a job interview at 12:30 which will probably last 30 minutes and I’ve scheduled a study session for myself at 1:30, so we have exactly 30 minutes to complete our socialization and food. I also picked out an outfit for you and laid it on your bed, so you have no excuse!

darksakura94  asked:

Well... How are you, guys? How is your actual relation with Stan's gang? And Clyde, Token, Jimmy...? Sorry if anything is "inentendible"? I'm Spanish jeje..

TWEEK: Oh, we can answer this easy! I’ll grab some paper.
CRAIG: Shit, gonna get all artistic huh?
TWEEK: Shut up, dude. I’m a great drawer.

TWEEK: Okay so, Stan’s gang are all kinda dicks. I had my fill of them when I had to be part of their group..
CRAIG: They all still owe me 100$..
TWEEK: Yeah, overall theyre just kinda bad news.
CRAIG: Why’d you color in Kyle with the white crayon?
TWEEK: Because he’s literally that white, dude.

TWEEK: Clyde is a pretty cool guy to have around. He’s stupid, but it’s like how a dog is stupid. It’s an endearing kind of stupid.
CRAIG: I bet him he couldn’t eat 20 doritos locos tacos in one sitting and that night he called me and I had to comfort him while he was on the toilet.
TWEEK: Gross, omfg-

TWEEK: Token is really chill but also has no chill whatsoever.
CRAIG: He tried to lecture me on the importance of investing and tried to explain the stock market.
TWEEK: He means well.

TWEEK: Fuck– Dude?! Why’d you draw dicks all over Jimmy’s page?!
CRAIG: Because Jimmy’s a hoe. And hoes need dicks.
TWEEK: Ugh.. Jimmy’s really funny! He and Craig act like they don’t get along but we’re all friends. It’s like that whole best friend deal where you’re dicks to eachother but not for reals.

TWEEK: I added Kevin in too cause he’s been hanging out with us a lot lately!
CRAIG: Jimmy actually brought him into the group. He helped Jimmy with manual labor things around his house that kinda require the use of legs.
TWEEK: Yeah! And he’s a really cool and shy person! He made snacks for last weeks movie night and they were fucking amazing!

The signs as Taco Bell menu Items

aries: 7 layer burrito 
taurus: crunchwrap supreme
gemini: cheese roll up
cancer: triple layer nachos 
leo: nacho cheese doritos locos taco 
virgo: baja blast freeze
libra: fiesta potatoes
scorpio: double decker taco supreme
sagittarius: quesarito
capricorn: chicken quesadilla 
aquarius: starburst strawberry freeze
pisces: cinnamon twists

anonymous asked:

Opinion on tacos o.O? What's your favorite kind if you like them?

I absolutely l o v e tacos. All are great. But favorite would probably be that Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell. Which sadly I haven’t had in a few weeks now ;-;

neurotypicals: “depressed minds are very creative and produce some of the best art and literature and–”

my clinically depressed ass: i just woke up from a 17 hour nap and ate a 3 day old doritos locos™ taco wytb

little latino reaper things
  • “pass the limón” / ‘the what’ / “limón” / ‘??’ / “the lemon!!” / ‘that’s a lime’ / “dámelo!”
  • doesn’t need a fork, just some tortillas
  • having to go back to the store bc 76 still doesn’t know where to find la caldo sabor a pollo 
  • wants spicy doritos locos tacos from taco bell so they get em for the whole crew but reaper tries them with their hottest sauce and complains it’s not hot enough
  • his ma and abuela call him every weekend so he has to hide from the other heroes for 2+ hours (sure none of them know spanish fluently like he does but it’s still embarrassing)
  • going to his parents’ during thanksgiving and bringing enough tamales to last until february 
  • not being able to wear his reaper outfit when eating pan dulce bc of all the crumbs
  • playing loteria and having to call out the cards in english to the heroes otherwise they have no idea 
  • nobody better fuck with him until he’s done watching maría de todos los ángeles