doris murphy

Here’s the new, official synopsis for Cillian’s next movie, The Free World, co-starring Bryce Dallas Howard. Filming starts end of year.

Mo has finished serving his time for a brutal crime he did not commit—the murder of two young girls. In prison, his fellow inmates named him “The Cyclops” for his violent behaviour; he called himself Mohamed, in homage to the prophet.

Not entirely prepared for his new freedom and under constant suspicion by the small town community, he finds solace working at a dog’s shelter. There, he meets Doris Lamb, a beautiful, broken woman who endures the same beatings as the dog her husband has brought in. Mo and Doris connect in their own dysfunctional way.

One night, exhausted from her husband’s abuses, Doris seeks refuge at Mo’s place. Driven by the deep love that has developed between them, Mo decides he will stop at nothing to help Doris.