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Happy Birthday Kelly Macdonald,born in Glasgow,on February 23, 1976.

Kelly idolized the strong women she saw on the big screen growing up. Doris Day’s turn as the title character in the musical Calamity Jane was one of her early influences. Macdonald “used to watch the movie constantly, twice a day during the summer" 

Plucked from obscurity Kelly’s career started when she was a barmaid in Glasgow and read a leaflet advertising an open casting session for Trainspotting and decided to audition, winning the part of Diane the underage seductress to Ewan McGregor’s Renton. 

She has had numerous roles since then, winning an Emmy and a Golden Globe nomination for her role in The Girl in the Café. 

This year Kelly  reprised her role as Diane in T2 Trainspotting . She is married to musician Dougie Payne, bassist of rock band Travis. The couple have two children, and moved back to their home town of Glasgow in 2014, after living in London and then New York City.

Thew picture shows MacDonald with costar Ewan McGregor at last months T2 premiere in Edinburgh.



GUISE here’s the MASTERPOST to ALL the photo sets that i posted for deez vday cards  

Doris “Dorie” Miller was born in Waco, Texas in 1919. He was unable to finish high school, but helped around the family farm until just before his 20th birthday. He then enlisted with the Navy as a Messman, one of the few positions open to African-Americans.

On December 7th, 1941, Miller was a Messman Third Class serving on the USS West Virginia. He was a ship’s cook, with minimal combat training and no gunnery training, as the military was still segregated and African-Americans were not trained on the heavy guns.

When the bombs began dropping on Pearl Harbor, Miller ran to the deck of the ship and began assisting moving the wounded, including the captain of the ship. He then jumped on one of the anti-aircraft guns on deck and proceeded to try to shoot the Japanese planes down until ordered to abandon ship, at which point he continued to help move wounded soldiers from the ship.

Miller was hailed as the “Number One Hero” for African-Americans and considered one of the first American heroes of WWII. He was awarded the Navy Cross and after a massive community campaign, went on a war bond tour.

Miller returned to service on the Liscome Bay, where he died when the ship was lost at the battle of Makin Island.

Bonus: Admiral Nimitz, a native of Fredericksburg, Texas and CINCPAC during WWII, pinning the Navy Cross on Dorie Miller.